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Monday, August 31, 2009

Democrats fear exposing dirty tricks

The Tn Dem party kicked Tom Humphreys out of a meeting where they were supposedly talking about Republican "Voter suppression".


If we really were suppressing legal voters wouldn't they want the world to know about it?

More like they didn't want to give up their secrets on how they can get dead civil war veterans to vote in upcoming elections.

Show me the money!

Questions are starting to pop up regarding some cost estimates to run a special election in Shelby county. Estimates in excess of a $600,000.00 bill are being thrown to the state for what is currently an uncontested race. But oddly enough a similar race in 2007 only cost $200,000.00.

Why the jump in cost? Shouldn't it be cheaper since Shelby county is doing it on the same day as another special election for mayor?

This is starting to sound like when you go to dinner with a friend you don't really like that much. They have steak and you have french fries. When they get the bill, they tell you their portion is $3.00 and yours is $19.85.

How does that work?

Kill the wabbit! , Kill the wabbit!!

TWRA is out to make some hossenfeffer stew.

Grab the anchor! Please!

Tennessee Democrats say they are ready to go after 12 unnamed state house seats with more help from their national Democrat leaders.

Good luck.

With the im"Pelosi"on of the national Democrat party lately I would not be so eager to use more of their help but if Tennessee Democrats want to continue holding that anchor in the ocean I encourage them to use both hands.

Feel free to run on the values that Nancy, Barny and and Barry represent. Out of control deficit spending, more government control and interaction in peoples private life, more regulation on businesses to kill jobs, less regulation and more government funding to kill babies, keeping your eyes closed on illegal alien issue, running a secret shadow government with unchecked "czars" over everything. Sounds like a recipe for Republicans winning seats in Tennessee to me.

Democrats need to remember Tennesseans voted for "change" as well in the last election. But instead of the generic "change" that swept many in America up in a blind furry, we decided to go for a more specific "Positive change" and voted in more conservative Republicans.

If state Democrats continue on tied to their national leaders in 2010 they better hope to hold on to 12 seats.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flipping the ballot?

How bout only maybe? Tom "The Dean" Humphrey talks about the possible switch that could come on the ballot. Currently Dems go first at the top of the ballot. The Dems switched it a few years back to help them in the polls when Repubs started to gain seats. The theory is that the top name is usually good for 3 to 5 percent of the vote.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. A flip in the other direction could be heading to polls near you soon but some fun could erupt if Tre' Hargett and Mark Goins want to put some extra pressure on some legislators in the mean time.

Instead of making the flip automatic and saying the party in control of the legislature goes on top, they could say the party of the local election coordinator goes on top. This would put a little more pressure on the Republican legislators who control who that person is to appoint a Republican election coordinator.

Just a thought.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marsh wins

Pat Marsh won the special primary election for district 62. Now the work begins to win the big prize. The general.

I am wrong again

Yes, This post is wrong. Joe Carr was not number 35 in perdiem requests. He was number 37!.

Where are the calls from the Democrat party for the 36 other members to return their money?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quote of the night

"Who's side are they on? They want to prosecute people for investigation techniques used on terror suspects that want to kill us. They won't even call them terrorists any more. At the same time they want to pull the plug on granny. Now that is terrifying!"

Unknown free market rabble rouser.

Free market healthcare rally

The Knoxville healthcare rally went off well tonight with about 150 to 175 people showing up. I know some people wanted more but I thought it was a good showing for 6pm on church night with practically no media coverage or advertising. There were a lot of good people from many varied backgrounds. A few doctors, lawyers, Radio personality Lee Frank, Congressional candidates and a lot of very well read people.

The conversation was fiery and interesting.

I will try and post more about it later but I had to drive up and back from Nashville to make the event after gov opps committee meeting today and I have to be back in Nashville by 8 AM tomorrow.

Joke of the week (Obamacare edition)

Top 10 signs you got the "public option"

(10) Your annual breast exam is done at Hooters.
(9) Directions to your doctor’s office include “Take a left when you enter
the trailer park.”
(8) The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicles.
(7) The only proctologist in the plan is “Gus” from Roto-Rooter.
(6) The only item listed under Preventative Care Coverage is “an apple a
(5) Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to goodwill
last month.
(4) “The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges,” is not
a typographical error.
(3) The only expense covered 100% is, “embalming.”
(2) Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M’s on them.


