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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pro abortion and black?

Starting two minutes in to this will tell you all you need to know. How a person can say they support minorities and planned parenthood at the same time is completely beyond me.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A rose by any other name......

It seems now like the left is in full on attack and spin mode. If a Republicans say a persons middle name or show a real photo of a candidate they are the worst hating racist people in the world and should be hung from the closest yard arm. Good to see the left is setting a new standard.

I knew when I got into politics that if I ever amounted to anything then someone would not like it. If you stand up for anything someone is always on the other side. I thought a candidate had to be willing to be called terrible names especially a conservative Republican. I thought it just came with the territory. I often saw how good people I knew were chewed up and spit out by the left in politics. No one is safe. I have seen people who teach Sunday school called "Hate mongering bible thumpers" just because they follow what they believe in the bible.

If Obamas people can not stand it when people call him his real, God given name I hate to see what they will do when he is called some of the things that they themselves call the current president. It is not like the GOP said "Look, with a middle name like Hussein he must be a terrorist". They just said his name. If he is hurt by his name that bad he can change it. They call the president everything but christian and you never hear the left say a peep about that. Those names are OK because it fits their political message.

Do I have a hissy fit when people use my first name? No. Nor have I heard the left jump up to defend me when I am insulted or when people say "He must be gay, His first name is Stacey! That is mostly a girls name!" Those attacks are OK because it fits their political message.

I am not like "OOOH! ya got me! It is all over now." No, I, and I hope Obama, have a little thicker skin then that. I know what I am and what I stand for. If my supporters are so easily swayed by my God given name being what it is then my message must not be very good.

And the Photo, If he didn't want it out there then he shouldn't have dressed up like that. It may not be complimentary but at least it was an honest non doctored photo. The same people who are screaming all sorts of names (including names way worse then Hussein, but those are OK because it fits their political message) are the same people who completely, out and out, doctored a photo of me to paint me in a bad light.

Lets get real. Their are plenty of photos of candidates out their that are not complimentary. I am sure that when they put up a mug shot of a public official arrested for this or that, that the official would prefer the paper use the glamor shot they had made. We all saw the pictures of Rudy in a dress. It was pretty well publicised. Where were the calls to take those photos down?

Of course to them, That was OK. It was a Republican in a dress. It fit their political message.

Momma always said "Don't do anything behind closed doors that you would be embarrassed of if it came out in the paper". The same goes for photos and videos.

"Good for thee not for me." Must be the slogan of the left. When their side does it to one of ours you hear crickets. When our side does something one tenth as bad they expect every republican in the state to apologise and step down from office. I wait to hear all the apologies and see the public officials stepping down from office now that the left has changed their tune.

Give them a chance

Another article saying give people a way to defend themselves on campuses.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Government can never get enough land"

Is too much government land ever enough? Not according to Jim Fyke. From The Tennessean article Diane Black asks after years of the state buying more and more private, undevelopeable land (taking it off the tax rolls) when is enough finally enough.

"We are in a year where our dollars are so tight we have to make some decisions about our priorities, and I'd like to find out more about what our long-term plan is," she said.

Fyke responded that the state will have given enough grants when applications stop coming in.

The kicker is that many times the land is owned currently by loggers. After the state gets the land they re lease the same land back to the same loggers for a fraction of the cost of the taxes, of course the loggers are allowed to continue logging, they just no longer have to pay the taxes. What a deal. The greenies think it is saving the trees and stopping logging but the truth is many times just the opposite.

Rep. Gary Rowe

Rep. Gary Rowe passed on to his eternal reward this morning after an extended struggle with Colon cancer.

Many people knew Gary was ill this year. He only came in for only a few days of session and looked as though he had lost about 50 pounds. Gary, ever the trooper and never looking for pity for himself said his weight loss was from caring for his very sick wife.

May god rest his soul.

Dirty Democrat election tricks, part 483

Terry Frank has the dirt on the Democrat controlled local election commission and she has the photos to prove it.

Will anything change?

Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knoxville toll roads

Terry Frank has the details

Ya know if you stay in long enough......

