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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All a twitter

Just FYI I am not twittering, I do not have any direct association with any Twitter account and have no immediate desire or imminent plans to do so. I think Rep. Barret Rich and Rep. Josh Evans have those areas covered.

Besides, we are out of session now and their are not enough little interesting issues to twitter about. Sorry, my private life is not that interesting. I doubt many people are waiting with baited breath to hear about my latest trip to the hardware store to pick up a box of nails. I may reconsider when session starts back up.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hate to say I told you so

But I told you so. A closed Nashville process gets results not wanted by the majority of Tennesseans.

On Sanford

I always wonder why people get so excited about when a conservative has a slip or does something wrong. News flash! People aren't perfect. The last perfect one was nailed to a tree a few thousand years ago. Mark Sanford wasn't the next perfect one and anyone else you had in mind probably isn't perfect either. While we may be shooting for an ideal, We all fall short. Democrat and Republicans alike.

Was it a screw up? You bet. Does it diminish him? Clearly. Will he be a presidential contender? Not any more. Will it cost him his family? While I personally do not approve of his personal actions that is an issue to be discussed between him and his family. Not by the media. Should he step down from office for what he did? To date I have seen nothing that he did that was close to criminal or out and out malfeasance of his official duty. He never lied under oath or anything close. He was off on personal time when the legislature was out of session. Not much going on.

If we asked every legislator who screwed up or screwed around on his wife in the legislature to step down......Well, lets just say the place would be a lot thinner. Just because someone supports a conservative stance, says they are a christian or supports christian values does not suddenly make them perfect. If it did we would not need confessionals in churches. Those thing and issues are goals to be shot for. Philosophies that lead us in a direction we should go for and aspire to. When someone falls short we should try and remember they are humans too.

Guns in parks becomes a local issue

Gun owners are about to make their voice heard at the local level about the guns in parks legislation. In the past the only people who could more or less allow guns anywhere was the state. The state had a preemptive ban on legal gun owners being able to carry to defend themselves in parks and about everywhere else.

When election time rolled around everyone could be for the second amendment because their was nothing to vote for or against. Now, it will be a local decision and the local officials will have to go on record as some of them go into an election cycle. Will those people who said they supported the constitution still stay as strong as they once said they were or will some tunes change?

It could be interesting.

Ya make me look moderate

After my first year in the house Rep. Bill Dunn said "Keep up the good work. You make me look moderate". While his positions had not changed the Libs had someone new to hate and focus their anger on. It took some of the pressure off Bill and made his conservative ideas look mainstream. He could start passing some stuff.

Now it is looking like I may have to hand the baton off. While there are a few other freshman still battling for the crown, Freshman Rep. Tony Shipley seems to have some of the libs a little twisted. The press and commenter's are saying he cant pass his conservative legislation. He gets the liberals too angry.

Meanwhile others are reporting I have calmed in my ways and I am passing legislation.

All I can say is...

Keep up the good work. You make me look moderate.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waxing Williams

G.Q. Drew, Ken Morraro and even Randy Neal Show the love to the Republican legislators and drops the bombs on Kent Williams and others. Even this little blog got a shout out in this Metro Pulse poll of pundits.

Johnson "The biggest impact of Kent Williams’ deal to become Speaker was the suffocating effect of his committee assignments on several pieces of legislation that Republicans should have otherwise been able to pass fairly easily in the House. Having someone who appeared to lack all but the most basic understanding of the legislative process as House Speaker also changed the tone of the legislative session. The House moved along at a snail’s pace, there was no rhythm to the session, and Williams’ incompetence seemed a large factor in the late adjournment date."

Name one legislator that was a stand-out for you this year.

Johnson: Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) and John Mark Windle (D-Livingston). Both men are willing to vote against their parties, putting them at odds with leaders and costing them choice committee assignments and other legislative perks.

They are very different personalities. Windle is a veteran of Iraq who stays away from the press and has always struck me as very quiet and introspective. Campfield, as everyone in Knoxville knows, thrives off of publicity, isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers and uses his blog to expose the seedy underbelly of state politics. But they are alike in their refreshing independence and dedication to their constituents.

Neal: As much as I’d like to name a Democrat, the hero award should probably go to Knoxville Republican Sen. Tim Burchett, who was the lone Republican to vote against rolling back the Voter Confidence Act thus saving it by one vote.

Name one you wished had stayed home.
Johnson: if I have to pick one person who was the worst, let’s go with Sen. Doug Overbey, the unprincipled Maryville Republican who fought tooth and nail to preserve the unconstitutional Tennessee Plan for selecting judges.

Marrero: I’ll give you an answer for the best and the worst. The two speakers. Lt. Gov. Ramsey was the stand-out, and House Speaker Kent Williams shouldn’t have been there at all.

Megga want

Frank Cagle tells the tale of two "Megga sites". No, not the one we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to develope in West Tennessee but two that sit already developed and unused in East Tennessee.

Hey hey!

My "grandparent visitation" law for activated military was passed into law.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carry on campus

Another call to let the voices be heard. Funny how those two amendments go together. Lose the 2nd amendment and the first is not far behind.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ron's hope

As has been widely reported Ron Ramsey and two Democrat candidates had some gubernatorial wind taken out of their sails when the bill allowing them to raise funds for a gubernatorial run while in session failed on the last day of session.

But all hope for the candidates and would be candidates is not lost. A piece of compromise legislation could be passed in the opening weeks of session and put into effect within a month or so. No real fund raising time could be lost.

I think for Ramsey to have a shot it is a near necessity.

Some people think it is no big deal. A good candidate can beat the money. Six months is plenty of time.

While money shouldn't be a factor for a campaign, at that level it is. Local races you can win door to door. Handshake to handshake. Good message, good plan, solid local history, Hard work, some money and it can be done.

In my opinion to be considered credible in a state wide Republican primary race a candidate needs to raise 2 million dollars at least. In their US senate run Van Hillary and Ed Bryant each were able to raise about a million bucks. Both had solid messages, worked hard and had a good base of support, but the lack of money were probably their campaigns death blow more then any other factor. A million wont get the message out any more. You can shake every hand you can, you can go to every function work as hard as you can and it wont be enough. Their just isn't enough time. Two million could get the message out and won't be bulled under.

