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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did you see a shark fin?

I don't know if this has ever happened before. Republicans in Tennessee are raising more money then Democrats. Democrats are wondering how to put out a fire on a sinking ship. Just add more water.

You can look at past years numbers and see we usually get out spent three to one. Why is this year different? Because times are different. Democrats are split in several ways. They have no one, And I mean no one, to rally behind at the state level. The state party is divided between a leader who can not lead and a grass roots person who can not raise money with a fund raiser who is a big supporter of Republicans.

Phil is a lame duck who doesn't like the state party leader and never worked that hard for the party in the first place. There is no one on the horizon who looks even like a reasonable chance to win the Democrat party nomination much less any state wide seat. When you mention the Democrat candidates for state wide seat most people outside the political loop are like "Who??"

The Democrats are no longer in control in either leg of the legislature. In the senate it went from close in numbers for Democrats, to not close at all with no reasonable hopes of change in the next election cycle.

In the house Dems lost a large number of seats in an "up" Democrat year. Their future looks even more grim in two years.

Their caucus is split between the uber liberal urban members and the less liberal rural members. They are also split between those on the Naifeh side and those on the Odum side. The Democrat party is trying to force their members to stay and not retire but several of their older members are ready to go back home and they know they are in shaky seats. Some seats were not focused on by the Republican party in the last election but the races were still very close. Democrats know they dodged a bullet. This time most of those same Republican candidates are coming back and they will have the party zeroed in behind them this time. The wind is not blowing in a Democrat direction and I think many know that if they run again it could end ugly. Not the way they want to go out.

Even if they win, the thought of having to come back under real Republican control does not have them eager with anticipation.

Before the last election Republicans wanted control but weren't that sure we could get it or keep it. Now, Republicans are like sharks in chummed water. We are hungry for it and can smell the blood. The Democrat party is trying to force their kids back in the water for a swim and the money captain of the ship is shaking his head and wanting to pull the boat away.

Not a pretty picture.

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