I must be hangin with the wrong crowd

First it was wife-beaters-drunks-theives and adulterers now this

SJR127 Killed

A resolution to allow the people to decide if they want to allow the legislature to put in reasonable limits in abortion laws (Such as doctors must wash their hands or no government funded partial birth abortions) should Roe V. Wade be overturned, was killed in a Democrat controlled subcommittee on a party line vote.

I went down and listened to it for a little while but the Democrat talking points seem to be a reoccurring theme this year.

"We don't need this.", "This is a waste of time and our legislative money.", "This is political.", "This is partisan.","This is an election year stunt."

Why is it when they are on the wrong side of an issue it is always political?
They don't have to vote for or against anything. If they think their constituents don't like the issue then why are they voting the way they are?

Is it political when they push their radical liberal views? Or only when we stand up against them?

Is it a need and a good use of legislative time and money when we sit and listen to presentations for hours on the house floor for friends and constituents of Democrat legislators?

If it were not an election year would they suddenly grow a conscience and vote for the resolution?

I guess all those complaints only go one way in the Democrat controlled house. If it does not fit their liberal agenda then it is a partisan, waste of time election year stunt. How dare anyone bring up an issue that they feel passionate about.

Sued by ACLU

The ACLU has finally gotten around to sueing the state about an amendment I put on a bill saying felons who want to have their voting rights restored have to pay their debt to society, pay restitution to their victims and pay their back child support.

You can check the link for more details on the bill.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How bout them Vols!


There is a lot of crow to be cooked up this week if Tennessee can win at Vandy on Tuesday.

Trash talk has been plentiful from both sides. Poor Curry Todd (A former U of M grad and top B ball player for the Tigers) is laying low until Thursday Morning.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome to the party!

A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so
many others her age, she considered herself to be a liberal/moderate, or new
progressive - in the tradition of classic socialism - and was very much
in favor of a "Progressive" income tax for the redistribution of wealth.

She was deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch supporter
of the conservative wing of the Republican party, a feeling she openly expressed.

Based on the lectures that she had participated in, and the occasional chat with
a professor, she felt that her father had for years harbored an evil,
selfish desire to keep what he thought should be his.

One day she was challenging her father on his opposition to higher
taxes on “those that have” and the addition of more government welfare
programs for the “have-nots.” The self professed objectivity proclaimed
by her professors had to be the truth and she indicated so to her
father. He responded by asking how she was doing in school.

Taken aback, she answered rather haughtily that she had a 4.0 GPA, and
let him know that it was tough to maintain, insisting that she was
taking a very difficult course load and was constantly studying, which
left her no time to go out and party like other people she knew. She
didn't even have time for a boyfriend, and didn't really have many
college friends because she spent all her time studying.

Her father listened and then asked, "How is your friend Audrey doing?"

She replied, "Audrey is barely getting by. All she takes are easy
classes, she never studies, and she barely has a 2.0 GPA. She is so
popular on campus; college for her is a blast. She's always invited to
all the parties, and lots of times she doesn't even show up for classes
because she's too hung over."

Her wise father asked his daughter, "Why don't you go to the Dean's
office and ask him to deduct 1.0 off your GPA and give it to your
friend who only has a 2.0. That way you will both have a 3.0 GPA and
certainly that would be a fair and equal distribution of GPA."

The daughter, visibly shocked by her father's suggestion, angrily fired
back, "That wouldn't be fair! I have worked really hard for my grades!
I've invested a lot of time, and a lot of hard work! Audrey has done
next to nothing toward her degree. She played while I worked my tail

The father slowly smiled, winked and said gently, "Welcome to the
Republican party."

What? They were still rolling? *&%!

