If the dollar has little value, then donate a few.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Could this be the future?

If this could be shrunk down a little and put into a two legged version it could mean an entire new life for some handicapped and amputee survivors.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Endorsement time

I got the two big endorsements I wanted again this year. My opponent got the one he wanted.

The Tennessee right to life gave me their highest score, has endorsed and come out strong for me.

The NRA gave me an A+ and endorsed me. My opponent started to score poorly when he began talking about limiting the carry rights of off duty police officers and people in the military. It went down hill from there.

Kent Williams (Rino/Naifeh shoe shine club) has endorsed my opponent and is proudly quoted in a mailer for him. I guess we now see who he will really stand with when push comes to shove.

Music row ripoff

The story starts to grow on the theft of private property by government to give to big developers in Nashville

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cut sales tax holiday or cut waste?

When tough choices come up some people are always ready to increase taxes instead of cut waste. Here is a perfect example.

The TNGOP sent out this presser in response to the Govs threat to end the sales tax holiday.

Republican Leaders take Bredesen to task for saying he would eliminate sales tax holiday

Republicans say Department of Revenue tactics are abuse of power

(NASHVILLE, TN), July 25, 2008 -- Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville), Senate Republican Chairman Diane Black (R-Gallatin), House Republican Leader Jason Mumpower (R-Bristol) and House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada (R-Franklin) today took Governor Phil Bredesen to task for his statement that he would eliminate the sales tax holiday if he could. The Republican lawmakers said there are some pork projects that could be cut, like Bredesen's plan to build a ballroom at the governor's mansion, to help with current budget woes that would better serve the public than eliminating a minimal tax break given to hard working families buying school supplies.

"With gas prices soaring and food costs increasing, it is shameful that Governor Bredesen doesn't think working class families deserve a small tax break," said Rep. Mumpower. "If the governor really wants to save the state $13 million he ought to grab a shovel and go fill in that gaping hole in his front yard at the governor's residence," Mumpower added about the ballroom bunker which is being added to accommodate parties at a cost of approximately $13 million.

"In these economic times, our citizens need all the help they can get to make ends meet," said Senator Black. "The sales tax holiday is much appreciated and valued by moms and dads across our state who are faced with buying school clothes and school supplies in an ever-tightening economy."

"Republicans fought very hard to pass this sales tax holiday," said Senator Norris. "For him to dismiss what these savings mean to Tennessee families is downright appalling."

The suggestion to do away with the sales tax holiday to cushion the budget comes just days after tapes were obtained by the Tennessee Policy Center of state tax auditors

enjoying a week-long conference at the upscale Gaylord Opryland Hotel. The auditors were asked to perform disparaging song and dances about taking taxpayer money. The total cost of the trip was $142,000. This year's "training week," roughly a month from now, cost about the same.

"I was flabbergasted at the insensitive tactics and outright abuse of power that our Revenue Department employs to train auditors," Black said. "These videos and Governor Bredesen's recent comments show there is absolutely no respect for the taxpayers of Tennessee."

One of the songs and dances depicted on the tape shows what appears to be a dead taxpayer and a grieving widow with the auditors dancing around to a rap song with the lyrics: "Go. Go. Go, money. It's your tax day. We're gonna party. Like it's your tax day." Another song mandated by Revenue officials for auditors to sing is "It's my audit, and I'll tax if I want to, tax if I want to, tax if I want to."

"It is hypocritical for Bredesen and Democrats to be sending out announcements touting the upcoming tax holiday, while scheming to eliminate next year's holiday from the budget and training auditors to abuse their power," said Rep. Casada. "The sales tax holiday is just a drop in the bucket and won't solve the quagmire Bredesen has spent our state into. Here is yet another example about how our multi-millionaire elitist governor doesn't understand the issues faced by average Tennesseans."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Local boy helps bring down Al Qaeda

Local boy doing us proud!

From the article.....

The top al Qaeda cell leader in the western Baghdad area of Ghazaliyah was brought to justice July 15.

Soldiers from the “Punisher” Platoon, Troop A, 1st Squadron, 75th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, captured the wanted individual during a night raid in Ghazaliyah.