Corker did what Bredesen started and what Haslem will try to do also. He did what the other candidates did plus he dropped millions of his own / his families money on his race. He came from relative obscurity to win handily against what started out as a race against two better known state wide candidates. Was his message that much better? Not really. All three said the same thing more or less. They were the conservative. Corker was just able to say it a lot more times to a lot more people. Van and Ed could not come up with the dough to fight back show differences or push their message forward. The difference in money mattered. Van and Ed combined probably barely hit $2 mill. Combine their numbers they got close to but still did not get over 50% of the vote. That is where I get the 2 million dollar minimum number from.

A legislator can get donations of $7,500 or two thousand for an individual. The funding limits were set in place by Democrats years ago to limit the fundraising potential of Republicans. Corporations are not allowed to donate at all. Why? They donate the majority of time to Republicans and Republican causes. Unions (Who donate to Democrats mostly) have no such limits. While it sounds like a lot of money, for the big seats, 7,500.00 or even $10,000.00 is nothing. Very few PACS or individuals will drop that kind of dough anyway no matter who it is for. When you need to come up with millions it is a drop in the bucket. It takes a lot of drops to fill the bucket and the rain falls slow.

In a state wide race all the big players are credible officeholders. No one has a huge advantage over the other. They will all get donations from their already established contacts. While out of session (about 6 months) all the candidates will be hitting up their supporters and some of the same people with deep pockets. Ramseys strength is also his weakness. Win or lose he is a high powered officeholder. His donors win no matter what. When session starts up though its another story. He is the only candidate who will be barred from raising money.

In six month their is only so much time to ask so many people for a donation. Short of a game changer issue (Like three plus dollar a gallon gas), If a candidate can not hit the two million dollar mark to go head to head with someone willing to drop 3 or 4 million, in addition to what they raise outside, it is almost an impossible task. With limits on donation size, limited amount of time someone can get donations and no personal wealth I would say if Ramsey can't break at least the million two/million three mark by the time session starts or if he can not quickly change the ban on donations during session then by this time next year it will be all but too late for him. He will not be able to raise 3/4 million dollars in two months and campaign at the same time. Their are just not enough hours in the day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Snake handeling

A friend once told me a story of a man who owned a talking poisonous snake. The man loved the snake. He talked to it, fed it daily, petted it, gave it a nice clean cage and so fourth. Things were going along swimmingly. One day as the man was reaching down to pick up the snake, the snake turned around its head and bit its owner a deadly bight.

Lying on the ground writhing in pain about to die the owner asked the snake "I treated you nice, I cared for you. I did about everything I could for you. Why did you bight me?"

The snake replied "I am a snake. What did you expect?!"

More on this story from
Tom Humphreys

Looking forward/ Mom's always right

With session over and a look back complete I am ready to put the heat, tension and frustration from last year behind me. It is time to look forward to the hope and possibilities for next year.

It is time to get out my political crystal ball and look forward a few months.

I predict the top issues for next year could be.....

The economy

I know, I know, no big shocker there. I don't expect unemployment to fall in the next 6 months If anything I expect it to go higher. As the job market stays flat I expect people will start to ask where the jobs are and who has them. When that happens a I expect a renewed push on...

illegal aliens

The stories of the poor illegal alien working hard at his job will be drowned out by the stories of the poor legal Tennessean who cant find a job. This issue could get the lift it deserved two years ago.


With the economy down and Tennessee a sales tax state I expect state revenue to be down as well. The second and final year of the "Stimulus" money will keep some projects going but, short of going to the well of debt, next year could be a real opportunity to cut some pork out of the budget. Projects that are not dire better hang on tight. Nonprofits, grant monies to non essential entities better get ready to look at the knife. Small businesses that can perform needed state functions or take over failing government projects could get a second look.


While there is still work to be done, most of the big issues have been covered. Campus carry, licencing issues and reproduction of permit holders names will get a look but I don't expect them to be the issues that rule the papers like the gun issues did this year.


Higher ed

As times get tough the state expects its potentially self funding institutions to act more and more like private institutions. I think state higher ed knows lean times are coming. The state has been reluctant to give money to higher ed for some time. One of the top knocks on state higher ed is their thick upper level management. It has been that way for years. Legislators say privately "When higher ed gets money they just give it to some %$#@ vice president" That is why you often see the state fund capitol projects for higher ed. Capitol projects mean jobs.
If higher ed does not continue to restructure itself the state may step in and force the issue. Private schools may have a more balanced playing field.


I don't expect to see big changes except possibly on some social issues. I think Knox county acceptance of gay websites on school computers may be the straw that broke the camel's back. Home school and private schools could get a bump on sevral issues as well. I don't expect more money coming into the state system but that could change depending on.....

Pre K

This could be a battle year for the governors legacy project. The battle could ensue over pre K or K-12 funding. Who will get the money? The argument for pre K is weak. The governors own study says it does not work. It was sold as a product of lottery funds not general budget.

Health care

Who know how this will go. Obama is seeing the price tag of socialized medicine now. A scaled back version will be similar to Cover Tennessee. Very little for a lot of people. No one seems to like or want that. I think most people see state health care as acceptable for the most dire desperate of people. Not for the general population. If Obama goes the rout similar to Tennessee things could go into flux for Tennessee's health care dollars. Medical savings accounts are still looking like the way to go from my point of view. It has the best of both worlds but I think that one will take someone in a new administration with a fresh eye for real positive change.

Roads and bridges
The next few years we will be funding faster then we have companies to build what we have funded for. While roads are labor intensive they are also capitol intensive to start. expect lots of big expensive road projects to start.

Crime, punishment and rehabilitation

Most crimes that need real prison type punishment are not going to get it. The state finds those things too expensive. Expect more criminal acts to become civil penalties. I think Tennessee needs to take a long hard look at all the acts that are or could become felonious and start prioritizing a little better. Not that other crimes aren't bad but it seems to me that direct physical crimes against humans should get top priority for prison time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Phil

When I did my last post on winners and losers I honestly forgot one person.

The governor. Phil Bredesen (AKA the Ghost).

How could I forget him? It was easy. He was not much of a factor at all. He probably wins as the biggest political loser this year. He is the lamest of lame ducks. Not only he is going into his final year, but it is almost as if he is calling attention to his lameness.