(1) Click here and visit Ben Cunningham for the numer one.

Hat tip: Ben Cunningham

More from the Knoxville rally

Pajamas media shoots some good video covering the Knoxville capitalism rally .

There is another larger rally expected tonight at the city county building in Knoxville. I have to drive to Nashville this morning to go to a committee meeting but hope to return in time to stop in.

Guns in parks in Knoxville

Was postponed. There will be a workshop on the third. Council woman Marilyn Roddy made it sound as if there could be a compromise in the works to allow legally licenced tested and checked permit holders to be able to carry in parks where organized sports are not being played.

We will see.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going after number 35?

This is getting old. Weeks after their first press release the Dems are attacking Joe Carr. Again. With the same lame story. To their credit the Democrat political team got the drop on one of our members and the press picked up the story and ran with it with little research.

Fine, they got in a shot. But they keep beating a dead horse. What? Can't think of any thing else? If Joe were the number one recipient of per diem or even the number one Republican they might have an argument. But guess what. He isn't the top Republican.

Joe Carr is not the top per diem grabber. The Democrats hold most of the top 10 positions. He isn't even in the top 10 or even in the top 20. Or even in the top 30. As I recall he is about 35. He doesn't live the closest to the capitol (he lives about about an hour away). Most of the top per diem grabbers live close to the capitol. And guess what? They are mostly Democrats.

If the Dems offered a change and or went after their own members they might not look like hypocrites. The Democrats are offering nothing in the way of reform for the per diem system. Do the Dems want to cut per diem to say $40.00 per day for people who live within an hour of the capitol? I doubt it.

Are the Dems going after their own members who collect more and live closer? No.

Now the Dems are saying Joe should give back his per diem. Fair enough. In fact if it is good for the goose it should be good for the gander. Right? If I were Joe I would offer to give back 110% of my per diem after all the Democrats above me who live closer to the capitol give theirs back. After that I would offer legislation next year to cut the per diem of members who live within 60 miles of the capitol.

Then I would offer co sponsorship to all the democrats and republicans within that area.

OK Dems, Its time to step up. How many of your members will support and sign on to that bill?

So it will all be fair.

Haslam to weigh in on guns in parks

This could be interesting. Councilman Steve Hall will bring legislation to allow legally licenced carry permit holders to be able to protect themselves in Knoxville city parks and greenways.

City mayor and gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam, who has been desperately trying to repair his image with gun owners since being part of the anti gun Bloomburg gun coalition, has said (through a spokesman) that he will be weighing in on the issue tonight.

Forget must see TV. This will be better.

Monday, August 24, 2009

All they want and more

The liberal from the other sides blogs are throwing down empty challenges now daring me to be interviewed by them.


I will be happy to come on Democrat TV in Knoxville and respond to your questions. All I ask is we go with the same criteria for questions as I offered for your candidates. I be featured for a full half hour on DTV previous to the primary and posted in its entirety on the Knoxviews blog in its full half hour entirety. You set the date (within reason) and I will be there.

My bet is they don't step up.

To date, Ward Cammack is the only Democrat candidate to have the courage to be questioned by me. We are setting up a date.

Word going out

Sevral gun owners seem to be activating on the allowing guns in Knoxville parks issue. I have gotten several e mails similar to this one...

Knoxville, TN City Council meets Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at the City-County Building, Main Assembly Room, at 7:00 pm.

The resolution to opt-out (ban) guns in city parks has been withdrawn (see agenda attached). This is good. This leaves in place the 1962 ban, however.

Councilman Steve Hall has proposed an ordinance to delete the 1962 ban (see attached Ordinance Proposal 12a). If this passes, those with permits will be able to carry in City parks.

We need all who can possibly do so to come to this meeting. If you wish to speak to Council on this issue, call the City Recorder's Office at 865-215-2075 to sign up. Sign up EARLY Monday, August 24.

Come dressed for business. No weapons allowed in the building. Arrive early, because you will have to go through a security checkpoint.

It is most important that we get as large a turnout as possible.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This can't be good for Tom.

Tom "The Dean" Humphrey has some kind words about me and my run for higher office.....

Campfield has become one of my favorite legislators. But he does have the reputation of being, if anything, a more caustic and controversial conservative than Kelsey.

