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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Williams out!

It looks like Williams will not be part of our Republican caucus meetings any more unless invited. The last caucus meeting he came to was open to everyone. Today he tried to come in to a closed caucus meeting but was pulled out by our leadership and asked to stay out. He went into full on temper tantrum mode. As I said in the past his new goal is to divide the Republican caucus against itself and pull members over to support him. Many Democrats have been trying to Divide us all year with little success.

Kent is extra wanting a vote of the caucus to see if he should be allowed in or not. My informal personal polling thinks he would get 10 votes if he is Lucky. I am quite sure he must know this but once again this is not about out or in. It is an attempt by Kent to divide the party against itself pro or anti Kent. He might get a few more votes if the vote was roll called because a few members would fear reprisals if they had to publicly vote against him. Kent really wants that. If it were roll called the few that would vote for him would feel isolated in the party even more and everyone else would get punished. He was heard making threats outside of the meeting. That tells you a lot about who this is about.

I guess what is best for Kent is the goal and Tennessee or the ideals Republicans want to put forward would come second. Nothing new.

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