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Monday, March 31, 2008

New blog creates stir

A new blog has kicked off its first month by creating a stir with some local Democrats. I can't wait to see where things go from here.

You Got to love a blog that is called "the legitimate businessman's social club". I always laughed when the crime bosses use to say that back in the day. It is almost as bad as when I hear someone say on a radio call in show "I am a life long Republican" or "I am a conservative Republican" because in my mind before they say another word I am already thinking "No you aren't, you are a plant about to push a liberal or a liberal agenda" Sure enough 9 times out of 10 they go off on Republicans or conservatives.

Als big plan

Al Gore has a three year plan to end global warming. I guess it will start with him staying in one place instead of jetting around the world in a private jet and reducing his own enormous carbon footprint from his house to that of the average person. That should take him two years and 364 days. I wonder what he will do after that.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good idea, bad idea, same idea.

This letter to the editor has noticed something many legislators noticed.

A few weeks ago we mandated photo ID to sell scrap metal. Republicans and Democrats both supported it. But when Republicans say we want to mandate photo ID as a requirement to vote it is called a partisan issue, They say we are trying to disenfranchise the voters and the poor (even though the plan offered free photo ID). What about the poor scrap metal collector?

Last week we mandated parental consent for minors to get a tattoo or body piercing. Republicans and Democrats both supported it. A perminant life altering decision for minors, a good idea. But when Republicans say we want to pass SJR127 so we can mandate parental consent previous to an abortion (a much more life altering and risky procedure) Democrats say we are being partisan, That it is not needed and an election year stunt.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The silly season

I always call this time of year the silly season.

It gets crazy with all the new candidates jumping in to races and people stepping down or being challenged. People jumping in and then jumping back out of races, people testing the waters and waiting for better timing or seeing the waters are better then hoped, deals, offers and promises being made, situations changing. New faces, goals and ideas coming forward.

Dave Oatney has the run down on a senate and house race but these type stories are going on around the state in almost every district.

It is impossible to keep up with all the names and faces who think about a run. I find it interesting when big name stay out of races for fear of failure or other commitments and virtually unknown people fill the gap, work hard and end up victorious. Or the opposite happens where big names get in, work a little and are shocked when they are upset by a mediocre candidates who did a little more.

It is a crazy time of year.

Mark Rose

Your check is in the mail.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Home school bill

Kay brooks was kind enough to pull down the video of a presentation on a home school bill that set code standards for churches and other buildings (that also are used by home schoolers) to that of what their primary use is. Some regs vary between state and local codes and ordinances.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=2rapXebGFMo introduction of the bill.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=BNI8NW_4vaU Various legislators comments.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=wbLlx7C2ZU8 Kay Brooks answers questions.

http://TnHomeEd.com/HB3019-SB3727.htm This page has the actual legislation.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pre K bust

Frank Cagle calls the Governors Pre K expansion plan the next TennCare That will drain our state for years to come.

Rumor mill

Word on the hill is is that Randy Rinks is going to announce today that he is not going to run for state rep again. Word is he is going to run for sec of state. That district is a Republican leaning area. With the right candidate it could be a Republican pick up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tennessee open government. 9 months and waiting

G.Q. Drew over at the TCPR has filed a suit against the Governors F and A office for not handing over requested communications. The main thrust is regarding the busting of the Copeland Cap and the party bunker. The first formal request came over nine months ago. I wonder why they don't want to hand over the records....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toll roads roll on

Sad but true. Toll roads are going to be expanded without public input. I can only echo some of my constituents frustrations. I get E mails like this on a regular basis.

Just another tax! We can't win with traveling can we? The gasoline goes sky high so people buy cars that get better mileage and then even drive less, so the state isn't making enough money and they have to tax us in another way. This is unconscionable. Why can't the state learn to live on less like we're having to do every day now!

I would hope the Senate would put the kaibosh on this! TOTALLY FRUSTRATING!

