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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Office space (Nashville style)

Just a short time ago one of the many excuses Republicans were told why they were thrown under the bus by Kent Williams was the staff. Mean old Jason Mumpower was going to fire everyone! Was the story told. While I don't have a problem with reducing the size of government like some people do, the truth was more along the lines of Jayson was going to be fair and treat Republican staff and Democrat staff equally. Many of the Democrat staff were expected to quit.

You see, as it has been for years, Democrat staff are automatically paid substantially more then Republican staff. Not only that but all Democrats had one secretary per member. Republicans staff had to do double duty by working for two members for less money. Republicans members and their staff were packed together in the smaller war memorial building while Democrats got the larger offices in the legislative plaza.

Oh how times change, or not.

Many Republicans thought possibly Kent might keep his word to the staff and be fair by sharing responsibility, duties and reward for extra work. But guess what? That fairness only went one direction. Many Republicans still have to split a staff person. While many don't mind splitting a staffer. Some Republicans are now chairman of full committees requiring much more administrative work. Even some of them still only have access to 1/2 a staffer.

Do the Dems have to make cuts? Double up the work for their staffers? Have their staff take pay cuts so their pay is equal to Republican staff? No. All Democrats, including the freshman (who chair nothing) have their own one on one Secretary.

Equalization of pay? While some Republican secretaries will get a small bonus for doing double duty it still will not equal Democrat staff pay even though the Democrat work load has now been taken over by Republicans.

Office space?

Kent was quick to make fun of the senate for making office moves over the 3 week break. Kent said the senate was in disarray for moving offices while he would only be changing a few name plates on doors.


Kent, being unprepared to lead, has finally realized some Republicans have replaced Democrats (I know, it is a shock). He waited until the last minute to think about office assignments and is just now realizing the Dems don't want to share offices with Republicans and they don't want any Republicans in the legislative plaza.

Where to put all the new Republicans? Just cram more Republicans into fewer, smaller offices and start shifting who goes where. Instead of a smooth timely transition over a few weeks like the senate had, many house Republican offices are now in a mad last minute scramble to move. Temporary walls and cubicle spaces are being thrown up, staff is running around trying to box up everything, move it to different offices, unpack it and be ready before session starts.

Of course the now smaller Democrat caucus has more office space, more staff, less responsibility and better pay then ever before and the now larger Republican caucus has less.

Real fair and smooth.

By the way, Has any one seen my red swingline stapler?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Joke of the week (Poaching edition)

US Airways violated Federal migratory bird regulations by hunting geese with an A320 Airbus jetliner, claim anonymous government sources. The pilot of flight 1549, Air Force veteran and avid hunter Chesley B. Sullenberger, tried combining both of his interests by bagging a brace of geese over the wetlands near New York’s LaGuardia airport after takeoff, on his way to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The imported $77 million A320 airliner is not certified for either waterfowl or upland bird hunting, so it was not surprising that the aircraft malfunctioned, forcing Captain Sullenberger to ditch the plane in the Hudson River. The crew and 150 passengers were chilled and shaken but unhurt. Most were simply grateful to avoid spending the weekend in Charlotte.

National Transportation Safety Board inspectors, rushed to the scene, reportedly found no Duck Stamps on the downed aircraft’s fuselage. Captain Sullenberger has not been charged but is being held incommunicado at an undisclosed location. PETA is urging the government to prosecute the pilot for double honkercide and poaching, and the animal rights group is expected to file a civil suit on behalf of the flock.

The two victims were undocumented aliens, according to sources close to the investigation, Canada geese who had over-stayed their visas. Their goose gang scandalized their quiet Queens community by squatting in local cemeteries and golf courses, parking on the grass, cooking strange-smelling food and throwing wild parties late into the night. Neighbors say police dogs were called out on several occasions. Such incidents have triggered a wave of anti-Canada goose sentiment, but at this time revenge or hate crime motives are not suspected in the US Airways bird bashings.

Forensic examination of the avian corpses continues, and technicians are analyzing the two cadavers under heat with chestnuts, prunes, and Armagnac. NTSB inspectors have contributed a supply of testing fluid, a 2005 Zind-Humbrecht Riesling from Alsace. We will update this story as entrees details become available.

Note:The aircraft took off from La Guardia Airport before hitting the birds. La Guardia is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Port Authority’s logo is a bird.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Burn baby burn!

Fire fighter Rep. Mike Turner tries to make the argument that it is Brian Kelsey who is responsible for Susan Lynns stress over the Kent Williams harassment issue.

