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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Another step

Any one wonder why it is difficult to trust some people to be in the party? Here is another reason.

The e mail went out a few days ago inter caucus. It was a trial balloon. These things get put out some times to gauge response of the members before it is put out to the mass media. Sometimes it is a good idea and sometimes it is bad. When it is good, we move forward and we look unified in our response. When it is bad many times the idea just goes away. No harm, no foul.

This one started out strongly worded but was losing steam fast. Several members had voiced displeasure with the idea. Some of the main objections were that by doing this they were going to drive a wedge between the caucus and Tennessee Right to Life. It also brought up stories that made some of our caucus members look anti life. The story just needed to go away.

I had personally spoken with leadership a few days ago and they had said it was probably not going to go out. I spoke with another person who had contacted our caucus leadership after I did and they were told it was definitely not going to go out.

No harm, no foul right?


Someone decided to go ahead and send copies of e mail exchanges to the media. Why would someone who supposedly didn't like the idea or tone of the letter release it to the media when the idea was going away? Simple. To try and climb a micro smidgen higher for themselves, to divide our caucus between those who might have wanted to send the letter and those who might not, to try to make our caucus leadership and some of our members look bad to TRL members and make themselves look good.

Mission accomplished.

Now, there is no reason to not to send the letter. It is already out. The wedge has and will grow between some of our members or between our caucus and TRL but that one person looks a smidgen better at the costs of the team.

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