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Monday, May 12, 2008

Comment of the month

Some comments are so good they deserve their own post. This comment came from my post on California's potential use of the porn tax similar to the one I introduced last year. The comment came from someone named Cere

"Of course your bill didn't pass because what you are saying about strippers and porn stars is 110% incorrect. Many of these women ARE college educated (or are getting their college degree). Many even have a Master's Degree. Others are sole supporters of their families and are responsible, voting members of society. To put a tax a women's right to dance is a whole additional ball of wax. Let's face it, California needs strip clubs and adult entertainment. If you tax an additional 25%, the industry is gone and California loses out entirely.
But the bigger picture here, is your ignorance in the matter. The state ought to put a tax on your mouth, as it seems to be more crass than anything the sex industry stands for."


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