Just curious Mike, do you now also think it is the firefighter, not the arsonist, is responsible for the burn victim? Is the police officer who pushes a witness to testify against a rapist at fault for the victims stress before the trial?

Do the victims go to the stand in fear of the fire fighter and police officer or the arsonist and the rapist?

Tom bringin the blog

KNS Nashville reporter Tom Humphrey starts a blog It should be good. I always thought there are a lot more interesting stories in Nashville then make it to the few column inches that are provided in the paper. Tom knows his craft, the people and the workings at the spaghetti factory as well as or better then anyone. Tom can add a lot to the issues. I look forward to his take.

Welcome Tom!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When you aren't ready to lead

Members get messages like this on a regular basis......

"I just wanted to let everyone know that while we were desperately hoping to have an answer today from Speaker Williams' office regarding office assignments, no such answer has yet been given to Leader Mumpower's office. We are still pushing for an answer as soon as possible. I am so sorry to everyone who is caught in this limbo.

I reconfirmed with Legislative Administration today, just to be absolutely certain, that we can't even begin to make preliminary office arrangements regarding current staff or start even just the basic internal moves without first having approval from the Speaker's office.

I'll let you know as soon as we hear something!

I can't wait until session starts and big issues come up.

Kelsey ethics complaint

Today Rep. Brian Kelsey will get his hearing on his ethics complaint against Kent Williams. The complaint was filed because Kent continues to lie about his sexual harassment of Rep. Susan Lynn.

Although I have zero doubt as to what Kent said or did (He admitted it to me and many others when it originally happened) I do doubt the ability of the complaint getting any traction for three reasons.

First. Just after the speakers vote, all legislators were required to sit for an ethics training course. The thought of ethics training just after one of the biggest lies in state history had been told had me wondering and I decided to pose a question to our trainer.

"Will lying be covered as part of our ethics training?"

The response?

No. Lying is not part of ethics.

A classic legislature response. Really it was more of campaign finance disclosure training as no real "classical" ethical issues were ever covered.

The second reason I don't think the Kelsey complaint will move forward at all is, If we couldn't get any consensus as to an ethical breech when Lois "Nickles" Deberry admitted she took cash gambling money from a lobbyist and never reported it during "The Tennessee Waltz" sting, then I doubt there will be any consensus on this issue either.

Third, A formal complaint/ charges were never filed by Rep. Susan Lynn. I know it is semantics but to some people it never happened if a formal complaint or charges weren't filed.

Sorry folks. Don't get your hopes up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kent is out!

Word is getting out now Kent Williams has been removed from the Republican party.

UPDATE: or is about to be.

Williams insults Ramsey

One week on the job and Kent Williams instead of working to mend the bridges he burned continues to fan the flames.

"He lied," said Ramsey, contrasting Williams to former Democratic House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, who "was always straight up, honest, so we had a great working relationship even though we disagreed on issues.".....

..... "The only difference between Ron Ramsey and myself is Ron could only get one Democrat to vote for him. I got 49. ......."

Williams later goes on to say

"......."That's the Senate. They have no idea what they're doing right now," "

Real smart.

That from the guy who had to have someone else swing the gavel for him because he had not prepared for his job and was by all accounts "like a ball lost in the weeds" as leader.

The legislature is full of egos but the word on the hill is, the weak self ego that was trouble before the speaker election has exploded after it. With title, the problems and weaknesses that were only slightly exposed and in check in obscurity are now magnified and magnifying themselves to many a legislators and staffers regret.

The Dems have elected a time bomb.

The casualties are the poor people in Carter county. Some of them think Kent has done them a huge favor. Some think now that Kent is leader he will really be able to "bring it home". Just the opposite will probably be true.

Does anyone think the largely Republican majority senate is happy about what Kent did to the house Republicans they have known, worked and suffered with for years? Senate Republicans know their agenda has suffered as well.

All bills, including spending bills, have to pass both houses to become law. Does anyone really think the senate Republicans are going to allow him to bring home piles of pork for his home county now?

Carter will be lucky if it gets what it got in the past if not less now that Kent is in charge. If Kent thinks Carter County got the short end of the stick in the past I don't know how he can think it will change now that he has now given senate Republicans every reason to freeze him out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forget the buses, how bout the classrooms

School after school is putting cameras on their school buses. OK. But time after time I see and hear about bigger problems coming from the classroom.

