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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Talk is good, but will he step up?

The rage at the the podium for Republican gubernatorial candidates seems to be the 10th amendment. I have heard both Wamp and Ramsey push the issue. Great! Getting the talk right is the first step. When we all sing from the same hymnal our voices go farther. The issue comes in when the voices have to turn into actions. What to do after the talk is done is the next question.

To really support or push the tenth amendment to the next level government will have to take one of at least two steps (while there may be others I think these are the most viable)

One is to sue the federal government to repeal some of the past court decisions that striped away states rights. The wheat case would be a great start. They could also go the opposite direction and let the fed sue the state because they did not send money to the fed or regulate on something they believe should not be taxed or regulated based on the tenth.

The other is to refuse some of the money the fed offers as a treat to pass federal regulations onto states.

In some areas the state gets more money then they put in (getting states or legislators to refuse these is nearly impossible) but in other areas it is the opposite. My understanding is transportation was one of those area where we get less then we put in. If we opted out of the feral gas tax but kept the rate the same the state would actually have a net positive income because the fed only returns a portion on the money they take in from us. If we opted out then we would also not be bound by federal highway regulations.

When you start to take the hands out of the pockets and the regulations from around the necks then you get closer to freedom.

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