Our leadership caught this video of two Democrats talking honestly about the governor and some wasteful spending between two committees. I wish they would be as free with their opinions when it came time to vote for this pork. Most people know that John Wilder is one of the main beneficiaries of the three million dollar boll weevil eradication fund. We have not had a boll weevil infestation in over 40 years. The left says "Look how well its working!" And laugh all the way to the bank.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Beacon on the bill

The Daily Beacon did a story on my bill to allow teachers faculty and staff to carry a weapon for protection on college campuses.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Senate to adjourn

As you may have noticed the house has not been moving on any serious legislation. Yes, we have done several resolutions honoring schools teachers and such but no real meaty bills. On the other hand the Republican controlled senate is moving important legislation and has been diligently doing their work. It is looking now like the senate may have to take 2 to 5 WEEKS off to allow the Democrat controlled house to catch up.

Mississippi willing to take Memphis

As I brought up jokingly in the past I sort of laughed at the thought trading part of Memphis to Georgia. It looks now like Georgia is seriously wanting to take one mile of Memphis to get some of the water rights.

What did I say?

Open government? You tell me what did I ask for? What did I get?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"This is not happening in Tennessee"

Here is one effort to teach to children, from four and five year olds on up, In Tennessee about the gay, lesbian and transgendered lifestyle. Put on by a 6th grade teacher. Tennessee education association endorsed of course.

From the City paper

A workshop for teachers that addresses anti-gay bias in classrooms has some questioning whether it is an important learning tool for teachers or a disguised attempt to push a pro-homosexual lifestyle agenda. The workshop offered today by the Metropolitan Nashville Education Association is drawing the ire of some Davidson County teachers, who say the workshop recruits students to push just such an agenda .......
......In an announcement issued by the MNEA, the workshop?s purpose is to encourage K-12 teachers to examine ?various approaches to designing and integrating activities into the classroom that raise awareness for bias and empower students to advocate for change, especially around anti-gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender issues.? The workshop is part of the association?s University of MNEA series for spring 2007. Unlike other workshops in the series, however, the ?Walking the Talk? workshop pays a $25 stipend for participating teachers. The other workshops don?t offer teachers stipends for attending. The workshop is being taught by Stephen Henry, a sixth-grade teacher at I.T. Creswell Middle Arts Magnet School. Henry, 44, has been employed by Metro Nashville schools for 21 years and is a member of the board of directors of the Tennessee Education Association. He is also the Southeast Regional Director for the National Education Association?s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Caucus, a position he?s held for six years. Henry said the stipend for teachers attending the workshop is funded through a $5,000 NEA Safe Schools grant that was awarded to the Tennessee Education Association to cover expenses on this workshop and two other anti-GLBT workshops. In all, three anti-GLBT workshops have been offered in Nashville this school year as part of that grant funding, Henry said. Funding for the actual training programs themselves, however, comes from the Washington Education Association and three GLBT advocacy groups: the Gill Foundation, the Liberty Education Forum, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. ?The workshops explore resources for challenging bias and creating schools that are safe for all students, especially in places where people even resist having those conversations,? Henry said. ?We often think that GLBT issues are private matters and don?t belong in the classroom ?that if we don?t say anything homophobic, then we?re being neutral,? said Henry. But not addressing or challenging anti-GLBT harassment simply reinforces homophobic behavior, said Henry, who added schools are not safe for GLBT students, and even GLBT faculty. Still, other Metro teachers, especially those outside the MNEA, question the goals of the workshop. Bill Gemmill, principal of Cohn Adult High School, is the president of Professional Educators of Nashville, (PEN) a group that often bears to the right of the MNEA and TEA/NEA on many education, legislative and social issues. ?To me, it?s offensive,? said Gemmill. ?We?ve got certain community standards. Public schools are formed and molded around the community?s values, and the community wouldn?t accept this.? ?Why else would they want students to become activists, except to push the GLBT agenda?? he added. Any teacher, he said, has the responsibility to protect their students from bullying in the classroom, regardless of the students? sexual orientation. PEN is affiliated with the Professional Educators of Tennessee, a group that presents itself as an alternative to the TEA. PET?s website specifically states it does not use member dues to ?support controversial social or gay rights issues.? But the workshop has vocal defenders in the TEA and MNEA.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What, The TEA/NEA lie?