Why no talk about cameras there? I think many a parent would like to see their child being taught and how they behave in class. It would only help the good teacher. Of course the bad teacher on the other hand..........

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where are the moderates now?

Where are all the moderates and liberals who during the campaign screamed "We have more important issues to focus on", "Talk about how you are going to help the economy or cut spending", "Just more non issue wedge issues", "Abortion is not an issue that need to be talked about in this campaign", "Forget all the social issues, they aren't important everything is fine where it is"


Two days in office and what is the chosen one pushing?

Government funding for overseas abortion providers

I now am waiting for the moderates to start to their posts on how we cant afford this, how Obama is irresponsible for doing this since we have more important issues to work on, why are we spending this money overseas when we have more important needs in our economy here at home? So far it has been crickets from the same people who went nuts any time a social issue was brought up.

I am waiting.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"You can trust me when I say this"

Top 14 lies I have heard this week from speaker Pinocchio.

1. "I swear I will vote for Jason".... or someone else.

2. "I will vote for the Republican nominee for speaker pro tem".......As long as it is a Democrat and her name is Lois "Nickles" Deberry.

3. "I will not vote for all the Republican constitutional officers"......Unless their is no way I can stop their winning any way.

4. "I lost my job because of politics at 23"........Or maybe I was laid off, rehired and quit.

5. "I don't march in lockstep with any party"....... Unless that party is the Democrat party and they are all voting for me.

6. "I was mad I was sent a letter reminding me of party bylaws".....Until I found out everyone got them.

7. "Jason lied to me"........Of course no one can verify this and I wont give specifics on how.

8. "I am mad other republicans worked against me in my primary"......Of course it is OK if I worked against them in their primary first.

9. "150 people were going to be fired by Republicans".....A unsubstantiated number that has been refuted by many.

10. "I will bring it home"........As long as "it" is defined as one bridge re naming.

11. "Experience and seniority will be paramount in deciding leadership".....Unless the leadership we are talking about is the leader of the entire house.

12. "I had a change of heart at the last second".......But Democrats will say it was in negotiations for months, I brought my family bible, told friends before it happened and had a speech prepared.

13. "I never have been accused of sexual harassment"......Of course these two documents tell a different story

14. "I cant speak on the sexual harassment reports, its against the law".....Of course if they don't exist (As I claim) there is no reason I couldn't speak about the incident.

Bratton OK with a few school shootings

The KNS does an article on the thought of teachers being able to defend their classroom from a Columbine or Virginia Tech type situation. One of the big fears mentioned in the comments is not the unstable student but the unstable teacher. If you fear the teacher in the first place are you sure this is where you want to send your children to be educated?

Criminals will always be able to get guns. Legal gun owners are not the problem, They have an excellent record of stopping way more crime then they are ever the cause of. Yet in gun free zones we still seem to have problems.

From the article.....

In a 2004 survey by The National Organization of School Resource Officers, 35 percent of polled resource officers said violent incidents had increased over the last two years, and 78 percent reported taking weapons away from students.

In an average year, there are almost 127,500 violent crimes committed by students against teachers, and more than one-third of all teachers have considered leaving the profession because of student behavior, cites the 2007 Annual Report on School Safety by the Department of Education and Department of Justice......

......The News Sentinel lists 19 gun-related incidents in area schools since 1999, not including the recent shooting at Central High.

Jamar Siler is accused of walking into Knoxville's Central High cafeteria and shooting Ryan McDonald in the chest at close range in August 2008

You read that right 19 just in the little "Crime free" Knox county area. Yet school board member Robert Bratton still fears the teachers more then the criminals.
Back to the article...

"It's a bad idea. I don't think our schools are that dangerous. If we were having massive amounts of shootings in our schools, it might be different."

I wonder what he thinks is the magic number of shootings needed to make a change? How many dead is an acceptable number for Bratton before people should be allowed to defend themselves? At what magic number does the constitution go into effect?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More words with Williams

From the comments on my post

Thank you for proving my point Mr. Campfield. By misremembering your promise to not put my father's name on your blog you have shown that you are capable of lies and deceit. As for most of your comments and those of the other people who post here you are all only privy to part of the story. If you only knew the depths of Jason Mumpower's lies and broken promises to my father then maybe you all might have a shred of understanding of what really happened here. I understand the anger, hurt and disappointment but if you really care about the state of Tennessee and its people then you might want to show some leadership, Mr. Campfield, by changing the tone of your blog and to set an example for your readers by conducting this blog by dispensing with the vitriol and creating a constructive dialog in a mature and civil manner.
David Williams

I think I would know what was said better then you. Please feel free to have your father correct what I said as he and I were the the only people there. You were not. I doubt he will as we both know the truth. As I said in my last post I doubt I forgot anything but if I did make the claim it would have been predicated on your fathers promise to stick with us. We all know how that went. Of the two people in the conversation one of us has proven publicly to blatantly lie to get ahead. I am not that person.