The first smack was after his shameless sucking up to Obama in hopes of a HHS job, he got stiff armed by "The One" to kick the year off. Now, he is getting steamrolled constantly even by his own party on issues after issue (See gun veto and too many others topics to list).

He is now being used as a bad example for the health care plan he did implement.

He does not communicate well, if at all, with the people who need to know what he is doing.

He failed to present a budget until the 11th hour, yet he took no real steps to fix any growing problems on the budget. Yes, his budget passed pretty much intact but that was more a case of too many chefs ruining a soup. In the end the five chefs opened up the cold can of Campbell's soup and shoved it to the waiter.

How does it all end for Phil?

I expect in his final year he will stay on the world tour of "Trade negotiations/business recruitment". In the past he has had some success with giving away the farm to get a cow. I imagine he will try and continue this path but with the piggy bank getting light I don't see the success he had in the past continuing without passing on some big debt. Of course that has been his M.O. his entire political career.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue about books

On channel 4

Winners and losers

The who's who, who did what and who had what done to them.

Ron Ramsey

A good election cycle had him starting off like a winner. He jumped in on governors race and got stronger. Slips up on voting rights for citizens on judicial offices (Was for it before he was against it) and an alternate budget that never got out of first gear before the tranny fell out, set him back. A tough nail is losing the right to raise money for his governor run while in session. If this does not pass early next year it could kill his run for the big seat.

Senate Democrats

Not a real issue on any issue except where weak Republicans made their unified numbers strong. I have to give them credit, Dems know how to keep their people together and on message.

Senate Republicans

All over the place. They talked like they were the cock of the walk early but could not keep it together when it counted on key issues. It could just be a problem of being new to leading. I think (hope) it will get better in time but I think some screws need to turn.

Senate Republican freshman

I was quite impressed with one. One did about as well as expected. One was a little worse than expected. One I expected to be bad but was a disaster.

In the house

Kent Williams

Did about what everyone expected. I guess he got his payday.

Jayson Mumpower

Took a hard hit to start. Swallowed his pride and worked to help Kent Williams for the good of the state. I am not sure if he got his feat back under him and am not sure he knows how to yet. The caucus work seemed to go back seat. I think he got caught up in the budget and trying to make a consensus. Dealing with what he had and the people around him I don't know if he could do much better. Negotiations are difficult between two or three people (Governor, Lt. Governor, House speaker) A five way negotiation (Governor, Lt Governor, House speaker, minority/majority leader and his own party goals) had to have Mumps wishing he had hair to pull out.

Glen Casada

Started slow (I think he got caught up in the budget mess as well) but got much better at the end of the year.

House Republicans

The bad news is we are called "The 6 tribes of Israel wondering separately in the desert" by the Democrats. I can't disagree with that title much. We are fractured and I wonder how much some members even want to be part of the team. The good news is the conservatives are the largest tribe and are growing. Most of the freshmen are conservatives and some can really be great. I am much impressed with the frosh class.

Big Republican winner

A two way battle. Jerold McCormic did better then most expected. He gets bonus points for nearly beating the crap out of Kent Williams at the end of the year. Beth Harwell moved up as well. Usually about mute, she got a big piece of republican legislation through with charter schools and could make waves if restructuring of higher ed administration really happens. Could a caucus leadership power play be in the future?

Democrat leadership

Gary Odum

Pulled off the coup of the year sticking the knife in Naifeh (and probably his party)by getting Williams elected but blew it by bragging. Not much of a deep thinker, clearly, but cut throat mean to the bone. Some times I think he protests just because he wants to attack something. Most people on our side wonder if he even knows what he is yelling about half the time. He looks like a pariah in his own party right now but anyone that ruthless is not to be underestimated.

Jimmy Naifeh

We all thought he was toast at the beginning of the year but he hung on and came back. I don't think he is where he was but he is climbing back in the ring and showing he still has a claw or two.

Mike Turner

He has a tough job. He works to corral/ beat into submission all the loons on the left and be a parrot for Garry Odum. That has got to suck. Mike is a good guy but I honestly worry about his health. The stress showed greatly on my big friend by the end of the year.

Democrat party

Clearly they are in transition, They are completely befuddled when they don't win every vote and their brutality no longer works. To some of them it is like they just can't believe it and they don't know how to handle it. Some are flowing with the new stream (Hank Fincher comes to mind) Some were there all along (Ben West, John Deberry, Charlie Curtis and John Mark Wendle). Some just need to go to the house and let some fresh blood and new ideas in. If ever there was a party in need of change it is the Tennessee Democrats. When I talk to some of them I honestly feel like I am stepping back into 1967. It's time to let it go.

Winners and losers

Who won the battles in the legislature this year. This is my point of view on the issues. I will do people later.


Slight edge Republicans

Dems keep an expanded failing pre K program, Republicans win on charter schools. Republicans would have lost charter schools as well if it wasn't for the easy stimulus money (100 million) Dems were in lock down and had it killed. When the media started to pick up on the money lost the story changed.

Democrats win in a landslide.

An all but complete collapse had many thinking a deal was cut for something else. That something else never materialized.

Illegal immigration and election reform

Democrats win

Holding the line and doing nothing was a victory. Stalemate is a win for them.



You may say "What? Republicans won that hands down!" Yes and no. Republicans got the issues passed we have wanted to pass for years but many Democrats were sick and tired of being beat up by the gun owners election after election. That wont happen again. Those who hate the gun issue made a ton of noise to make Republicans look extreme and wont be hurt by the gun owners anyway.


Wash. Possible Democrat victory.

Tax increases on small businesses unemployment, several fee increases and a lot of other business taxes get a bump. No broad tax increases so most people will not notice the tax increases immediately.

The budget.

Democrats in a landslide.

They got about everything they wanted. Republicans failed to hold a hard line on any big issue. Triggers making the governor cut when revenues don't make projections was the only possible victory but I can imagine what districts will get cut when it happens.



Having the constitutional officers is a huge change we at least know what the numbers are in an honest way. Getting election coordinators slowly but surely will pay off big long term. Dems keep control of most of the rest of the staff thanks to Kent Williams.


Dems in a shocker

I was expecting so much more on this issue. Republicans started out strong. Some deregulation occurred in the area of streams by just getting clear definition of what a stream is.