I guess they think if we put tolls on the roads it will bring in more money. Yea, that system seems to work. Just look how well it worked for increasing the tax on tobacco.

Monday, March 24, 2008

E.D. in Tennessee

Terry Frank has a good post over at her blog about how Knoxville is "Leading the way" on showing other cities how to use Eminent Domain to take private property and give it to other private developers. You may remember how Tennessee passed the wost bill in the nation to protect property rights.

I know of one Knoxville developer who is right now in a bidding war to be able to develop his own property. Yes, you read that right. The owner of the property has to out bid other developers in the development plan just to keep his property. This is not a "Stabilize and Secure" plan where the owner has to keep his property from endangering other property to keep it from the threat of E.D..

No, to keep his property he has to prove he will turn his property into the highest and best use, better, faster and for more money than any one else or he loses his property to another developer (The city will take it from him through ED and give it to the other developer). No bonus for being thrifty and getting the best price. It is just the opposite. In this type of bidding war, low bid does not win, high bid often does. Low bid is looked at as a worse offer.

In the bidding, the owner of the property is at a disadvantage as most banks will not make a loan against a property that is under the threat of E.D.. The big developers can self finance and can "Fluff" their numbers with management fees (to themselves) to offer a bigger estimate of how much they plan to invest to develop the property.

What is worse is, no standard for what is required or desired is being designated. It is completely subjective. So if the original owner comes in with a plan to develop the property into lofts or what ever then the city can come back and say "Sorry we were looking for something more like a coffee house" and take his property.

If the original owner says "I can develop the property for one million dollars" the city can say "I like the offer for a million five better" And take his property.

If the original owner says "I can develop it in 9 months" they can say "Someone else thinks they can develop it in 8 months" and take his property.

Of course none of the other developers have to prove their plan will do what they say. If they do not live up to their end they will still have the property. The old owner will not get it back.

A shady deal the entire way around.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New blog

Another blog has started up focusing on gun owner rights. It is called Readyontheright.net and is being done by long time gun rights advocate Ed Williamson.

Killed gun bills video

Channel 4 did a video the day the gun bills were killed. The only bad thing I can say is that the reporter said my bill would allow students to carry guns on campus. My bill only allowed teachers, faculty and staff who had a carry permit to carry. Here is the WKRN story

Joke of the week (Easter edition)

A lady opened her refrigerator and saw an Easter rabbit sitting on one of the shelves.
'What are you doing in there?' She asked.

The rabbit replied:
'This is a Westinghouse, isn't it?',
To which the lady replied 'Yes.'
'Well,' the rabbit said,

'I'm westing.'

Friday, March 21, 2008

awareness test

Stabucks could hit McCallisters

This court decision against Starbucks could have legs. In Tennessee I know many of the local McCallister Deli chain have large tip bins for people to drop tips into as well as a line on credit card receipts to add in for a tip. Most people would presume the tips go to the employees or the people taking the order.

Not so.

I have known two people who have worked for McCallisters Deli. They both complained that they never got any of the tip money and had worked there for a long time. One parent went so far as to contact the chain as well as regional management to find out more about this situation. She was given several different stories on where the money went, depending on who she talked to. No one ever claimed it went to the employees.

I will have some legislation on this next year.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


What is more important to you? Keeping child predators behind bars or building a party room?

Ask a simple question.....

Wilder steping down

It is still going on if you get on line quick.

Illegals on campus

I did an editorial For the Tennessean on illegals on campus. It was a pro/con piece. Here is the other side.

Fear a government that fears a legally armed populous

Unfortunately many of the reasonable common sense pieces of legislation that would have allowed honest, permitted, tested, trained and checked citizens to carry arms to protect themselves have been killed for the year on a partisan basis.

