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Monday, September 28, 2009

Key words "For now"

Tom Humphrey digs deeper on some comments made about Kent Williams PAC. Seems the waffling has already started.

From the Humphrey article....

Thirty Republican state representatives and two state senators have signed up to help House Speaker Kent Williams launch a new political action committee with a Knoxville fundraiser.

Williams, who is officially regarded as a non-Republican by the state GOP party organization, said he decided to establish a PAC because "I want to help some colleagues get re-elected" by donating to their campaigns.

All Republicans? Yes, he said, "certainly for now."

Seems some people got a different story then others. Many were told it was absolutely going to Republicans. Now it is not a lock down thing at all. It is only "For now".

When I started hearing about this PAC I had a fear that might happen. Now it is materializing. Being trustworthy is something some people never learn.

I am at the house Republican caucus retreat now and a few members are complaining that there name was put on the list with without final approval. Some were approached at a chairman's meeting as well as elsewhere and asked to be on a host committee for the PAC. A few are now saying their response was along the lines of "Let me think about it. Call me back before you do anything."

The next thing they heard, the list was out and their name was on it. They are not real pleased.

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