On other issues it looked like we were as bad or worse then our competition. We went with most of the regulation Obama wanted. Energy mandates and regulation on construction took huge jumps. Giving the government private health care information passed. Limits on who could run for offices serve as a volunteer firefighter or constable passed, losses on coal mining and other issues gave dems the clear edge by year end.

Negotiations and love songs

Sometimes I get frustrated with my party. Because we are evil mean and heartless like we are portrait by our opponents and the media?


Because we are too nice with our opponents. Not that I don't get along with some of them. I do. When not talking issues or philosophy many of them are quite nice. But when it comes time to push ideas and philosophy forward many times the philosophy's go in completely different directions.

When those issues come up our party many times forgets to battle in the media and instead always try to make friends. We go straight to compromise. Really most of the time we start out in compromise and equivocate down to non significance.

On constitutional rights we are pretty strong. The wimpyness is most evident in economic issues. This year is a perfect example. Lets just look at the last few weeks of headlines and quotable quotes.


Governor presents a pork laden plan full of tax increases and new deficit spending of money we don't have for projects we cant afford now or later. Crazy cuts to the sick and mentally ill. Re occurring costs on a proven failing project (Pre K) while leaving money in the lottery piggy bank for who knows what.


You would think these are easy slam dunk winners for Republican talking points. It started ok with Mumpower and his credit card analogy. After that it all but collapsed.

Instead of drawing a line in the sand and then leaving it to the governor to figure out Republicans try to be helpful by coming up with plans to partially eliminate some tax increases and fight against some deficit spending. Very middle ground stuff.


Yell, scream and shift blame. "Your plan is stupid!" "We will fight you to the end on your evil plan!" "You will have to vote on every evil heartless cut!" "We will shut this place down if we don't get our way" "We will veto"


We have a few options at that point. Fight and point out the failings of the governors original plan. Fight to defend our plan or collapse and run away from it. More or less admitting we are what they say we are.

Republican response: "Well, it is just a starting point".


It hits committee and what happens? more collapse. Repubs drop about all cuts but vote to move the bill forward. Taking ownership of the governors cuts and pork.


Yell and scream more and again all vote against the budget. They distance themselves from the plan. They make it all us with their goals.

I ask the higher ups why we don't fight fire with fire. Pull out the pork on the governors budget and make the dems vote to keep it. Drew Johnson gave a list a mile long. Use that as a starting point. Have it offset some of our plans. If not that, put it against some of the governors cuts to the sick and mentally ill. Make the governor pay for his spending with current money. Be willing to go into shutdown. Make him find the pork. Those are winning votes either way.

Our response

We cant do that. They will take some of our members and pass what they want. (Admitted some of our members are completely weak, but we let them be. Our leadership has little to no hand.) My response is they will do that anyway. At least then they have ownership of the cuts and pork again.

Another fear is it wont look dignified or statesmanlike to fight. Some people are more worried about how they might look instead of how the budget looks. They are so worried about being liked as they rush to pass a budget quickly. They fear looking bad more then they realize they could look good. They forget what it is they need to do and how it really looks. They forget people want a fighter for good small government. Not a lot of books or history written about "The great compromises of Tennessee" or "Compromise your way to the top". The state already has been compromised. That is why we are where we are. That is not why we have been put in charge. That is not why people voted for us.

Democrats never forget the war in the media. The reality of the perception. They have taken a terrible budget, handed it to us, intimidated us into not making it much better and will later (when it all falls apart) blame us for being in charge when passing it.

I often wonder how this would work in real life. If the governor handed us a steaming pile of pig excrement on a paper plate I think we would take it. If we decided to spray some Lysol on it the Dems would yell how we hate farmers and want to poison the environment. They take another plate full and throw it at us. Intimidated. Instead of handing the pile back to its rightful owner or throwing it back we would then carry it to our office and put it on our receptionists desk to show we aren't that bad of people and love pigs. When our constituents start to complain about the overpowering smell we then try to shift the conversation about how nice we are and how our ideas are better. Constitution! constitution! We yell. We keep some, but for some reason a chunk of our constituents go to hang out at the other sides offices that don't smell.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And we are out of here!

Baby dady bill killed

The bill to allow a person found not to be the father of a child through DNA testing to stop paying future child support parents was killed in judicial sub committee of the senate. If you find out its not your child you still may have to pay.

S. Cal. Comm. 5/27/2009
Present and not voting.......................2

Senators voting aye were: Beavers, Black, Bunch, Stanley -- 4.
Senators voting no were: Kyle, Marrero B -- 2.
Senators present and not voting were: Faulk, Overbey -- 2.

Hulk in the house

Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) is in the state house. I always thought he got robbed at the Olimpia masters so I told him so. He said he agreed 100%.

Charter schools passes

79-15-5 after the debate Tommy Brown got up and commented how upset she was that the Democrat caucus made her change her vote to kill the bill originally.

Gitmo vote

A resolution telling congress we don't want any Gitmo prisoners in Tennessee passed 84 for it 3 nos and 12 present or not voting.

Mount Haynesmore

Rep. Ryan Haynes is appointed chairman of the paper drive committee.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Budget passes

73 to 12. I voted against it.

Planned Parenthood defunded, sort of

Planned parenthood no longer gets first dibs on about one million dollars of state money. Local health clinics get first dibs then it goes out to private clinics if they don't want it.

Me and the 50 cal

"I said no more squirrels in the bird feeder!"

Budget better

The compromise on the budget is better. It puts triggers on spending if revenue does not meet expectations. It is still not good in that it bonds a lot of debt and we are using one time money on re occurring costs. About 30 Republicans will vote for it. It still is way better then the old house budget that I must say was a complete piece of garbage that I could not support under any circumstances. The new budget is bad but not disaster waiting to happen.

"I am ready for my close up Mr Demille"

I love it when it comes around. Is CNN coming around the corner or possibly the TNDP going to call for a firing?

I am ready.

The Jimmy Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership

One of the budget amendments sets up The Jimmy Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership at the University of Tennessee .

Its stated goal will be to "Prepare elected and appointed officials for the challenges of serving the public ; to provide leadership and the management programing for government officials from across the state and the nation ; and to provide studies and research in public service on any and all matters relating to the development of professional skills to enhance effectiveness as representatives of the people"

The name Winfield Dunn sounds a little more palatable to me.

Finger pulled

The finger printing of suspected traffic offenders is dead for the year!!