The Knox County seat tilts decidedly toward the GOP - though perhaps not as strongly as Stanley's former seat - and Republicans generally assume their nominee will win. Of course, other candidates have until April to qualify, so this is not quite a done deal. But Nashville conventional wisdom already figures Campfield as the frontrunner.

In other news, this story is planned for tomorrows Knoxville News Sentinel....

"News Sentinel to cut more staff"

Effective immediately the Knoxville News Sentinel will be closing its Nashville branch until further notice. The former temporary Nashville reporter (Tom something or other) has taken ill with several spontaneously broken fingers. A recovery is not expected.

Right wing zealot Jeff Woods formerly of the Nashville Scene is a potential front runner for the replacement position. Jeff promises to pull more to the left in future columns to be more in line with the KNS editorial staff if he gets the job.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got to love America and family

So I got a call from a friend who wanted to know if I was going to the free market/ capitalism rally today down at the congressional offices in Knoxville. I had not heard about it until the call but I am always ready to be supportive and help the cause where I can. Sometimes all it takes is for people to know other people think like they do for them to gain the courage to speak out. I decided to head on down.

I always get inspired by the people at events like these. They are true patriots. They are doing this because they love their country and fear the direction it is headed in.

Most people in Knoxville are getting geared up for the big rally on the 26th at 6pm at the city county building so this was not as huge an event but still when I got there it was already in full swing. There were about 100 or so pro capitalism people there and about 50 protesters on the other side of the street. Both sides had signs supporting their point of view. It was pretty noisy. Occasionally there side would start a chant of "We want free medicine", "We want free medicine" then our side would start up with "We pay the bills", "We pay the bills" Other then that there was some yelling back and forth but it was all good natured.

On the other side you could hear someone beating on a bucket and blowing a whistle for the Obama scheme, really rallying up their people. As I mingled through the crowd I finally got to the edge of the street and looked across at the other side. There, beating on a bucket and blowing a whistle was my cousin.

I looked over and smiled. When he saw me he did the same. We walked to the middle of the road gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Told the other we still love them and went back to our respective sides.

That is what is great about America. We can disagree and not have to kill each other because of our point of view. That is what is great about family. You can disagree vehemently with another family members point of view and still love them.

The fightin 18th!

When people ask me what district I represent I always say "The Fightin 18th!" When asked why I call it that I say that we are fightin for good small government and the American way. (Tip of my hat no wag of the finger to Stephen Colbert of the Colbert report)

Kindly enough a friend in conservatism (Richard Esparza) heard me say it on the radio and went to the trouble of making this cool logo for me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Joke of the week (Tennessee health insurance edition)

A man and his wife, moved back home to Tennessee, from Ohio.
The husband had a wooden leg, and to insure it back in Ohio cost them $2000. per year!
When they arrived in Tennessee, they went to an insurance agency to see how much
it would cost to insure his wooden leg.
The agent looked it up on the computer and said: '$39.'
The husband was shocked and asked why it was so cheap here in Tennessee 20 to
insure it because it cost him $2000 in Ohio!
The insurance agent turned his computer screen to the couple and said,
'Well, here it is on the screen, it says: Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler
system above it, is $39.... You just have to know how to describe it!'

Of legislation that passed

If you look at the legislation we passed this year in Nashville, 164 new laws raised more revenue for the state or local governments. That's 164 bills we passed that took more of your money and gave it to the government. Now, compare that to only 29 bills that passed that actually decreased government revenue - that returned your money back to you. Or let's look at another telling statistic. Of the 611 new pieces of legislation we passed, 417 increased government spending and only 67 actually cut government spending.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NRA Dinner

Tonight is the annual East Tennessee NRA banquet in Knoxville at Rothschild's catering on Kingston pike. I think dinner starts at 6. I expect hundreds of law abiding permitted people possibly carrying guns will be in attendance.

The only "gun fights" expected will be polite and verbal between people who like the AR more then the AK.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opting out of the opt out

Knoxville city councilman Steve Hall is drafting up legislation to opt out of Knoxville's ban on guns in parks. Currently the city is going with the theory that a preexisting city ordinance banning guns in city parks and trails is not superseded by the enactment of a state law allowing guns in parks and trails.

More to come later....

R.I.P. Parkey

As you may know by now Parkey Strader has passed from this earth after a long battle with cancer. May he rest in Peace.