You go on to say Jason also lied. Sounds like there is some transference going on with your family. Jason may say and be a lot of things but to my knowledge he has never lied to me or anyone I know, Friend or foe. You are making a bold claim. Feel free to back it up. I know you cant. If anything Jason has gone out of his way to help your father many times even after he lied to his face. He knows as we all do your father is not ready to lead.

As far as the tone of my blog goes, it is my blog, but it reflects the feelings of many, many in the legislature and people on capitol hill. If you or your father don't like the tone then he can change it. You want constructive? Fine, I thought I was clear enough in my last post but I will spell it out for you. Do the right thing. Fix the lie. Have your father step down from a position he gained from deceit of others, apologise.

Read my posts from when we were expected to take over. We were going to be fair there was no anger at anyone. I said we need to be fair and work with Dems where possible. Your father and his actions changed the tone. Not I.

Your father and his plan will not decrease partisanship. He will increase it. What he is setting up is a system where no one has any control. It will be bedlam with a mess at the end at best. No real change. What he is doing is Putting a steering wheel in the middle of a car and have two people driving it. It goes along smooth when there are no big issues but when a little kid jumps out in front of the car both drivers will try and pull the car their direction. End result. Dead kid and two drivers arguing over who was at fault.

We have big issues in our state. Education is in the tank, Health care has been cut but never fixed and is now bigger then ever, crime is through the roof, spending has grown from 18 billion to 27 billion in 6 years, The foundations of the family unit are falling apart, A court system that is over run with "Sue to stagnate, bankrupt or get a quick settlement" lawyers, A legislative ethics policy that is a joke, an eminent domain law that is rated the worst in the nation, government bureaucracy and union control that is holding many people back from the American dream. I can go on and on with the reforms the other side has blocked for years. Your father wants to keep them where it can continue.

There needs to be a leader in a crisis. Your father is not that man. He has burned the bridge on one side and the other side thinks of him as a tool to meet their needs to keep the status quo. There is no real respect. In two years what do you think will happen? Repubs pick up a seat or two? Your father is out. Dems pick up a seat or two? Your father is out. Neither side will want or take him and his system. It will not work. He is the status quo for the current system at best. We all know it. Will the budget balance? Yes. Will a few good things pass? Yes. Will it be what we need? No. Neither side really believes it.

When I am proven right again you and your father will say "It wasn't me, It was so and so or this and that. It couldn't be me and my plan" Or it will be "He lied, she lied" I expect a lot more of your and your fathers transference emotions before it is all said and done.

I am sorry but history has shown and time will unfortunately prove me out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

George Korda

I will be a guest on George Kordas radio show on sunday at noon. On 100.3 FM WNOX in Knoxville. You can listen live here.

Gene Patterson

I will be on channel 6 with Gene Patterson tomorrow at noon here is some reference material Rep. John Litz who is on the show with me seems to have blocked out of his memory. The show was pre recorded Friday. I am on the first ten minutes or so.

Words with Williams

From the comments in my post

Mr. Campfield,

Would you call anyone who broke a promise, no matter what the circumstances, a liar or traitor? If you would, then how do you explain your promise to my dad (that's right)that he would never see his name on your blog again unless it was in a positive light? Did you feel it was alright to break this promise because you were hurt or betrayed? I would simply like an honest answer.
David Williams

Lets be all out in the open and say that yes, I did have words with your father at the caucus speakers election. I will recite them and relay as best I can recall.

I called your father over to me on the house floor as we were about to, or just after, the vote for leader Mumpower. It was well known throughout the caucus that Jason and Glen had been on your father about how he was going to vote. They told me he had committed to them to vote for our nominee. I was specific when I asked them about that as well. I can count to 50 and knew what even one absence, pass or different vote would mean to us all.