This is awesome news. I thought it was on a fast track for passage when it came out of the house with little dissent. Hat tip to Katie Kumari who picked up the little story and first reported on it. Another big tip of the hat goes to Nicole Young from the Tennessean who did a big story on it and got it out to a large and not to happy public. You people all came on strong and made your voice heard with letters, e mails and calls.

From there it was DOA.

Pat yourself on the back. Job well done!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Obama Republicans"

A few members came up to me in quite a heated state tonight after session. Seems they were upset at the term "Obama Republicans". I used the term to describe some of the members who I thought would help pass the budget. They thought I was referring to them. Let me be clear. To date, no one fits that description. No one has voted for or against the budget so no one could fit it.

How would I define an "Obama Republicans"? I was talking about one aspect of the Obama philosophy. His taxing and deficit spending habits. If the legislators who came up to me feel their voting habits match those of Obamas then so be it. I said no names. Only their own conscience can make them feel deserving or not of the title.

De-funding of planned parenthood to come up today

It made it through calendar on a voice vote. It passed finance on a party line vote. It should hit the floor this evening.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Republicans to help pass budget

It is looking like the budget is going to come before us in the morning with all the senate cuts removed. Not only are the cuts removed and the governors spending added back on but Kent Williams added more spending back on the budget on top of the governors spending. How is it possible with such huge deficits you may ask? We are going into debt and spend on projects like we never have before. If passed we will be spending our budget for bridge construction for the next 12 years this coming year. That means if a bridge goes bad in year 7 or 8, or when ever, there will be no money to fix it. It will all be spent next year or be used to pay interest on the loans. We are also robbing the rainy day fund for more money. Tons of debt will be added to the people of the state.

Credit card logic.

Our comptroller and treasurer warned us repeatedly this is dangerous waters. We are spending huge betting on a comeback that will need to happen almost immediately. They do not see a quick turnaround in their projections.

New housing, light truck sales and home furnishings are where we get a huge chunk of our revenue. All three look sketchy for the immediate future. Most people see Tennessee as over built now, especially in high end homes. No new homes means no new furniture and with people questioning their employment new furniture for an old home will not likely be a top priority either. The auto industry...Well do you think many people feel confident enough to buy a new car or truck?

In two years when the stimulus money is gone, forget it, we fall off a cliff. People who were around a few years ago liken this to the lead up to the income tax wars.

It is looking like the Dems will all vote for the big spending budget in the house. Expect Kent Williams and his Obama Republicans to follow suit to pass it out of the house. The two versions (House and senate) will go to conference committee to hash out some compromise.

Dems fight integration

The number two of the Democrat party speaks his mind against integration of public schools. I bet the old "Separate but equal" water fountains come back in style if Democrats take back over.

This cold get out of control

The terror (Or terrier) that is the "vicious dogs in bars" bill is starting to sink in on people. This could turn into the wild west for dogs. I can see it all now. Some Michael Vick wanabe brings his vicious dog to a bar and starts drinking. One dog bumps another dog next thing you know its a blood bath. Little babies could have their face ripped off for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where is the KNS editorial staff! Save us! Save us! Save us from the madness!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where its at

Here is a good rundown by the Times free press of the budget and where it is at this time.

More urges then a high school kid on prom night

Tom give the lowdown on some of the top urges legislators feel others need to know about. I think all some legislators do is urge. When a bill is a dog but no one has the courage or heart to kill it as it deserves they amened it to urge one department or another.

Next year I think I will resolve to urge legislators to think about charging a fee against a legislators mail account for all urges and resolutions that come to the house floor for a vote. They say they may cost the state $800.00 each. Instead of urging I may actually go one better and try to put some teeth in it and pass it as a bill.

If it gets put back to an urge I will probably kill it myself.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It ain't just efficiency

Part of the governors "Technical corrections" bill has the state taking over some tax collections currently being done by the counties. It is being sold as a way for the state to more effectively and efficiently collect taxes on business.

Here is an example of how it has been sold from the Tom Humphreys article

"A provision authorizing the state to take over collection of gross-receipts business taxes, now collected by county clerks. The Department of Revenue estimates that increased efficiency and better enforcement will mean $21 million more revenue for the state and $25 million more for local governments statewide."

Wow! those numbers are huge!

Although some counties are not in favor of giving up the local control many of them have been placated with the promise of a greater return of money. It sounds all well and good. Greater efficiency is what we all say we want. If we can collect taxes we are already owed, cut the size of government bureaucracy its a winner right? We must really be doing some cutting right?

What few people realize is the increased revenue is not really all from efficiently collecting the money. It is from increasing the amount of money to be collected. Yes. A tax increase on businesses is also in there. One of our members found out that businesses will no longer be able to deduct some major property assets from their gross receipts business taxes.

Funny how that part never makes the press release.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Will Dems be Bredasunk?

Michael S. Dukakis LIFE photo

Does anyone remember this presidential candidate and his Dukackamamie ideas of letting prisoners out on furlow? I think it lead to the an add entitled the Willie Horton add. It was quite famous and was said to finish off this looser campaign.

Word is Phil Bredesen has a similar plan to release some prisoners early in an effort to save money on the budget. He needs every penny to build another empty mega site.

Could this lead to the Tennessee wave of Willie Horton adds? We will see. Bredesen use to be the lone hero of the party. The name they all linked to as "Conservative Democrats" to win races. Now coming out against gun bills left and right. Against states rights, for deficit spending and willing to release prisoners back to the streets early he could be pulling his party down like an anchor.

Governor thinks Rep. Fincher is stupid

I guess the governor does not think much about the legal abilities of one of his own parties lawyers. I am not sure how Phil's years studying the constitution somehow missed the 2nd, 9th and 10th amendment.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deal is being cut

The gun bill in parks is coming back from the gov (previous to veto) withdrawn by the sponsor. The local parks part part is coming out. The preemption of locals for guns in restaurants is going on.

Quote of the day

On the budget "Spending is the path of least resistance."

Name of the Democrat speaking withheld upon request.

Dogs in bars?

We are arguing about dogs being allowed in bars and restaurants on the patios.

It is dog eat dog. My question is can the dog carry or smoke? If the dog is under 21 can he go in smoking restaurants and is that age counted in dog years or people years?

