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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Worth a thousand words

What can I say. This image brings back some hard memories. I did not realize there were any pictures of this moment in time. This was minutes before the speaker vote. We were all praying to God to give Jason strength to be a great leader. I should say I thought we were all praying to God. I had not thought about the Judas at the last supper/Gethsemane analogy, but I guess the prayer for strength and betrayal similarity is there.

That is Jason on the right fourth from the front holding hands in prayer with Kent on the right fifth from the front.

This photo was sent to SEC members by fellow SEC member Tim Rudd, from the 13th District. He sent this PDF around to his fellow members of the committee to further discourage any members who plan to make a motion to reinstate Williams as a member of the party. His email contained the following note:

“I thought you needed to see this photo prior to the SEC meeting. If any one asks you why Kent Williams was thrown out of the Republican Party and why he should stay out of our Party, this “prayer” photo says it all.”

The committee next meets this Saturday, December 5th.

Hat tip: AC

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  1. Uh... I don't like Mumpower being put on the same level as Jesus, even though many politicans today seem to feel as though they are 'the chosen one.' But somehow the Kent Willams as Judas fits just fine.


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