According to the platoon leader, 1st Lt. Brandon McConnell, a native of Knox County, Tenn., the individual in questioning was successful in eluding capture for some time due to the lack of positive identification. It is believed he is responsible for multiple attacks against local Son’s of Iraq, or Abna’a al Iraq, and for an improvised explosive device attack against Coalition Forces in May.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whats the diff?

Bill Hobbs relays a rant that some in the press are making. They seem mad that they don't get into the Republican statesman's dinner for free. News flash, Neither do I. Neither do any of the state legislators I know. In fact most of the higher ups are expected to sell tables.

I did not hear any crying when the Knox county Democrats closed their big dinner when James Carville came in, why the big uproar now? If they want in I am sure the Republican party will sell them a ticket as well .....Sorry, but I just cant help but laugh at the thought of that. I can just imagine the gnashing of teeth some in the press would do at the thought that in some small way helped support a Republican with money. What would the others at the Obama rally think?

Heck, I just hope the guys from Red State update show up. Could a duet with MC Rove be in the making?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Tax payer look out"

No kidding. With Regan Farr and the Tennessee department of revenue it appears it is not about service. It's about "getting" the tax payer and having a party when someone dies. I guess what else could you expect from the people who spent huge sums of Tennessee tax dollars in a questionable plan to catch some grandma who bought an extra pack of smokes while on vacation so they could take her car.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your tax dollars hard at work

Good to see in tough times that the state can afford the bare necessities to get the job done. More good work by Regan Farr.

Bringin it home

Adam Groves reports on Kent Williams unauthorised use of a letter to appear as an endorsement (is this a trend?) as well as his attack on fellow Republican for their taking him to task for selling out to Naifeh and taking donations from Democrat leadership.

Williams says....

"they haven't accomplished very much in their home districts. It's people like this who are killing our Republican Party ... I dare say that if a Democrat introduced legislation to give every one in the state a goose that laid the golden egg, these three would vote against it."

I know when those three go to Republican caucus meetings they never grabbed a copy of the meeting agenda and literally ran out of the room to be the first to get it to Naifeh. If that is what it takes to get a "Golden egg" I too will pass.

As I recall Williams passed two bills in the last session. Both were road name changes.

I am sure his district will rest easier knowing he got those "Golden egg" key pieces of legislation passed.

And the truth comes out

Sort of misleading to use it now don't you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Early voting

Early voting starts tomorrow (Friday) at 10 AM at polling locations across Tennessee. In most of the state a photo ID or voter registration card is appreciated (but not mandatory). In Memphis a copy of your latest obituary would help speed things along as well.

Toll road in Knoxville

Jerold Nicley was in Knoxville today to talk about the wondrous toll road possibilities for Knoxville. If I were to guess I would say 100 to 150 people were on hand to voice their opinion. Most of the people were strongly in opposition to the tough of them. In attendance was Rep. Bill Dunn, Sen. Tim Burchett, Myself, several county commissioners and candidate Ryan Haynes who has also voiced opposition to toll roads. The KNS has the story. and the kicker lines of the night.....

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner Gerald Nicely drew a round of applause Thursday when he promised that the proposed Knoxville Parkway won't be a toll road if the public is opposed to the idea.

It was the only applause he drew during the 90-minute meeting at Bearden High School...........

..............Nicely and other officials, including TDOT Chief of Environment and Planning Ed Cole, explained that the Legislature has authorized TDOT to look at possibly building toll roads, but included the caveat that "strong public support" is a prerequisite for moving forward.

During a following question-and-answer session, Knoxville resident David Cochran asked Nicely to define "strong public support" for the audience, most of whom clearly were opposed to tolls.

"That's one of the things we're doing here tonight," Nicely said. "I don't think I can define 'strong public support' tonight."


Although I mostly stick to state issues I was talking with some inside sources and I was told a very big bomb shell is about to drop on the Knox county mayor in the paper on Monday. Stay tuned.........

More on Sir Goony's

I want to thank all the people who came, sent their regards, support, or co hosted the Sir Goonys mini golf championship last night.

I think most people had fun in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed the talking with kindred spirits. Rep. Mike Bell, Rep. Bill Dunn, Lee Frank, Rep. Jimmy Matlocks family as well as many other local current and former candidates were on hand to share in some hot dogs, conservative politics and mini golf.