The new party of no

Tennessee Democrats have turned into the party of no. No limits on spending, No cuts for an un balanced budget, no alternative plan, no ideas to help business get out from under the burden of regulation, no plan to lower taxes on struggling small businesses.

They yell and scream like the Incredible Hulk about Republican plans but when it comes time to offer their own plan to balance the budget they turn into Brian Boitano.

Off to Taiwan

Rumors are floating that the governor is talking about shutting down the legislature for a few weeks if we don't finish next week. Seems a junket to Taiwan is coming up.

Gov Veto's guns in parks

Conflicting stories are swirling around that late last night Phil vetoed or was about to veto the guns in parks bill.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gun fights

The house and senate are positioning on what they want to do about the guns in restaurant that serve legislation. Some say we need to add in a preemption clause to stop local communities from saying local governments can not forbid restaurants that may allow legal gun owners in restaurants that serve. Some communities are saying they are going to hold off on doing it until the legislature is out of session so we can not act if they do it. The question is how, when and if can it be done.

The rumor is a preemption can be done on another bill but the only way the governor will not veto will be if it goes on the guns in parks bill. Of course he wants something to come off. The come off is the local parks provision of the guns in parks provision, that, or he wants the opt out turned into an opt in.

The session rolls on and days are winding down. If he were going to veto he needs to do it after we leave. He knows he does not have the votes to keep anything from an override. If it goes on the parks bill and he gets what he wants, no problem. No veto. Any other bill and we may be gone when it comes time for the governors signature (and potential veto). We could put it on the parks bill as it is and see if he has the will to veto the guns in parks bill. Word is he will. He may not want to go down that road again on the more popular bill. Either way we may still be here to override. We may not.

If we do put it on another bill the governor may be in Europe and may not be able to veto anyway.

The dealing is still going on.

Con con

Word on the hill is a constitutional convention could be coming on the judicial selection process.

Quote of the day

"The difference between us is, I am nuts about guns. You guys are f@#$in nuts about guns."*

*Name of legislator speaking and spoken to withheld upon request.

"Put it on the card"

It is looking more and more like the Democrat plan is to INCREASE spending and put all the cost on a "credit card" of bond debt. I guess they think those bills never come due.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"I am from the government and I am here to help you"

George Korda has a really great article on personal rights, freedoms and responsibilities. He is dead on. I see a giant creep of government all over our personal rights and freedoms and it about always starts as a safety campaign.

Those that don't start with safety are mandating energy efficiency. Never cost efficiency for the consumer. These unfunded government mandates while well intended are not in the proper role of government. People should be allowed to buy safe products that fit their needs as they see fit. If a product will cost the owner more in the long run it will be taken into account and weighed against the immediate cost increase on the front end. The choice should be the consumers. Not governments.

Many times these rules regulate small mom and pop producers out of business. They increase the cost of production for the remaining producers, who later, push up purchase price of new products. All the new regulation of course requires more government to ensure the new rule, regulations and standards are met. Who picks up the tab for them? You and me.

Reagan was right when he said the most feared words an individual can hear are "I am from the government and I am hear to help you". We are already about helped to death. Please don't help us any more.

Not any time soon

It is doubtful we will get out this week. Next week isn't looking much better.

The senate is doubtful on presenting a budget this week and if they do they don't think it will make it to the floor right away. Several people are seeing more and more problems with the technical corrections bill as well. Some people feel they were lied to by the governors staff in their description of the technical corrections bill. Things that were supposedly just going to allow the state to collect money for the locals (in a more efficient way) is actually going to increase taxes on small businesses. The income tax on some sports athletes is now going to to Memphis government.

The Dems are all over the place. No alternative plan except blame the plan for cuts and argue about the cuts the governor is making. No one likes the cuts but it is a starting point.

We are ready to hear the Democrat plan to substitute the cuts from mental health and other areas and replace it with cuts from somewhere new. So far it has been a lot of "We don't like this or that" cries but no plan of action to fix it.

Well ladies, its time to put on your big boy pants and step up to the plate with alternative cuts if you don't like something. The Republicans have brought some ideas forward. The other side is not stepping up. We are open to alternative cut plans but the plans we have beats no plan at all every time.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Holdin back. Yea, I got control

I was speaking to a friend of mine in the senate and he mentioned something that a lot of us in the house are thinking. That the governor is holding back on some of the stimulus money. That we are going to pass a tough budget and then he is going to find some money to hire some people back or do some other project. This makes him look like a hero after we have taken the heat for doing the hard work. It could also allow him to shift around some money to some special pet projects after we are out for the year.

If only we had the committee system

The time is running down on charter schools legislation. The bill was killed in the education committee when the Dems locked down and voted unit rule. No one had majority so it died. Now we are looking to loose 100 million in federal stimulus money if we don't pass it. 50 million a year. In the caucus meeting Kent Williams got up and said how he was a huge supporter of charter schools and how important it is that we stick together and pass this bill as an amendment to another bill. We needed caucus unity. We needed to lock down. How this bill is important to him so the caucus had to be unified to get it passed. He went on and on.

Many of us were just shaking our heads. We know this bill would never have been stopped in the first place had the committee been Republican controlled. It would have sailed through. Yes, that bill is important, but so were 100 other dead bills to many Republicans. Not just to him.

Some people have thought how it would be appropriate if the bill were not able to get on as an amendment. The constant argument has been if it didn't make it through the bipartisan committee system on its own it should not come on as an amendment. It should have bipartisan support. Now when it is important to him bipartisanship is out the window.

If someone doesn't like the makeup of the committee system they should blame the person who set it up.

Budget, technical corrections, etc.

The picture is starting to look more clear as to what we are going to be looking at the next few days. The gov has put forward his budget/technical corrections (Tax increase) bill and we are starting to put together our alternate plan. New numbers are looking more and more grim every month so some of the cuts need to be deeper than were originally planned. Some of the things we are looking at changing are....

Getting rid of all the road bonding that would more or less spend all our future road money at one time instead of over the next 12 years. We would save about 14 million a year in interest alone on the bonds.

We are also looking at not bonding our debt for some projects ($168 million savings). Phil wanted to save our cash and use bonds for some projects. We were of the mind if the money is not there don't spend it.

We want to get rid of the new tax on phone and cable boxes.