By now you may have read my bill was killed in sub committee. One of the many mis facts was put out by Jerry Winters of the TEA/NEA he said

From the KNS article

"He also said a National Education Association resolution adopted in 2006 advocated acceptance of homosexuality - a contention that Jerry Winters, TEA spokesman, said was "a gross misstatement of fact."

Here is a copy of the TEA/ NEA resolutions. Who is making a misstatement?

Sec b-8
and B-10
TEA/NEA resolutions 2006

B-8. Diversity. The National Education Association believes that similarities and differences among races, ethnicity, color, national origin, language, geographic location, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, physical ability, size, occupation, and marital, parental, or economic status form the fabric of a society. The Association also believes that education should foster the values of appreciation and acceptance of the various qualities that pertain to people as individuals and as members of diverse populations.

B-10. Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Discrimination. Discrimination and stereotyping based on such factors as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, ethnicity, immigration status, occupation, and religion must be eliminated. The Association also believes that these factors should not affect the legal rights and obligations of the partners in a legally recognized domestic partnership, civil union, or marriage in regard to matters involving the other partner, such as medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, and immigration. Plans, activities, and programs must —

Increase respect, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity toward individuals and groups in a diverse society composed of such groups as American Indians/Alaska natives, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons, and people with disabilities

Eliminate discrimination and stereotyping in curricula, textbooks, resource and instructional materials, activities, etc.

Integrate an accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of all groups throughout history across curricula, particularly groups who have been under-represented historically

Encourage all members of the educational community to examine assumptions and prejudices, including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, and homophobia, that might limit the opportunities and growth of students and education employees

Offer positive and diverse role models in our society including the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of diverse education employees in our public schools

As I said My bill was neutral but I acknowledge many people have divergent points of view for and against these lifestyles.

There is a wide difference between tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is neutral, acceptance is advocating for a certain lifestyle or way of life. For example, I tolerate other religious beliefs. I accept one religious belief as my own. I do not accept others as my own as is my right.

Not so for kids who are made to go to state schools. They must accept.

My bill would have said lets leave it up to the parents to decide what needs to be advocated and when it is acceptable for little children.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not willing to give up the 11 year olds

News channel 5 reports on my bill to allow families decide what and when to teach about the homosexual, lesbian and transgendered lifestyle previous to the eighth grade.

But the "TN equality project" the group that is advocates for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered lifestyle is fighting to keep it in the curriculum for all ages and thinks it is most important for the 12 year olds and possibly even some 11 year olds so they can "explore the issue".
From the news story...

Chris Sanders, TN Equality Project: "Teachers....

..... do have to give opportunity for students to explore those issues and debate those issues -- particularly in 7th and 8th grade"

Once again I ask, Is this the job of our schools?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Tennessee

The Tennessean reports that Tennessee classes may teach alternate sexual lifestyles to all age groups and in Nashville age groups as young as 10 or 11 may be being taught these topics now.

From the Bonna Johnson article...

Each school district adopts a family life curriculum that includes input from local parents on whether it should include topics like homosexuality. A survey by the state comptroller's office last year found that most local school districts taught "age appropriate" topics that did not include the topic of homosexuality.......

..........In Metro schools, K-4 curriculum does not include the topic of homosexuality, said public information specialist Noelle Mashburn. She was unsure whether the curriculum in grades 5 to 8 included the topic or if school libraries had books on the subject.

The article also informed me that...

On Tuesday, some 100 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals will trek to the Capitol to speak with lawmakers.

Coincidentally, that's the same day Campfield's bill is scheduled in a House subcommittee.

I was asked if I will meet with that group if asked.

I will.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

KNS on the rights of teachers

Tom Humphrey reports on my bill to allow teachers to protect themselves with their constitutional right. The Tennessean reports on how NIU officials were powerless to stop the killings and how the police can't be everywhere.

NRA-ILA , Gun owners of America endorsed

NRA-ILA and the Gun owners of America have endorsed my legislation to allow teachers faculty and staff who have CC permits to be able to protect themselves. This is a boost to passing this reasonable legislation and will be used for scoring legislators on their support of the constitution.