Speaker Naifeh came in to the committee to make sure all the bills were killed. One self described "pro gun, pro constitution Democrat" was mysteriously "absent" the day all the pro gun owner rights bills were heard.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunker moves on

My three bunker bills were sent to 2020, 2025 and 2030. The bills would have:

1. Put the party bunker contracts out for open bid (Currently they are all going to people who were big donors of the Governor and are not open bid). I mis spoke while presenting this bill. I said the govs mansion was spending around 15 grand to fix the kitchen. I was wrong it was

Renovating the kitchen – $321,393

· Hanging accent lighting – $53,850

· Replacing dimmer switches with brass cover plates – $14,436

· Installing a wet bar – $10,930

· Refurbishing wash stand legs – $7,511

Drew Johnson at the TCPR has the facts.

2. Put a cap on spending for expansion of the Governors party bunker to the appraised value of the mansion.

3. Re direct the bonds to build the party bunker away from the Governors party bunker and instead use the bonds to build more prisons for child predators. Currently we have a revolving door that puts child predators out on the street very quickly. One of the problems is the prisons are over crowded so when a new predator comes in to jail or prison another one gets out.

The quote of the day had to be from Johnny Shaw. He said to the effect of "I don't know why you would want to build a prison for child predators instead of build the governors mansion"

I will try to get the video link up soon.
I guess if I have to explain you wouldn't understand.

Home school update

Since I posted about HB3019 last night I have received a bunch of E mails and calls from home school parents who love this bill and want to come up to support it. Many of the larger home school groups have also called in support. It was requested that I roll the bill so these groups can come up and watch the proceedings. Some even want to testify as to how much it has been going on.

I have rolled the bill to next week. It will be at the same place and time next week. Other people have asked what Reps are on the committee. Here is the list.

David Shepard, Chair
Richard Montgomery, Vice Chair Margie Heaney, Committee Secretary

John DeBerry, Joanne Favors, Dennis Ferguson, Jim Hackworth, Bill Harmon, David Hawk, Joe McCord, Dennis Roach, Charles Sargent, Park Strader, Curry Todd and Eddie Yokley.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"But aren't guns illegal on campus?"

This must make a liberals head explode. I guess the crook didn't see the "Gun free zone" sign, otherwise this crime would never have happened.

Home school

I have a bill up tomorrow in the industrial impact of commerce (HB3019) that will allow home schools to have meetings and classes in churches without having to be harassed by codes inspectors.

There is a big disagreement on what codes they have to follow. Do the have to meet the codes of a church or a school.

Many home school orgs are constantly on the defensive against overactive inspectors who get complaints from anti home school groups. The anti home school groups want these church home school groups shut down. They say they are schools and should meet the codes of schools (A much higher standard).

I know the home school groups are coming in to the capitol tomorrow so if any people want to stop by it will be in room LP30 at 10:00 AM.

Bunker Buster

Beth Harwell tried to slip an amendment on a bill that was on the house floor to stop funding of the party bunker. The Democrats killed the bill rather then vote on the amendment.

Tomorrow I have 3 bills up in finance that will stop the public bond funding of the party bunker. I will be honest that there is not much hope. I hear the Democrats have invoked unit rule on anything having to do with the bunker.

Why some people think we need a toll road tax

The chairman of Transportation (Phillip Pinion) and Frank Nicley who sits on the conservation committee got into a little back and forth on spending money putting up watershed signs all over the place. Frank said he saw little to no use in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars putting up signs letting people know what watershed district they were in. He thought is was a waste of money when we are facing financial cutbacks for helping the mentally handicapped and other needy groups. The push for toll roads is also growing because with claims of shortage of TDOT funds.

Pinnion shot back that No TDOT money is being used. He later shifted that statement saying TDOT paid for installation of the signs. You can see the video here. The thing I found interesting was this link. that said it was a joint project to put up the signs. Frank hit the nail on the head when he talked about why we don't have money to do important things.

Rolled one week

I rolled the bill one week to draft a compromise amendment. I think it has some broad based support. Will see how it goes.