I want to send out a special thank you to th Mr. Stringfield (the owner of Sir Goonys) for making us all feel right at home as well as my mom and Mr. Al Ford for getting the food together and cooking. It turned out great. I will say it was definitely my best attended event ever. I think I might try it (or something like it) again later. Although the suggestion of a reception where we all do karaoke did come up, I am not to sure if that is the way we want to go. Do you really want to hear me sing?

Race report

Georgiana Vines has a rundown on my race for reelection to the state house in today's KNS. More news on the race is forthcoming stay tuned.......

Steve Hall update

Councilman Steve Hall is up and walking around a little bit after is motorcycle crash on the 4th of July but is still in pain. New tests revealed even more broken bones than originally thought. His right wrist, right leg at the ankle, hand, pinkie finger 10 ribs, shoulder blade, 3 shattered vertebra and two "wings" on other vertebra have all been found to be broken. 2 minor infections have popped up but are being treated.

Steve is thankful for all the thoughts, calls and prayers that have been said for him and he feels it is part of the reason he feels as good as he does, he has been so Lucky and is able to recover so fast.

Sir Goonys

Lots of families showed up last night at Sir Goonys to make it probably my best event ever. Video will be forthcoming........

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

One of these things is not like the other

So now no one knows how or who released a private letter from Robin Smith to the governor. Every one is playing the "It is public record." but "Gee, I don't know how it got out." card.

If the letter was public record wouldn't the name of the person who gave it out, as well as the person it was given to, be public record as well? It sure was when Bill Hobbs of the TNGOP asked for a copy of who had a carry permit after Jimmy Naifeh killed all the gun bills.

The Democrat administration wouldn't be playing favorites on open records now would they?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clarksville is a large city?

The US census says Clarksville TN is #9 on the fastest growing large cities in the US. That is great news for them but I was shocked to find Clarksville in the "large city" category to start with.

Commishioner Nicley to push Knoxville Toll Roads

The head mouth piece in favor of toll roads in Knoxville, TDOT commissioner Jerold Nicley, will be in Knoxville Thursday to tell "The little people" of the wonders of toll roads in Knoxville and why we want them. As if the people have not spoken on the issue clearly enough.

From the JJ Stanbaugh/KNS article...

The possibility of eventually building toll roads in Tennessee will be the topic of a public meeting Thursday at Bearden High School.

Although the two-hour meeting, set to begin at 6 p.m., is aimed at addressing the idea of toll roads in general, the discussion will take place as state officials explore the possibility of making the proposed Knoxville Parkway a pilot toll road.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A hole in one

A dramatic recreation of my last putt in a big game of Mini golf

Can It be recreated? Come find out!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guns in federal parks?

It seams the federal government is listening to input on the issue of allowing people to have guns in federal parks. After the supreme court decision of a few weeks ago could more positive movement be possible for legal gun owners? It is starting to look that way. In the state? Well that would depend on the whims of long standing (cough)permit holder (cough, cough) Jimmy (Cough, cough, retch, cough) Naifeh(cough, cough, retch, wheeze).

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are you ready for prime time?

After hearing of the Sir Goony's Mini Golf Challenge A local well known political figure has volunteered to video tape and produce a highlight real of the Golf event with interviews of the contestants pre and post competition. Will the video/ competition be this good?

Come and find out.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Right to life event

Tonight I will be one of the guest speakers at the Knoxville chapter of the Tennessee right to life dinner. Speaking with me will be Rep. Bill Dunn and Rep. Jimmy Matlock. Dinner starts at 6:15 and the meeting starts at 7. The location is Naples Restaurant at 5500 Kingston pike. All are welcome.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Limit illegals access to UT? Not in Tennessee

The USA today reports on how many states are banning illegals access to state universities. It is loved in the comment section as a piece of legislation that both sides can agree with. Unfortunately this measure was killed in the Tennessee house of reps on a mostly party line basis.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Steve Hall update

I just got back from Chattanooga where I went to visit Steve Hall after his motorcycle accident. As Steve drifted in and out you could tell he was still very alert and he was in a large amount of pain.

Even with the pain his mood was still very happy and upbeat. He was glad to see us and wanted me to make sure and tell people how thankful he is for all the prayers, the calls and for the visitors. Always with his eye on the prize he wanted to also make sure I kept on campaigning hard and not let up because of him. What a trooper.

