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Friday, July 24, 2009

Early lessons

It seems the senate Democrats are looking to pick a fight with me over a quote I posted from another legislator.

They are so fired up they went to the trouble of sending out a state wide press release attributing me with the quote. I can only guess the reason for the senate Democrats sudden eagerness to attack me. Do they really want to go down that road? OK, if we must.

If they are so eager to do press releases possibly they could inform me on some others I have been waiting on.

Still no press release about a Republican senator being extorted. Must be because they have such close ties to people in the extortion/fraud business. Don't want to offend their big donors like Norman Shu or Barry Stokes. People who swindled millions from little old ladies pension funds to support Democrat campaigns. How bout The dirty money Democrats took from Senator John Ford to fund their campaigns? Still no press release or even return of the money there either. I thought they were going to return all that money when the court cases were settled? They are settled now. I guess the Dem's are holding out hope for another big donation from their latest swindler buddy.

Yes the Democrats are basking in the glow of Senator Stanleys foibles. "Taking advantage of that poor young innocent little intern" "Tsk, Tsk"

Funny, I have not seen the press release from the Democrats calling to end the intern program. Wouldn't bother me much. How bout them? Maybe the Democrats would like to do a press release on their goals to reform the system. Yea! there we go! That's their plan! Do a in depth study committee on how we can stop these evil old legislators from praying on these young innocent little interns!

I know just the man they could send to head it. Democrat majority leader Gary Odom.

Come on back when you are ready for more press release ideas.

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