Not the baby Daddy, bill back

My bill that said, if you were not the biological father of a child (that you were mislead to believe was yours) then you do not have to pay future child support payments, is back up in civil practice and procedure of Judiciary.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Crowds panic as flooding threatens Ireland

We've all seen the faces of those ravaged by the floods of Sri Lanka and New Orleans.....
This "award-winning" photograph of the recent flood waters rising in Ireland captures the horror and suffering there.

Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top blogger fired

And it wasn't Bill Hobbs. It was AC Kleinhieder. Budget cuts, and all that, were named as the culprit over at WKRN. A lot of people have hammered WKRN but they were the only local station to pay a blogger in the first place so they deserve some credit for getting it started and doing it at all.

AC will be back, don't worry. If any thing I expect he will be a little more liberal with his opinions as he no longer has to cater to his bosses desire for more of an aggregator type site.

Phil Valentine comes out

Talk radio personality Phil Valentine comes out in favor of allowing honest law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves on college campuses.

The money quote....

He makes an interesting point when it comes to posting signs in front of schools announcing they are "gun-free zones." Lott asks, rhetorically, if one were to place such a sign in his own front yard would he think he'd be more or less likely to be robbed.

"Gun-free zones have given us nothing but body counts," says Alan M. Gottlieb, chairman of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, following the recent Northern Illinois University shooting. "This giant loophole in public safety is becoming a national disgrace and it is time to dramatically change our perspective on self-defense in this country."

Friday, March 14, 2008

More campus killings

Another report of increased violence against students and the call goes out for more security phones and security systems. The goal, at best, will be to alert student as the violence continues unchecked. Odd how violence has risen even though cell phones are in about every students ear half the day. I doubt criminals fear the phone.

I received an E mail with a good quote on it the other day. It said:

"I Carry a gun because carrying a police officer around all day is tiring."

Truer words are seldom spoken. Although security guards are good and I support the steps to help with these issues. A guard can not be everywhere or appear in a second. This Andy Sher Chattanooga Times Free Press article confirms that many Tennessee state campuses do not even allow their security staff to carry guns.

I wonder what they would do if called upon in a Va. Tech type situation.

Would they yell:

"Stop shooting! or you will force me to yell "stop shooting!" again."

I wonder what would be the success rate for that disarmament technique. I imagine it would work about as well as it did for students at N.I.U.

Their comes a point where people have to take responsibility for their own safety. A phone on a pole and an unarmed guard, who knows how far or how long away, won't cut the mustard.

Many campus officials say that allowing trained, checked and permitted people to have the right to defend themselves will create more violence. Odd how they can not quote a single statistic to back up their claims.

I doubt a single student or teacher in one of those classrooms at Va. Tech. when Chow started shooting said " Boy, I sure am glad the state made this a gun free zone so I can't defend myself, otherwise their might be violence."

Some fight for more illegals on campus

In a Daily Beacon article some teachers fight to have more illegals on college campuses and seem to hate the thought of making illegals have to prove legal status.


The claim is that my bill is in conflict with the federal "Dream act". The "Dream act" (What I know of it, I admit I have not read it all) gives illegal aliens in state tuition over legal citizens who may be from another state. In contrast, my bill says that all students must first prove they are in the country legally to get in to a state funded college. Then, the rate they pay for their education could be covered by the "dream act". Not much of a conflict, if any at all, as I see it.

The italicized part is from the Beacon article:

Stephanie Bohon, associate professor of sociology, said she feels the Tennessee bill is not worth the fight.

Great! then I am sure she wont mind if it passes then.

“Unless Tennessee has come up with a way to go around the Supreme Court, their bill will be shot down. … Other states that have tried to go against the federal bill have failed,” she said.

This bill is not in conflict with any federal law and the US supreme court has not ruled on it. The "Dream act" has not even passed into law yet so I am not sure how a state law can be in conflict with a federal bill that has not even passed. Much less be ruled on by the supreme court. In fact, a law similar to mine is in place in other states. VA. just passed similar legislation. Possibly she is confused with the federal law that say states must educate K-12 students no matter their immigration status.

Bohon said that this type of bill “doesn’t solve problems but creates problems.”