I have just been told that the family of Rep. Strader will receive friends at the First Baptist Church of Concord, Friday August 21st from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., and the service will be at 8:00 p.m. The church is located at 11704 Kingston Pike. Click Funeral Home, located at 11915 is in charge of the arrangements, and their phone number is 865-671-6100.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quote of the day

Looking at guns on campus, the local sheriff opines:

“In actual shootings, citizens do far better than law enforcement on hit potential, said White. They hit their targets and they don’t hit other people. I wish I could say the same for cops. We train more, they do better.”

And citizens seem to have a pretty good record stopping mass murderers.

Hat tip: Say Uncle

Things only Democrats can do

There are things that only Democrats can do and get away with. No, I am not just talking about sex scandals, drugs use, open corruption and saying racist things. They can do some good things as well.

Republicans wanted health care reform with Tenncare. The screams went out. We all wanted to kill granny. Nothing happened. Phil Bredesen comes in and doesn't even reform the system, he just cuts the sickest people off. Nary a peep of complaint or protest from the left.

Republicans have wanted charter schools to get kids out of failing schools and into performing schools for years. They could never make it happen. Obama comes in and it passes. No screaming. Nothing.

Republicans have wanted to do something about low performing teachers or at least rewarding high performing teachers for years. The TEA screamed "NEVER!". Now it is looking like it may come to pass or at least get a good look over.

When Democrats stick with clasic Republican principals things work. Obamas economic stimulus package is nothing. It hasn't stimulated much growth of anything except the growth of government bureaucracy and debt. The one thing that has taken a jump is new car sales. How did he do it? A cash rebate in the form of "cash for clunkers".

While there is a difference in what a Republican would do to stimulate the economy (A Republican would probably offer a similar tax cut to the buyer stimulate growth and hopefully curtail debt). It is still similar in philosophy in that when you lower the price on a good or service it stimulates growth of that good or service. Raise the price and it retards the growth.

Republican economic principals for years.

If only we could get Democrats to realize more often that the same principals work for social programs we might get somewhere.

Everybody in, everybody wins.

It is neat talking to the state wide candidates on their strategy to win the race. They all have a path to victory and are happy to talk about it. Having been around a race or two I know they also all have a path to defeat as well but we will save that for another day.

It is interesting how one common thread ran through many of the campaigns.

"If everybody stays in the race then I win" Was a comment heard more then once.

The theory for Gibbons is, he wins Shelby county (his home county) large, does OK in middle Tennessee and the other Republicans divide up East. Gibbons needs the east to be divided to win.

For Ramsey and Wamp it is about the same. They do good in middle and east Tennessee and Gibbons keeps Haslam from being able to buy Shelby. If Gibbons were out of the race they could not financially keep up if it came to a wide open spending spree for the ton of Republican votes that comes out of Shelby. For them to win, Gibbons has to stay in the race.

For Haslam it is a plan of let all the other Republicans divide up their base of conservative support and he wins by doing heavy spending contacts with the moderates, all the undecided and band waggoners. The more people in the race the better.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bredesen passed a 1% sales tax increase

Well, not really. But Bredesen has increased taxes about the equivalent of a 1% increase in the sales tax. The details are broken down in this Andy Sher article.

Nicley fights back

Daughter of Rep Frank Nicley fights back against a KNS article that portrayed her family as angling for personal gain.

Having been privy to the early steps of this entire issue I can attest that Frank did not seek this issue out for personal gain. In fact Frank did not seek the issue out at all. The issue came to him. Concerned constituents came to him in search of a solution to the threat of eminent domain of their property.

The constituents were concerned about losing their families farm and wondered why a near by brown field was not looked at first. You may also recall this issue being talked about in the Metro Pulse article by Frank Cagle.

To infer Frank Nicley was always out to make a quick buck by increasing his own property values is not honest.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gene and me

I will be featured on Gene Pattersons TV show "Tennessee this week" Sunday at noon on channel 6.

You can view it here.

Questions for Democrats

As you have read by now I will be doing an interview/interviews for the Democrat candidates for governor. Here is where you can play a part. I have a few good questions already thought up. If you have ideas for good questions Democrats should answer you can submit them in the comment section of this post.

Questions will not be posted. Now or later without your permission. If you OK it they will be posted after the interviews are all complete.

Questions must be candidate neutral. No "why did you do this or that". The question should be applicable to all the candidates. Nothing about their personal life. Policy only. