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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dominos fall

Democrat US Rep. Bart Gordon is quiting. Expect Jim Tracy to definitely run for congress. It is a no lose for him. If he looses he is still in the state senate. Who knows what Lou Ann Zelnic will do. She may stay in or jump out in the hope of going after Tracy's senate seat. That would be the same seat Conservative Donna Rowland could go after. Will Diane Black make a move? No word yet. We are talking 15 counties. This could be huge. I am in the capitol. The place is a buzz.

Could Mae Beavers jump out of her mayoral race and go for congress. People here think she might but she lives in Coopers district.

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  1. I told Donna recently that I "had her life all planned out": Tracy for Congress; Rowland for Senate. One fly in the ointment: I think she is in Ketron's district. Bryan TN HUCK PAC the political action committee of Governor Mike Huckabee


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