The only problem is to illegal aliens. It is actually a partial solution to overcrowded universities and classrooms for the legal immigrant and citizen.

Bohon also said many students have legally traveled to the United States with their parents, but have overstayed their visas. She said preventing students in these situations from pursuing higher education will frustrate faculty and administrators.

The Tennessee bill would only apply to those over 18 years of age that live in the country illegally. It does not apply to those born inside the United States, no matter the status of their parents.

Good to know that higher ed is in favor of more illegal immigration.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Odum busted

The Nashville scene outs Democrat house majority leader Gary Odum for lobbying for the optometrists. I heard some rumblings about this and some more lobbying for other orgs. that is going on. I am going to do some mere research on this issue. More to come.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More of "This is not happening in Tennessee"

I wonder how Department of Education will discuss this. Of course they will say "I did not know this was happening in Tennessee".

From the KNS article on the government funding of "BrainPOP" an on line text with access given to second graders. One father said:

"I believe the sexual stuff is totally inappropriate" for younger children, Mahathy stated in an e-mail.

Mahathy said BrainPOP also contains information about AIDS, gay and lesbian sex, and various religions, including Wicca. That nature-based religion has been linked to witchcraft.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drew wacks Gore

Drew Johnson of the TCPR has wacked Al gore again

From the New York Times article.

"Am I criticizing the messenger because I don't like the message? No, I'm criticizing the messenger because he's a hypocrite and a con man," countered Drew Johnson, president of the Tennessee research group. "Ms. Kreider didn't dispute our numbers last February. How could she? They came directly from the Nashville Electric Service."

"To dispute the information now is a pathetic attempt to rewrite history. The facts are the facts. Gore only made his house more environmentally friendly after my organization embarrassed him by exposing the truth about his outrageous energy consumption," Mr. Johnson said.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Revenue drops

Tennessee revenue projections were 20 million under projections overall.

2.8 million under tobacco projections. 10 million over on gas projections (Yet they still will want more toll roads).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

WBIR info

On "Inside Tennessee" I mentioned my blog had much more info then I had time to give out on the air. Here is some of that info.

A link to most of the information I gave to the committee regarding the push to teach the gay, lesbian and transgendered lifestyle to children in Tennessee in state schools can be found here. Much is already being done with state funding.

A link to a report on Tennessee state schools participating in "Day of silence" to promote gay lifestyle and condemn those who oppose teaching of it.

Dad of five year old arrested after objecting to his child being taught about the homosexual lifestyle.

News report of pro gay book sent to every school in Tennessee that condemns religious based values and promotes acceptance of the pro gay lifestyle.

A Report from another state dealing with pushing alternate lifestyle choices in their middle schools.

The words "Mom" and "Dad" were banned in other states because they are deemed not gay friendly.

The days of sticking your head in the sand and saying "It can not happen here" are gone.

Presenting the bill, Take II

Here is the video of the vote for parents to have the right to decide when it is appropriate to teach young children sensitive sexual topics. Although I did not get to present all the info I had, it was a start.

HB2997 roll call vote from S G on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Being conservative

After a few rough editorials against me, The Knox News Sentinel was kind enough to allow me a rebuttal column in their paper.

Thank you KNS.

Inside Tennessee

I will be on WBIRs "Inside Tennessee" Sunday morning at 9:30 on channel 10 in Knoxville. We pre recorded it on Thursday Night.

TN GOP chair Robin Smith and I met at the blogger meet up at Harbies (They make an awesome veggie supreme pizza if you are ever in the Broadway area of Knoxville) before the show. Dave Oatney and his wife showed up as did Rob Huddleston. Fabian Story ended up having to miss the meet up but it was fun all the same for such a short notice meeting.

