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Monday, June 08, 2009

If only we had the committee system

The time is running down on charter schools legislation. The bill was killed in the education committee when the Dems locked down and voted unit rule. No one had majority so it died. Now we are looking to loose 100 million in federal stimulus money if we don't pass it. 50 million a year. In the caucus meeting Kent Williams got up and said how he was a huge supporter of charter schools and how important it is that we stick together and pass this bill as an amendment to another bill. We needed caucus unity. We needed to lock down. How this bill is important to him so the caucus had to be unified to get it passed. He went on and on.

Many of us were just shaking our heads. We know this bill would never have been stopped in the first place had the committee been Republican controlled. It would have sailed through. Yes, that bill is important, but so were 100 other dead bills to many Republicans. Not just to him.

Some people have thought how it would be appropriate if the bill were not able to get on as an amendment. The constant argument has been if it didn't make it through the bipartisan committee system on its own it should not come on as an amendment. It should have bipartisan support. Now when it is important to him bipartisanship is out the window.

If someone doesn't like the makeup of the committee system they should blame the person who set it up.

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