Adjusting the FONCE to not include up to 4 plex houses. The savings on this is questionable. The FONCE tax can quite easily be avoided even if it is implemented by changing your corporate status but Phil's people want it to go into effect any way.

The layoffs would go on as the governor planned.

A chunk of money ($ 22 million)for pre K that was being funded by general budget is now going to be funded by the lottery reserves. Most people thought that Pre K had not shown results according to the governors own study and was supposed to be funded by the lottery in the first place.

Another caucus vote was taken to make Pre K be totally funded by lottery proceeds or surplus and the vote was all but unanimous for that position (savings $52 million).

About all projects not already underway or absolutely necessary were going to be cut from the budget. Forget the solar projects. The VW project is still being funded.

We all were ready to make the cuts necessary and even a bunch more ideas came up for smaller numbers. When we asked where the Dems were on the idea of the cuts already purposed the response was just the opposite of our caucus. They were all arguing about how they could spend MORE money. They want to rob the reserves, rainy day funds and increase taxes to prop it all up for two more years!

Rep. Tony Shipley got up and brought up some good points. He said how the governors original plan was to have across the board cuts of 14%. After the "Stimulus" the cuts would only be 3%.

If we don't start making cuts now, when 2011 hits and the stimulus money runs out we will be looking at a 11% drop in funds minimum. That is if the budget stays where it is. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is expecting things to be as good next year as they are this year.

If we don't start to cut now and instead prop it up with reserves, in two years it is not going to be pretty. Huge cuts and little to no reserves to soften the blow. No soft glide down. Just a jump off a cliff.

The Dem leaders have been saying they need 30 Republican votes to pass the governors budget with all the cuts. They weren't going to do all the heavy lifting and dirty work. Since that time the picture has gotten worse. I have heard one Democrat leader tell his supporters how his new plan was to run the state into a ditch and blame Republicans for it. Republicans are stepping up to the plate and doing the hard work for a reasonable budget. Where are the Democrat plans?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

And its not even my birthday!

I am starting to feel the love.

Its not even my birthday and already I am starting to receive gifts. Just today I received an nice offer from the ACLU to work on board a beautiful Cruise ship as a "sighter" (Not quite sure what that is yet) The kind people at the TN Democrat Party have also sent me my new uniform! Wow! why all the sudden love?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Comment of the day

I was on the "Lets Talk Frank" Radio show today and we were talking about the guns in restaurants that serve legislation. Most were for the legislation and one caller (Lennis?) made a great point. He said....

Imagine you go into Wal-Mart with your kid. You and your kid are walking down the isle and another kid in front of you starts to go crazy and rip thing off the shelves, make a mess and such. What do you do? Do you start to spank your own kid for what the other kid is doing? No! He didn't do it. He had nothing to do with it.

But that is what gun control people want to do. Punish good legal gun owner for what a very small percent of bad illegal gun owners might do. It does not work.

Anti american sign?


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in the good old USA. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement. However, we are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty.

And after all, it is just a sign.
You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign.

The answer is in the comments section.

Graduated income tax part of budget

A graduated income tax on some athletes is a planned part of the new budget. The $2,500.00 tax goes on some professional athletes and entertainers that make over $50K a year, but not others. Effected are the NBA Grizzlies and the NHL Predators competition. Exempt are about everyone else. I do not support this camels nose under the tent but I find it interesting that the one pro team that Bredesen gave the farm to to get them to come to Tennessee (The Titans) get a complete pass.

The budget amendment is being called a "Privilege fee" on out of state athletes and entertainers. But is income based. If your profession is in sports and or entertainment then you should be covered equally regardless of income or state of origin if it were a fee.

Bredesen has tried to slip this in with many other unpopular bills that he can not pass through the committee process on their own but he wants just the same. He has bundled this tax in with a half dozen or so tax increases in the "Technical corrections" bill.

Carry on campus silenced

What? College campuses are afraid of free speech? How non PC!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bustin the cap

We have just been informed the state will STILL bust the Copeland spending cap by $248,500,000.00.

This is not happening in Tennessee

I don't know how much more proof is needed after this article. I think it says it all. Knox county removing the filters to gay, lesbian, transgendered websites at area schools.

I am sure the third graders are thrilled.

Is this the job of our schools or our families?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Sorry

After today this is just too funny not to post. This is how I think many people believe the legislation we passed will make things in Tennessee.

Interesting comments

Rep Bill Dunn made some interesting comments on the house floor and after session when talking about the guns in restaurants that serve alcohol legislation. His point was..

All this yelling and screaming about "guns in bars" or "Guns and alcohol don't mix" It is funny how many of these legislators only seem to care about one side of the equation. The gun side. It is not the gun that makes people have bad judgement. It is the alcohol. Yet these same people voted just today to put alcohol in dry counties against the wishes of the county, remove some restrictions on sale of liquor and make it so bars only have to be open 3 days a week. If they were really serious about limiting death they would say no driving to a bar or place that serves alcohol. More people will drink, drive and end up killing someone then will ever break the law by drinking and then shooting a place up.

No one ever says we should remove the parking lots at places that sell alcohol.

Questions to the AG

If you liked the bill I first ran two years ago then you might also like the questions I just sent to the attorney general.

Please respond to the following questions with your opinion

With the 9th and 10th amendment, by what right is the federal government entitled to taxes on products that are made/grown/manufactured in Tennessee as well as bought, sold and used or consumed in the state Tennessee for Tennesseans exclusively? Are those taxes, laws and regulations uniform for all such Tennessee products.

Are products made, sold and used exclusively in Tennessee for Tennesseans intrastate commerce items? Could the Tennessee state manufacturers be eligible to stop paying federal tax and or following federal regulations on items that are made, bought, sold and used exclusively in Tennessee?

If those Tennessee made products could be limited to in state sales, use or consumption could the manufacturers be only limited to restrictions imposed by state government?

Are said Tennessee products that are sold both in state and out of state federally mandated to pay taxes on and follow the federal laws for all of their products or can they pay / follow the laws on a proportional scale based on the numbers sold in state and used exclusively in state vs. Products manufactured in state but for out of state use or consumption.

If the federal taxes collected or the regulation on these Tennessee made, sold and used products, was collected, implemented or enforced improperly, could the manufacturers sue the federal government for improper taxation or regulation?