I knew walking in to WBIR that Robin and I were going to be the red meat for the attempted lefty comeback after last weeks beat down. I was up first with my fellow legislators Rep. Harry Brooks, Sen. Tim Burchett. Robin Smith was left all alone untill the second half of the show. In the first half we hit on a wide range of topics (as well as one well known one) and did a fun Yes/No section where we talked about what we thought about different pieces of legislation. I wish we could see more of this type of questioning on some topics. Many times political people will filibuster on TV/radio or will talk around an issue without actually answering the question. Admitted, some questions require detailed responses but a good, well worded Yes/no, pass/fail, for or against type question can cut through a lot of the bull.

Robin Smith did the second half of the show. Robin came out swinging on the Hussain issue and took some good shots at Tuke and Obama. That was some fun TV time.

It was odd at the show how much blogs were talked about on and off the air. A few well known ones were mentioned. Tune in to find out who got air time. At one point, off the air, Don Bosh made a comment along the lines of.

"What is wrong with frapachino?"

Making reference to my blog post I did last week after Terry Frank gave the Harry Potter wannabe (Gray Sasser) the beating of his life.

Nothing Don, Just a shout to all the other the coffee house posers you see at most of the lefty rallies and protests. Although Don is wrong on most issues (I am sure there is one issue out there somewhere that we agree on, I just haven't found it yet) he is still not a bad guy in person.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Illegals at UT

The Tennessean profiles two illegal immigration bills, one mine. My bill says that if you are an illegal immigrant that you are not allowed to take a seat away from a legal citizen or person who is in the country legally. It make people provide proof that they are in the country legally previous to admission.

Another federal bill (Not mine or supported by me) will give in state tuition to illegal immigrants.

I know at UTK they keep people from registering if they did not pay a parking ticket (A civil penalty in most cases). But coming into/ being in the country illegally (a federal criminal act) and you can come right in and possibly get in state tuition.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Folder

In my presentation on allowing families to decide when it is appropriate to introduce controversial sexual topics to young children I handed out a folder of information. That information is here. Some is in the form of a link to other sites that I printed out, highlighted and put in the folder.

I started with the definition and the difference between TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE

Then I showed the NEA/TEA Resolutions calling for ACCEPTANCE of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. I highlighted sec B8, B10, B46

I then provided proof that the State department of education is funding programs for teaching these issues to their teachers by funding the YES-2-KIDS conference

I then showed the agenda of the state funded seminar and highlighted the sessions put on by PFLAG (A gay rights group)(It is in the top right corner)

I then showed a link to the PFLAG webpage talking about presenting at the YES-2-KIDS conference.

I then showed a copy of one of the books given out to teachers at the state funded teachers workshop. I highlighted the the section advocating the teaching of the GLBT lifestyle in grades K-12

I then showed a printout of a Nashville City paper article about a sixth grade teacher who talked about teaching children to be activists for the GLBT lifestyle.

I finally showed a E mail from a K-2 certified teacher who, although against my bill, advocates teaching on the GLBT lifestyle, and admits it is in the state school books and is part of the curriculum.

I printed her name and identifying information in the folder but have edited it out for this blog post. I also did check that she is certified to teach K-2 Below is the E mail.

Mr. Campfield,
I just feel that if a teacher in second grade wants to read a book about a child who has a child who has two moms or two dads that should be alright. That is part of our society today. Those books are on our shelves, we have kids in our public schools in those situations. IF it comes up if should be discussed if the book is brought in or if it is in the school library, believe it or not this is in our state curriculum, in some of the health books.
Name withheld for blog post

