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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting a little ahead of ourselves?

All this, "He must resign!" Stuff is getting a little (Lot?) out of control. Word is coming out Sen. Paul Stanley helped bust someone for attempting to blackmail him. With out any information or proof of legal wrongdoing people are calling for Stanleys resignation.

OK, Just for the sake of argument lets say there are photos of a Stanley affair and it was all true. (I have no knowledge of that one way or the other) Is that illegal? No. While unseemly, he has not broken any legal law. To his credit he went above what many would do and called the cops when being shaken down. I am sure he knew when he did, that it would come out and it would not be pretty. He stood up to the blackmailer and did the right thing anyway. A lesser person would have caved, given the money and hoped it never came out.

The fact people are calling for his head with absolutely no proof of any criminal activity shows how crazy people are getting with this "Everyone must step down" thing.
"The higher standard"

I always hear this statement from reporters who are going after someones personal life. "Politicians are held to a higher standard". I never seemed to get that. Since when does getting elected make someone more perfect then everyone else? Politicians are not super humans. I know I never got a cape. We are regular people with the same failings and shortcomings as everyone else.

I have never heard any conservative Republican say they were perfect. Never one. Not on any issue. We try to do what is right but we are not, by any stretch of the word, perfect. Not me, not anyone on capitol hill. Democrat or Republican. Forget it. We all fall short.

If someone shoots for a goal or an ideal but may be imperfect themselves does that mean they should never advocate for a change? Calling for someone to step down should be the higher standard. Criminal activity, dereliction of duty? OK, make the argument. If someone is completely hypocritical on an issue? Fine call them out, but calling for a resignation because someone has a personal shortcoming? If that is the standard the house and senate will be empty and stay that way for a long time.

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