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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One little problem with that...

While many are excited by the probable pickup of two new Republican seats in the US house of reps from Tennessee, there is one little problem with Tanner and Gordon deciding not to face the voters again.......

They don't have to face the voters again.

This could allow them to vote in ways that they might never have otherwise if they knew they that it might come up at election time. They can vote for every liberal piece of garbage that comes down the pike, without fear, until the day they walk out the door. Why wouldn't they? They don't have to face the voters again.

What is holding them back? The only thing that might hold them back a little is their final image as they walk away. How strong is that of a deterrent?


  1. This has always been my problem with term limits. If we create lame duck office holders, then we have no leverage over them.

  2. Exactly why I am against Term Limits.


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