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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Working backwards

UT is thinking about making it tougher to get some degrees that actually pay when kids graduate so that they can stay profitable in 2011. The crunch has UT wanting to charge higher tuition for academic majors such as nursing, pre-law, pre-medicine and accounting.

From the Joan Garrett/ Times Free Press article UT president Jan Simek says....

A student invests in their future when they come to college, and therefore, if the return is higher, I think it is not unfair to ask that (their) investment be a little bit bigger," he said. "That is what differential tuition is about."

I thought the goal of the university was to educate students so they could get a good paying job. Not so they can keep other degree programs that don't produce jobs or income afloat.

It seems most of the kids I talk to are all getting degrees in dance, music, art history, ancient English literature, philosophy....You know, your basic pre unemployment degrees. Trust me when I say we don't have a shortage and desperate need of students graduating with those job skills.

I will be the first to say UT has plenty of redundancies, un needed positions and is in desperate need of a house cleaning. But instead of punishing, restricting and cutting where there is potential for growth and success (Punishing people for making good life choices) how about expanding admission and access in those areas and cutting elsewhere?

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