> Subject: RE: bill banning discussion of homosexuality
> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:35:13 -0600
> From: rep.stacey.campfield@legislature.state.tn.us
> To:
> I take by your K-2 that you are a teacher in grades K-2. Do you think a teacher that tells a student that lifestyle is wrong is OK? My bill would protect student from teachers with an agenda. No matter what way it goes. This should be up to the parents, Not teachers with agendas.
> ________________________________
> From:
> Sent: Mon 2/18/2008 8:23 PM
> To: Paul Stanley; rep.john.deberry@legisture.state.tn.us; Stacey Campfield; Beverly Marrero; sen.mike.kernell@legislature.state.tn.us; sen.jeane.richardson@legislature.state.tn.us
> Subject: bill banning discussion of homosexuality
> Senators and Representatives,
> If you pass this bill you are violating a teachers right of free speech in the class room. We have what is called academic freedom in the classroom to teach our subjects at a grade appropriate level. It would be wrong to forbid teachers from discussing other lifestyles in classrooms except heterosexual ones because we have many different life styles all across Tennessee. One can't exclude others in the classroom when it comes up. How do you tell one student that his/her parents are living in a bad relationship and the other one is right based on your judgment. The teacher doesn't have the right to make that call nor do you. If you say we can't discuss this in the classroom you are saying it is wrong.
> Name and address withheld for blog post
> K-2
> Cookeville, TN 38506
> ________________________________

I owe a huge Hat tip to Dave M, my staff and intern, Bobby P and one of my fellow reps for helping me pull this stuff together. I had a lot more info and put more in the folder but I have not downloaded it yet. I had tons more back in my office but I could type only for so long and I knew my presentation time would be limited if any at all. Thanks guys!

More to come

Sorry I have not posted on my bill to allow families to decide when the teaching of gay, lesbian and transgender issues to children is appropriate (at least until the 8th grade). Here is a Tom Humphreys article on the bills presentation.

I am trying to figure out a way to post the facts on my blog that I presented to the committee. I also hope to have a video clip of the bill motion up tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I love gyros

We moved the date of the sales tax holiday from Easter to Easter the big looser on the move was the people who are Greek orthodox. They now have the sales tax holiday on their Easter weekend instead of the traditional (non Greek Orthodox) Easter.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dont call it a comeback

Tuesday I will be bringing my bill back to the education sub committee. The bill says, the state will leave it up to parents to decide what and when it is appropriate to teach their children about homosexuality, bisexuality, and the transgendered at least untill the children are out of grade 8.

The last speech

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another day, another.........

Another article in favor of allowing teachers faculty and staff the ability to protect themselves in case of attack.

Hat tip: Say uncle

Farr starts to shut down businesses for no reason

The Tennessean shows another example of the effectiveness of Regan Farr at the Department of Revenue. This time, they are out shutting down businesses for no reason whatsoever. That's got to help our economy.

Will the governor ever say "Enough is enough" or will he say like the department of revenue has that "They have never ever made a mistake"?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

There will be blood

Terry Frank goes to battle against THREE (that is right THREE) liberals tomorrow on WBIR, channel 10s "Inside Tennessee". Trial lawyers Don Bosh and Dennis Francis team up with Tennessee Democrat Party chair Gray Sasser to try and take on the little lady.

Early word from the prerecorded show is that, when it was all said and done, Gray Sasser was left bloody, on the floor, mumbling "Lamar, Lamar, Lamar....." , with Francis and Bosh trying to get him to drink his half frapachino mocca late' whip (with sprinkles) and urging him to try and get back up on his feet.

I can't wait to see it.

Why is it called a wedge?

Why is it always called a wedge when the other side is on the wrong side of the issue? When was the last time the press or a Republican said Democrats are campaign posturing or grandstanding using an election year wedge issues?

Liberals love to question the reason conservatives push for conservative legislation. Those who claim to be open minded to other peoples beliefs refuse to allow that many times those other peoples beliefs are different then their own.

Rep. Bill Dunn lets fly when Joe Armstrong (who voted against the pro life bill) tries to play this little tactic.

From the article

"It has been a wedge issue for at least three terms or six years," Armstrong said.

Dunn isn't on the committee but knew about the subcommittee meeting when we met with him and some other legislators later. He said he disagreed with the characterization of the proposed amendment as a wedge issue and followed up with an e-mail message.

"Please let your students know that it is not. Many Democrats support SJR127 and would vote for it if it came out of committee. I do not believe Rep. Armstrong would consider those working to abolish slavery just a bunch of politicians seeking a wedge issue," he said.