We kidded Steve that he didn't have to go to such great lengths to make sure handicapped people would be still able to park their cars in their front yards (A hot issue that Steve supported on city council). He was able to grin at the little joke.

The worst part was, since the accident he has had the hiccups. As you can imagine with 8 broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, 2 crushed vertebra, 2 other breaks on his spine and all his other bumps and bruises, this was never a pleasant experience. They have him in a brace and are hopeful this will be able to do the trick as surgery would extend the recovery process. Steve is also diabetic so if he were to go the surgery route the recovery time would be even longer. There is also talk of putting cement in his back or possibly an epoxy of some sorts if the healing of the crushed vertebrae does not go as hoped.

It is almost spooky how less then a week ago I was on Steve's TV show and we were talking about people who ride "The dragon" (a famously curvy road for bikers). When Steve's bike slid out he was on another famously curvy road in Oak Ridge called "the devils elbow" Steve was not hot dogging it but the rear of his bike just slid on some road gravel. He hit his breaks but he got out of the gravel and when the rear end of his bike hit pavement it whipped him up in the air 10-15 feet and head first into an embankment. His injuries appear to be similar to a stubbed toe except it was his head that hit first and stubbed the rest of his body.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bloging gets dirty

What, Controversial blogger Thaddeus Matthews said something that made someone mad? How could that be? Now the law suits and personal attacks are starting to fly. The part about 5 grand changing hands sounds a little like hush money. I hope Thad did not sell out.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Prayer needed

My good friend, Knoxville City councilman Steve Hall was involved in a bad motorcycle accident in Oak Ridge late this after noon. Word is 7 ribs, his shoulder and multiple bones in his back have been broken along with all the other damage that goes with such a huge accident. He is being rushed to Chattanooga for emergency back surgery. I ask for your thoughts and prayers to be with him and his family during this scary time.

UPDATE: WATE has more

Thursday, July 03, 2008

What is to fear?

The KNS and the governor have come out against specialty plates being offered to Tennesseans. They had no problem with the system until a pro life plate was allowed by the state a few years ago. The plates have to meet a simple standard of offering and passage by the legislature, 1000 pre sales of the plate as well as the money going to a nonprofit cause. To my knowledge even the liberal Tennessee court have said none have ever been proven to be a problem. What is the fear that could happen? What is it that has them so turned up about this issue? Is the thought of this that has them in a bind?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Felons for Obama

The ACLU is in a push to make it so more felons can vote. One of the main sticking points is an amendment I put on a bill a few years ago. The amendment mandated felons had to be current on back child support payments, restitution to the state and the victims of their crime. This would prove they wanted to be a contributing member of society and show in one form that they have paid their debt to society. The legislature sets up standards for voting rights restoration of former felons. The ACLU hates the standards. They need the votes to push their liberal agenda so they are suing the state to overturn the standard of law.

As a legislator friend of mine once said "Not all Democrats are felons, but almost all felons are Democrats"

"Crank up the AC, The city is buying!"

Why does government need more money? To pay for peoples air conditioning bills of course!

So go ahead, crank up the AC, leave the windows and doors open, run your self a nice hot bath and enjoy. Why work and save to pay for the luxury of AC? That is what the government is supposed to provide.

Programs like this must put the Al Gore lovers in a spin. Do they do it so the "working poor" are completely comfortable or do they cut it to make them save energy like they tell the rest of us to do? What is a liberal to do?

I guess we see who won that battle this time. But rest assured the money will end up in some other equally worth while project before it is all over. No need to worry waiting for your tax refund check to show up in the mail.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pre K does not work long term.

Facts, Figures, graphs and commentary here.

How "Fixed" is Tennessees ED problem?

This article should tell you all you need to know.

Someone is playing hard ball

Many times when political people say "How committed are you to my area" what they really mean is "If you want to win, I can help you do it but I want something in return". It looks as if the gov is playing hardball on a top (VP/cabinet?) slot in the possible Obama administration.

Quote of the week

Posted by "bob" in the comments below this article.

"I know everyone has a problem with his middle name, Hussein, but I also have a problem with his last name. If you add a "G", his name spells


What true VOL fan would actually vote for this guy?"