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Monday, June 23, 2008

Anchor babies and state laws

Tom Humphrey reports on how the two bodies of the legislature pass different type of bills in each house but not in both chambers so the bills don't become law. I mentioned the Fincher bill in the post called "The big fake" because that's all it was, since his senate sponsor never even introduced it for consideration.

Mentioned in the Humphries article is an amendment I brought that would do away with the state issuing birth certificates to children who do not have one parent who is legally in the country. They are called anchor babies. Illegals cross the border and have children in the US because they (and others) think it makes them US citizens. The constitution says people born in the US who are under our jurisdiction are US citizens.

Two separate issues here. Are they under our jurisdiction? Some say yes, so they give them citizenship and for some reason they also think since they are US citizes that the state must give them the birth certificates as well. Some say no they are not automatically citizens, because they are not legal citizens or legal visitors in the country in the first place.

The amendment to the constitution that is so confusing was put in place for descendants of slaves so they could become US citizens. Not to say the slave trade was good, but the slaves were brought in the country under legal (at the time) means. They were under our jurisdiction so they and their descendants could become citizens. Not so for illegals, they are similar to an invading military and are not, and in my opinion should not, be given the same rights and privileges as citizens or visitors. In many cases their rights are already restricted. They do not have access to drivers licences and some other things that citizens and legal visitors get.

The other part is, it is a state issued birth certificate. Not federally issued. So lets just say for argument that the children are US citizens. The state still does not have to issue them birth certificates. The children may be US citizens but that does not mean the state has to issue them birth certificates. If the federal government wants to give them a certificate then they can do that. But nowhere in federal law is the state required to issue them a certificate if they don't want to. Just as one state does not have to give the same tuition rates to students from other states even if they are both legal US citizens. My goal was to pass legislation that would say that and stop the issuance of state issued birth certificates.

The reason this is an issue, is because once the child is born and the state gives them the certificate, the illegal parents say they too should be made citizens so they can stay in the US and care for their child. Then, since they are their, their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and what not should be allowed in the country as well to visit the other family members. Thus the name anchor babies. Have one and you can pull the entire family in.

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