I reached out to your father, I shook your fathers hand and said "Well, the embarrassment and the sell out both made it back." I was referring to the mailer your father sent out on me in my primary election and the one I returned on him after that. He said "yes, I guess we did." He said something along the lines of how glad he was that we are now at 50 and how that it wont be an issue any more. I distinctly recall him saying "The Democrats had already called and offered me everything short of President of the United States and I have turned them down flat. I am locked in with Jason.". I said "Great, why don't we bury the hatchet now and work together instead of fighting then" I said something along the lines of everything is going to be good for us and Tennessee. Although we did not agree on some issues we are all going to make great strides and we should work together and help each other when ever we could.

He agreed.

I said it before and I will say it again. I still will work for Tennessee as best I can with your father but I doubt, Or I should say I know, that the strides will now be not nearly as great as they could have been.

I don't recall saying I would never put him on my blog except in a positive light. I don't think my blog ever came up or even if it did I don't think I would say that. I don't bargain away my future actions like that and I know your father is too wild, self serving and squirrely to think he would not deserve to make it back to my blog at some point. I knew it then and he proved me correct later.

Even if I did, it would have be predicated on your fathers promise to vote for Jason. He broke his word. He lied to my face. I know your father said he does not want to hear a sermon but even though Jesus hung with sinners, he asked sinners to turn from sin and sin no more. When you lie and sin, to be forgiven you must ask forgiveness and try to make things right with the people you sinned against. That philosophy is good not just for Christians but in general for us all. Your father has done neither but wants forgiveness, acceptance and allegiance. If I were to do that it would just encourage the bad behavior to continue leading to more lying.

I know your father thinks people will suddenly like him because of his new power. And some will, but it is false admiration. Your father and I have several issues we agree and disagree on but Trust must be the basis of any good working relationship be it business, political or personal. Your father has taken steps to destroy that trust. Not I. You can not poison a tree and then expect the fruit you eat from it to be good for you. I will still work with your father where there is common ground to help Tennessee and I will oppose him where I think he has hurt Tennessee. By doing what he did, he hurt not just me and the entire Republican team but all of Tennessee. Many Republicans feel over half their agenda to help people will die in the pending gridlock you father will set up.

Even by his own criteria he is not ready to lead and in these tough times he will end up hurting Tennessee. He has said he will appoint committees by seniority and experience with a emphasis on experience. By his own words these must be important characteristics for a leader. With one term of experience and having passed a total of one bill (A bridge renaming) witch of these criteria has he met to lead the committee of the entire body of legislators? He wasn't even up on how session should be run after elected. He had not prepared at all although he knew all along what he was going to do.

There are other moderates he could have nominated with both those criteria if that was the goal. He didn't. It wasn't. He could have run to be the nominee of the party if he did not like our candidates philosophy. He did not. It was not the issue. He could have never made the promises he did, misleading us all. He chose to lie. He hurt many, many people.

I am sorry your father did what he did and I do not hold it against you but I think if you are honest with with yourself you will admit, as many of us already know, that it was a self serving personal power grab for your father. Not for the greater good of Tennessee.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The power of majority

Some people have said republicans should be quiet and leave Kent Williams alone for his betrayal, leave him in the party and just move forward. We need to fix the state and its problems. Don't we need Kent? We still have the majority don't we?

If only it was so.

The number means nothing. The power is not with 50 members. It never has been. It is with leadership. I have said many times. "Give me 20 people who I can mold to an agenda and leadership and I can do anything I want." Getting the 20 is not that hard. It is the leadership. 50 is just the number it takes to get leadership. Republicans don't feel we have 50 any way. we have 49. Kent Williams has 50.

"But Kent will be bi partisan, Wont that be great?"

That depends on how much you like gridlock and the way things are now. On nothing issues it is not a problem. Easy to get consensus. When tough issues come up and their is a philosophy difference things just stop. Expect no motion on many issues that need to be fixed. This favors the Democrats because things have been stacked up in their favor for so long they are plenty happy where it is. No change, they win. How does that help Tennessee? Well, if you liked government spending growing by a third in 6 years, Long fights, little change, more hostility between the parties, closed government, less freedoms, terrible educational systems with little hope for change with a cobbled together mess at the end then the next two will be right up your ally. Add in a budget deficit and you are set up for watching a sinking ship continue into deeper waters taking on more water at a slower pace at best. I cant wait.

"Why would Republicans want to kick a "Republican" out of the party?"

Well if Kent is left the face of the party what do we have? See above. All the pain none of the pleasure. What does that get us at the next election? All the blame for having majority and leadership in both houses and still not fixing problems if not making problems worse. Not a recipe for success at the polls.