Liar, liar, Memphis Flier!

The national blog "Little Green Footballs" has picked up on the Memphis Flier story. As you may recall the Flier used a doctored photo of me in a news story about my bill to give control back to the family in teaching controversial subjects.

WBIR and guns on campus

I did an interview with WBIR channel 10 in Knoxville about allowing teachers, faculty and staff to Carry on campus if they have a legal cc permit. Here is a link to the story and video another blogger former professor and self-proclaimed "flaming liberal" Carole Borges was also in the video talking against the constitutional rights of gun owners. I think she posts for Knox Views.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another shooting, a Tennessee cure.

As you may have read their has been another Virginia Tech type shooting. This piece of legislation if passed could help stop it from happening or could save some lives in Tennessee.

Briley walks?/ DUI bills die

Rep. Rob Briley plead guilty to some of his crimes while other crimes get dropped. Notice no mention of the high speed chase in the article.

Curiously most, if not all, of the DUI bills look like they are about to face death in the committee system. The only one the Governor wants to approve is one of the most controversial bills of the bunch. Taking away licences upon arrest. This has two questionable parts.

One, it has been fought in courts in other states that it is punishment without conviction.

Two, many people do not think just taking the piece of paper away from a drunk driver will actually stop them from driving drunk again.

Now if you took the keys/car/put a breath checker on the ignition system on the other hand, that would help stop them.

Some of the DUI bills that have been killed, like tougher penalties and the "pass the bottle" bill actually don't cost the state money. They actually bring money into the state from the federal government. This is called a positive fiscal note. The fed is withholding transportation money because Tennessee won't pass tougher DUI laws. You would think with all the gnashing of teeth we hear about there not being enough money for road building that the Gov would be all for these changes. I guess toll roads or raising the price of gas even higher are a more pleasant idea for him.

The governor saying we have to choose is not honest. It is not a lack of money issue that these things are not getting done, it is a lack of will.

380/ 970/ radio show/ cartoon

That is the combined numbers of people who have commented and taken the poll From this article and this one. I will be on WIVK in Knoxville this Sunday morning at 8AM to talk about this bill. I wonder if the feedback will be as great in volume.

I had to laugh at this Charlie Daniel cartoon in the Knox News Sentinel.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Take the poll

You can take an on line poll about how you feel about the teaching of sexual lifestyles to little kids here .Of course they left out the part about the ban only being for pre k-8th grade but oh well. The last time that I recall they did this was for the cross state cigarette surveillance program.

The sexuality ban in the KNS

The Knox News Sentinel does a story on the ban of teaching sexuality in k-8th grade. Terry Frank highlights where some schools are pushing the sexual agenda. More from Mark Rose

My original thoughts on this bill can be found here. Some people have made the point (And I agree) that this bill can also protect a family who has a different lifestyle from having a teacher "Teach/preach" against their lifestyle to their children.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buck bows out

One of the most independent thinking Democrats, Frank Buck, is ending his tenure in the state legislature.

Even before the Tennessee waltz Frank Buck had always been an outspoken leader for ethics reform in the the state house. I remember sitting in committees and watching him work a bill (most of the time it was for naught) I knew he had many great ideas and I admired how he still fought for what many knew was a lost cause. In the end he was proven correct, that reform was (and is) desperately needed. He was able to see some of the reforms he fought so long for finally implemented after the waltz.

The state house will truly miss Frank Buck, his vests, his outspoken nature and his never say die attitude.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bell down

Please keep Rep. Mike Bell in your prayers. Mike had an accident while fighting a fire in his other hobby as a part time fire fighter. He broke his femur (The big bone in the thigh). He had surgery to screw it back together and is now recovering. He will be out of service this week but hopes to return next week in a wheelchair.

In need of a bicycle

One state rep has been outed by people in her own party as in dire need of a bicycle. Some of the gas expenses look a little....OK, a lot out of line. Some other questionable expenses of other members of the Democrat party have also come up in the comments section as well. Possibly now we see why the trial lawyers need to make such huge donations.

