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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not any time soon

It is doubtful we will get out this week. Next week isn't looking much better.

The senate is doubtful on presenting a budget this week and if they do they don't think it will make it to the floor right away. Several people are seeing more and more problems with the technical corrections bill as well. Some people feel they were lied to by the governors staff in their description of the technical corrections bill. Things that were supposedly just going to allow the state to collect money for the locals (in a more efficient way) is actually going to increase taxes on small businesses. The income tax on some sports athletes is now going to to Memphis government.

The Dems are all over the place. No alternative plan except blame the plan for cuts and argue about the cuts the governor is making. No one likes the cuts but it is a starting point.

We are ready to hear the Democrat plan to substitute the cuts from mental health and other areas and replace it with cuts from somewhere new. So far it has been a lot of "We don't like this or that" cries but no plan of action to fix it.

Well ladies, its time to put on your big boy pants and step up to the plate with alternative cuts if you don't like something. The Republicans have brought some ideas forward. The other side is not stepping up. We are open to alternative cut plans but the plans we have beats no plan at all every time.

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