Could the state impose taxation and regulations at the state level for those Tennessee grown, made, sold, used or consumed products to mirror closely the current federal taxes and laws?

Thank you ,

Rep. Stacey Campfield

Feel the power of the governor!

After the governors dog and pony show veto he lost 3 more votes then he had against the bill the first time and one member who voted for the bill last time was absent.

Veto Finito

The house has overridden the governors veto on the guns in restaurant bill HB962 by Curry Todd. 69 to override 27 to uphold. As legislators talked against the bill the legislative caucus members who are or were former police officers stood behind Curry in support of the right to carry.

Do guns and alcohol really mix?

Today HB898 by Watson allowed police officers and former police officers to carry in places that serve alcohol when off duty. Police officers don't necessarily have a carry permit. They often times have POST certification. We will see if Bredesen really believes "Guns and alcohol don't mix" if he vetos the bill to be consistant. I am ready for chief Serpas to come out strongly against this legislation if he really believes what he says.

Another 100 million shy

Word is the budget will be an additional 100 million shy when the numbers for last month come out. Most of it is credited to a lack of new car sales. With the flux going on with most car companies who can blame the public for holding out?

Creative ways to say the same old thing

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Veto gets smacked down in the morning

Should be fun.

Question all you want

I am backed up by the facts.

A lot of hub bub going on over a post I did late last night after a caucus dinner about the police photo with the gov signing the veto. In the post I said...

We are now finding out they were all in town for some convention or other and were asked to come over and meet the governor during a break.

Of course most of them went. When they got there they were all piled in together and finally told what it was about just shortly before the signing of his veto with them as the backdrop.

They did not come to the event knowing they were about to be used.

This info came from Curry Todd the bills sponsor who was talking about it publicly last night at the dinner.

Tom Humphreys digs in and backs up what I reported on hearing. From the Humphreys article...

Todd added, however, that he did understand "some of them attending over there didn't know what the meeting was about."

The Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police was having a scheduled meeting in Nashville on Friday, according to Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV, current president of the organization......

........Lydia Lenker, spokeswoman for Bredesen, said the meeting was "great timing for us"

Clearly they were not there just for the governors signing. They were there for a scheduled meeting. They didn't just happen to wonder over to the signing. By Lenkers tone they were invited by the governor or his people. By Currys report some did not know what the meeting was about.

I don't deny some may support his veto, I never did. But if any came in not knowing what it was about they were used. I guess the only way to know who was for or against would be to ask all the officers who were present. I think there are people looking for a list of those present if anyone wants to volunteer names.

Take all the money! Except the 100 million.

The Dems love to yell and scream how we need more money for education all the time. How this tax increase and that tax increase are all for education when only a small percent really goes for education.

They also love to say we need to take every single penny of the stimulus money we can get. "If we don't take it someone else will" and "We would have to be fools to turn down free money even if their are some reasonable strings"

But when the state has an opportunity to collect $100,000,000.00 of stimulus money for education they turn it down flat under lock down unit rule of their caucus.

The string? They would have to allow more state run charter schools to take over failing schools.

Charter schools are a designated state run schools that are not restricted to the same rules and regulations on a lot of issues. Issues like teacher tenure protection for bad teachers. In many places they have been shown to get greatly improved testing results for the students.

It was killed in the neutral education committee where no one has any control to push anything through.

Not only do we loose the $100,000,000.00 in stimulus money but it will probably end up costing us more when we have to close some perpetually failing schools under No Child Left Behind.

The teachers unions have the Dems in a death grip and wont let go. Even when it gets more money for education and its for the kids.

Where are we ranked in education again?

Monday, June 01, 2009

On those Police chiefs

It is now coming out that several of those police chefs may not have been as excited about the governors over ride on the gun bill as he would like people to believe.

We are now finding out they were all in town for some convention or other and were asked to come over and meet the governor during a break. Of course most of them went. When they got there they were all piled in together and finally told what it was about just shortly before the signing of his veto with them as the backdrop.

They did not come to the event knowing they were about to be used.


Show me the money!!!

Tonight the caucus got together and started to talk brass tacks on the budget. So far it is looking like we are going to be able to cut a lot of what the governor wants to spend on and keep from having to increase taxes as much.

The bond package is looking dead. That will save tens of millions in debt and interest. we will remove the tax increase implementation on cable boxes. The fonce tax increase is looking to be cut if not eliminated. It is already down to out of state owners and properties larger then quadplexes. The money the gov wanted to spend on pre K from the general fund will now be coming out of lottery reserve funds instead.

We started to brainstorm on other ideas to save the state money.

In no order some of my favorites are...

1. Sell, lease or close all the state golf courses that are not making money. $2.3 million. I hear one is planning a major renovation that will put it deeper in the red.

2. Stop construction on the party bunker until more money comes it. Some people suggested to just fill it in with dirt. Cant say I really against the idea much.

3. Cut funding for the arts and non profits and planned parenthood. About $8 million there. I like the arts but if it quality it will be able to stand on its own.

4. Cut funding for the study of earthquakes. that is over a million dollars in state money alone a year. They have been studying them for going on 30 years. I think we know enough for now.

5. Freeze all non emergency travel.

6. Opt out of the federal highway gas tax. It is optional and if we opt out and keep the gas tax at its current level the state will have more money then what it gets from the fed.

7. This one I must say is about my favorite. Just off the 10th amendment resolution several of us have been talking about how we give money to the fed we don't need to give them. They are only entitled to money from products made in Tennessee but sold outside of Tennessee.

We currently also give the fed money on some things even if it is made and sold inside Tennessee. Many of us think because of the 9th and 10 amendment they aren't entitled to it.

We are looking into the legality of saying a wide variety of items that the fed taxes should have the locally sold percent held back. Items such as alcohol (Can you say Jack Danial's, George Dickle, etc.) Tobacco and guns that are manufactured and sold in Tennessee are just a few of the items we came up with off the top of our heads. If they are made and sold in Tennessee then why are we giving the fed money for it?

If we were to keep part of the money for just the percent that is sold in Tennessee we could be talking millions upon millions. The fed may squawk but I want to see them argue against the constitution.

The override starts

Curry Todd starts the override of the governors veto on HB962.

Curry Todd lets the governor know what he thinks. After hearing the governors plead, Curry Said "I wont tell the governor what he can do with that piece of paper!"