More from Bell on illegals and abortion

A couple of weeks ago I made some comments in the Agricultural Committee about the correlation between abortion and illegal immigration that Stacey was kind enough to post on his blog. Here is a commentary by Chuck Colson that does a much better job than I did explaining what we as a country have done to our self by allowing the murder of so many unborn children.

Mike Bell

BreakPoint Commentaries
Domestic Policy
Illegal Immigration
By Chuck Colson

The Real Root of the Problem

Americans have witnessed over the past two days the largest public protest since the Vietnam War: millions marching to protest Congress’s failure last week to enact immigration reform. So many immigrants left their jobs to parade that many businesses in major cities were shut down.

The immigration issue is a classic illustration of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. The immovable object is, of course, the need to uphold the rule of law in dealing with immigration. But the irresistible force is the economy. Removing all the illegal immigrants in our society would deal a death blow to our economy. This is going to take a Solomonesque solution, something Congress is not very often able to provide.

Look at the economy first: If you could find and deport every undocumented alien in America, you would go to the grocery store next week and find the shelves bare. Without immigrant workers, we could not harvest crops. Just as happened yesterday, service industries everywhere would be shut down. With unemployment at a five-year low of 4.7 percent and with 200,000 new jobs added to the economy last month, there is simply a shortage of workers in much of America.

Yet while we need immigrant workers to keep the economy going, we are tolerating them at the expense of the rule of law. Once you discover that you have 11 million illegal aliens in your midst, you cannot in fairness grant amnesty. If these new alien workers are going to be assimilated into American life, they have got to understand that we live according to the rule of law. By allowing them to continue to work as undocumented aliens, we are telling them that we really don’t care about the law; that we just want them here to use them as our slaves in our agricultural fields so we can eat cheaply.

As Christians, we add a third dimension to this. We are told to welcome aliens and strangers in our midst—no matter how they got here—which is why so many churches are rallying to support the immigrants.

But what’s the root of the problem? Why do we have a shortage of workers? Aha, that’s the unspeakable “A” word that the elite dread the most: abortion.

The reason we must allow millions of illegal aliens in to fill these jobs is because we have murdered a generation that would otherwise be filling them: 40 million sacrificed since 1973 to the god of self-fulfillment. And Americans are barely maintaining a replacement-level birthrate of 2.1 children per woman.

Remember the compassionate stuff that the abortionists used to tell us: “We are just preventing these poor kids from growing up in deprived, impoverished circumstances”? Hah! False. What happens is that others come in from abroad to live in those deprived, difficult, and impoverished circumstances and at great public cost.

I hope the politicians will have the courage to face this issue in a way that does not undermine the American economy, shows compassion to those in our midst, and restores the rule of law. At the same time, you and I can contend to restore the culture of life, because it is the culture of death that has put us in this mess today.

Is there a solution? Sure. Seal the borders, which you have got to do with terrorists out there anyway, insist the workers we have welcomed in our midst file and comply with appropriate immigration laws, and—oh yeah—stop killing our children.

For Further Reading and Information
Today’s BreakPoint offer: Subscribe today to BreakPoint WorldView magazine! Call 1-877-322-5527.

Illegal aliens in higher ed

The Virginia house just passed a bill similar to one I am running this year. It keeps illegal aliens from taking valuable class space at state colleges and universities.

As any teacher can tell you smaller classes improve attention given to students and increases student success rate. As any student can tell you, classes are over filled now. Many times kids can't get into classes they need to graduate. A four year graduation is now all but impossible.

No public enforcement on illegals

A bill to go after a business that hires illegals in Tennessee has been limited to only allow complaints from public officials.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Georgia wants to be Tennessee

It is so sad. One state is so desperate to be like Tennessee that they will do any thing including changing the border to be part of our state.Just like the little boy who wants to grow up to be their dad.

Some people take a loss in a regular season football game hard. Georgia, if you were to take part of Tennessee it will still not get you any part of our SEC East title. Better luck next year.