"But you will make Kent a marter in his district. That is what he wants you to do"

Yes, we know. Some in Carter county are loving it now. But I doubt the senate will allow him to bring home all the pork they are expecting and the damage Kent will do as leader, even if he is a success will be worse. One county may think it is going to get the goods but it will be at the detriment of the rest of the state.

"He could win you know"

As far as his election goes without the R or D by his name it will be difficult to win no matter what he brings home. Sorry, but people vote on party lines at the ballot box. See Mike Williams, Ros Kurita in her write in campaign and a host of others who may have been "Loved" but crossed or left their party in non election years. In election years people remember.

Even if he wins again our goal will be to pick up a few solid Republican who we can count on for one vote in the next election. We do that. It wont matter what one individual does to the team. He will get the false love he craves for 2 years but then he will be back under the bus.

"We may need him for some key vote"

The way we look at it we are already at 49. Kent has proven unreliable on his first important vote. Why would we expect or trust him to suddenly change? Kent will do what is best for Kent. On that we can count on.

"He has promised to do some good things"

Yes, and they are nice, but he made other promices as well, why do you think we can trust him now? What he pledged is nowhere near what needs to be done. It is like we trained for the Olympics for years. We are at the starting blocks and the new coach strolls up and says

"I know you have worked hard and all, so I want you in the lead after that first hurdle. After that I expect you to stop or I will have my friends tackle you!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heard at the legislature

After passing a resolution honoring a 106 year old first time voter from Memphis.

"I wonder how long shes been dead"

We win

Republicans win constitutional officers. Williams votes for our candidates.

Psalm 109 verse 8

The no deal, deal

Kent says no offers were made.

The offer was A committee chairmanship for a vote for John Morgan.

No deal. The Dems know they don't have the votes. I suspect they are about to give up on winning the constitutional officers.

So far the former Naifeh guys have been united with us. They lost out too. They know any deal cut on their own would be like a Blogo Senate appointment. A death sentence for their political future. Two years will be here before they know it and then watch out.

Welcome Malkin

Welcome to all the folks coming over from Michelle Malkin

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stoping the radical path?

Kent Williams continues to attack Robin Smith for even talking about requests to do her job. He says she is taking Republicans down the radical path.

What path is that? What part does he dis agree with? Pro life? Pro second amendment? Low taxes? Limited government? Open government?

I guess he prefers the path of the Democrats on those issues.

The Kurita difference

Some people continue to try and equate Kent Williams to the Rosalyn Kurita vote.

Not the same.

Kurita was in the minority voting for the majority.

Williams was in the majority but voted to keep the minority party in power.

Quote of the day

On the next few days

"Here in the capitol we have a bunch who would get in a bidding war to undercut Judas"

"I have no aspirations of a political career"

This from the man who admitted he sought out the backroom deal to make himself speaker.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It wont last long

Expect a movement to De Republican Kent Williams in the next few days. I doubt he will serve as "The first Republican speaker" for long. The State executive committee is already moving toward action. Many of the state officers were on hand to see the betrayal and were quite mad. Kent lied to many of them as well by promising to vote for Jason.

He had an earlier temper tantrum when we were called for recess after the roll call. Dems asked for a recess to "Take pictures". When we went to caucus one of our members said "What a bunch of liars. Not a single person was taking pictures. What is this all about?"

Kent lost it He was over the top irrational about it to the point people were all trying to calm him down. He started screaming "Don't you call them liars! They aren't liars!"

Well, I guess it takes one to know one.

Many Democrats lost a lot of trust with the Republicans as well today. I can't count the times I heard over the years "Well, if we get close or get to 50 so and so will be with us." We can all see how that went when they all voted first. 0 Democrat cross over. It was all about power.

You can't trust them.

Some of them had even pledged to vote for Jason before the election. Where were they when it counted? There are no more of their strong caucus supporters. They are now silent. They even had a chance to vote for Beth Harwell against Lois "Nickles" DeBerry. A clear and easy choice away from the old corruption of the past and what many would say is a very bi partisan Republican. We see where they fell. Another Williams lie.

Word is as Kent was hiding behind the desk with Naifeh as the vote for speaker pro tem was going on was even overheard saying "I am not voting for any @#$! Republicans." Supposedly a mike was on with out his knowledge. Not surprising since he obviously had little clue what was going on as speaker. He even had Naifeh run things for him. How appropriate. After speaking with many Republicans They say they would have preferred to have Naifeh as speaker. At least he had a clue what was going on and would call on people. Kent was blatantly ignoring people when they were asking to be recognised. When he did recognize them he was rude and had no clue how to respond to simple questions.

The Dems just elected someone who just got out of the freshman class to lead the house. Scary for our state.

We should have known


Ambition drove many men to become false; to have one thought locked in the breast, another ready on the tongue.
Sallust (86 BC - 34 BC)

How do you describe what happened today? How can you? We all had great hopes for Tennessee. For helping education, the second amendment, life, a whole host of ideas. We all now realize those hope are more or less gone now at least for all intense and purposes.

What can you say about Kent? He swore an oath. He broke it. He signed pledges, he broke them. He lied. He lied to all of us. He lied to our faces over and over. He lied to my face. He even lied to us today right before the vote. I could have handled it better had he been straight up with us all along. But he wasn't. Many people worked incredibly hard. For the last few weeks people were putting in 70+ hour weeks getting ready for the change. Waisted time. I know some people who quit jobs and moved to Nashville just to be a part of the new administration. They are screwed.

Dems are all giddy and trying every way they can to rub salt in. We are all incredibly let down. We know the capitol will stay more or less the same whore house with just a different piano player. He will be a puppet for Naifeh and the Dems. He will offer some small meaningless scraps to give people the false impression he is being bipartisan but we all know the truth.

I have always been warned "Watch out for people who's ambition exceeds their conviction. They will run you over in a second" We just got hit.

Kent Wiillams wins

Dems nominate Kent Williams

The games continue

We moved to cease nominations after Mumpower was nominated. Dems object.

Dem shake out vote

50 -49 one of ours accidentally voted the wrong way. Freshman mistake. Word is more to come.

dems try to recess. we object

It is starting

They are here

Where are the Dems?

Still no Dems in the chamber. Session starts in 1 minute.

Where are the Dems?


Word is the Dems may protest Donna Rowland's election. It has already been investigated and nothing was found to the claim. She got 70% of thew vote. More sour grapes.

On the floor

Well I am on the floor. When I showed up this morning it was already wild. People running everywhere happy, smacking backs and laughing. When I got to my office there was already 5 people sitting in there. What I found out was we all had a watcher. Someone to follow us around and make sure we showed up where we need to. I sort of felt like Snake Pliskin in "Escape From New York" After they gave him the shot. I wonder what the kid was going to do if I strayed off course......

Republicans are all hanging around the chamber. Dems are nowhere to be seen.

All the gallery seats are full and have been since 9:30 or so. It is standing room only.

Monday, January 12, 2009

And so it begins

I am off to Nashville today. We are going to vote on the Republican nominee for constitutional officers. The festivities start at 2:00.

The caucus has upped the bid and has enacted "Unit rule" for our first weeks votes. The party has sworn to have the name of any candidate who crosses party lines removed from the next Republican primary ballot. Vote for the party nominee or expect to be running in a different party in two years. Yes, they can do that.

It will make this weeks votes a little more interesting.

Let me once again thank you for your ongoing support through the
election. Without your support, we wouldn't be at the historic point we are
today. It's because of your time and investment we have the majority in
both chambers for the first time since, well, ever. It matters
who governs so you can now expect big changes.

Also, many have asked me how to tune into the swearing-in ceremony and big first vote. You are welcome to join us at the State Capitol. Session begins at 12
noon on this Tuesday, January 13. It is usually crowded but expect it much worse for this historic event. It will be hot, long and packed, so I would think you should arrive by 10 a.m. at the latest if you want to even have a chance at a seat in the gallery. For those of you who aren't crazy enough to battle the crowd, you
can watch the live streaming video online from the legislature link to the lower left of my blogroll.

The actual feed for the House will not be active until shortly before noon.

While my schedule will become crazy for the next few days and blogging may be sporadic, my door is always open. You can swing by my office at the war memorial building 113 for at least this week, my office will probably move shortly there after to who knows where. I look forward to seeing you.

As you know, it takes a lot of money to run campaigns and we had to make major
investments in order to succeed. We are working to pay down those expenses so
we can be financially prepared for the 2010 election. We are not allowed to
accept contributions while in session, so Tuesday at noon is the latest you can
make a contribution. I need your help one last time (the upside is you
won't have to hear me ask again for six months!). You can contribute by clicking the donate button to the left on this blog or dropping a check in the mail to Stacey Campfield for state rep. 2011 Flagler rd. Knoxville, TN 37912. Your investment in good government, whether its $10, $100, or $1,000 will make a huge difference.

Thank you all again.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

"I'm in. Now what are the issues?"

Bill Haslam gets his first Q&A with the Nashville Media. Bill is a nice guy, but still, not a good showing. Sort of reminds me of Bill Frist when he got into his first US senate race and had no opinion on the life issue and had never voted in past elections. Sort of makes you cringe as a political observer.

Money does help a lot in campaigns so you would think people running for higher office would hire someone to prep them up on the issues of the day.

It looks bad when you say you are running to help the state in troubled times but you have limited ideas on what the states troubles are, much less ideas or opinions on possible solutions.

UT cuts

UT will be giving details later today on how they will have to cut $75 million from their budget.

150% increase

In people who are being taught English as a second language in Tennessee schools. Expense increase to state schools to follow.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Missing out

Some names I have not heard being thrown around as much as I thought they would be. Harold Ford Jr., Fred Thompson and Van Hillary.

Jr. is supposedly spending most of his time in NY playing TV face and spending his new father in laws money.

Fred was interested in President and then National GOP chair he is getting neither. Although a potential gubernatorial lock I don't think he want to step down to the state wide level again.

Van still loves the game but is making money lobbying and caring for his new and growing family.

Marsha is silent.

Horning in on the race

Radio man Doug Horne and Sen Ande Burke are both eyeing the Democrat side of the ticket for the governors race.

Marsha is silent.

Haslam gets in

Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam gets in the governors race.

Marsha is Silent.

Congressional seat possibles

Wamp is in. That opens up his congressional seat. Rock ribbed conservative Senator Dwayne Bunch as well as State party chairwoman Robin Smith are both taking a long hard look at it. Sen. Bo Watson sniffs around the edges but decides to hold off.

Lincoln Davis says he is thinking.

If Lincoln Davis gets in expect state rep. Eric Swafford to make a move for congress. I think Lincoln getting in the race is a long shot but the fear of being redistricted out of his congressional district in two years (A very real possibility) may be the push he needs to make him pull the governor trigger now.

Marsha is silent.

Money, Money, Money.

LT Governor Ron Ramsey says it will be a huge factor on if he will run for Governor or not.

Marsha is silent.

On the Israel thing

My mom just got back from about a two week trip to Israel a few days before Christmas. Just before Israel started their offencive. My moms first hand impression was quite different then what you probably see in the main stream media on a regular basis.

She said when she was over there that Israel was being randomly bombed on a regular basis. I think everyone (including her) knew there were attacks there but she saw how it was actually much, much worse than what you see get reported. Some of her trip was cut out because some areas were just to hot for a tourist to go into. To much bombing going on, to many innocent people being killed.

Israel was just sitting back and taking it, day after day. Her tour guides and people she talked to knew where (Pretty specifically) the problems were coming from but the guides also knew and openly talked about how as soon as Israel fought back the the world media would be all over them for "destroying homes, killing innocent people and trying to start a war".

Sure enough....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Just wondering

As I read article after article about unions unwillingness to compromise to help save failing companies and then I read that taxes may be increased on these already failing companies to pay for the states depleting unemployment insurance fund . I wonder about parity. I have always felt unions have always fallen into the "Us" versus "them" mentality trap too easily. In reality it is all "Us" but the tax goes all to "them".

The current system seems to kick employers no matter what they do. Stay with unions as they are and go broke. Cut labor to try and stay open, get taxed more or face losses from strikes. Close shops because labor wont work with you, you and other employers get taxed more to pay unemployment insurance to people who were unwilling to work with you. Net result? Yours and other businesses get into more financial trouble and its harder to comeback.

Sounds like a race to the bottom with the only other solution being to go overseas where they don't have unemployment insurance.

I wonder if legislation could be drafted to make it so unions have to pay into the unemployment insurance fund as well as the company they work for to show commitment to help keep the businesses up and running. Maybe a tax on unions for striking, for unwillingness to negotiate in good faith or unwillingness to go to arbitration with employers. The money collected going to help pay unemployment insurance would be a little more fair.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Just a little sharper

Just as liberal, West Tennessee looses jobs the same jobs are picked up in conservative East Tennessee. Why is that? Could the high and ever increasing tax structure in West Tennessee have anything to do with it? I mean come on! The good liberals that run West Tennessee are just taxing those evil, rich corporations to help the little man. Right?

When will they learn. You can not lift up the poor man by tearing down the rich man.

Year in review

Hat tip: Dave C