Some people have made mention of an offer to give up Memphis in a trade.

What could Georgia offer that would be a good trade for Memphis?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

When strange gets stranger

As you know the issue of the Memphis Flyer and doctored photo of me has gotten pretty big. It just got bigger.

I just received a call from the Knoxville News sentinel telling me to take the pictures down. At first I thought it was a friend playing a joke on me (my friends like to do that from time to time) but I was able to confirm it was the KNS. I asked why? I was told it was copyright protected.

I said "You mean I can not use a photo of me on my blog?"

I was told No, I couldn't.

I said I was not using it to make money, I was just reporting about how it was doctored and even gave the KNS credit for the photo.

I was told I still could not use it and had to take it down.

I was told Jack Mc Elroy has decided to stop all unauthorized use of the photo and that he was the person calling all the people who had used it and telling them to take it down.

Oddly the flyer has taken down the undoctored photo from their apology but has left up the original doctored photo up in the original story.

I was told Jack Mc Elroy was going to post a story about it on his blog in the next few hours

I hate to say it but they may want to look into the fair use part of copyright law. I think I (unlike the flyer) am exempt.

Update: I just spoke with the KNS director of photography and he spoke with Jack Mac. He said while they may disagree with my interpretation of fair use they weren't going to make a big deal about it.


Republicans fight for best use of education money

The facts regardless of what you may read is that Republicans are fighting for the best, most efficient use of our limited resources. We can spend it on expanding a pre K program that has (by the governors own study) been shown to produce not just no effect but actually negative effects in most of the groups it worked with or we could spend it rebuilding the infrastructure of our overloaded, crumbling schools in these financially tough times.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The call

I called the flier and was finally passed off to the editor (I think). This is my recollection of our conversation.

I asked him if he knew why I was calling, He said "why don't you tell me".

I said your paper ran a doctored photo of me in relation to a serious article. He returned that the paper often runs satire photos. I said I was familiar with the people V Lary Flint case but this was clearly not a satire piece as was the case with the Calpari add/spoof. It was a news article in what is supposed to be a news paper. The next thing he said was how they weren’t the ones who doctored the photo in the first place. I said that is no difference. They knew it was doctored and ran it with no notice that it was doctored.

I said all that I wanted was the picture taken down from their website or at least clarification, an apology and a retraction with both photos in it (so people could clearly see what was done by their paper).

He did not sound like he liked the idea of it and said he wouldn't agree to anything until he talked to their legal department first. He said he might E mail me a response later.

I guess their legal department let him know what I have been being told for days. The case is pretty cut and dry. If I wanted, I could own the paper when it was all said and done.

Getting paid or a big settlement was never my intent. I have now gotten what I feel is reasonable.

More on the flyer

Unfortunately The Memphis Flyer has decided to leave up the doctored photo of me on their on their website. The Tennessean has done an article on it and I just did an interview with Dennis Farrier at channel 4 in Nashville. I am going to call the Flier again and ask them to take it down and do a retraction. We will see how it goes.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yellow Journalism

Most of the time you can somewhat trust the Main Stream Media. Yes, they will many times have a liberal slant and many times the editorial pages look like they were drafted by a Karl Marx starter class, but still, at least they report facts.

Unfortunately, this is not one such case. As many of you know I have put forward a bill saying schools should not teach about sexuality to middle school children. I know some people will have differing opinion on this topic. But one paper (The Memphis Flyer) went above and beyond printing opinion and decided to go one better. In what was supposed to be a real news story about the bill, they used a photo shopped picture of me holding a bumper sticker up that said "Confederate values" to smear me.

Here is the doctored photo they used.

Here is the original that was on the front page of the Knoxville News Sentinel.

That is pretty low. I would expect more from a publication that holds itself out as a credible news source.

Black gets credit

Bonna Johnson gives proper credit to Diane Black for her multi year fight to help the elderly be able to stay at home. This is an idea the governor decided to copy in his state of the state adress. If it holds true, as it has in other state, it should actually bring overall health care costs down.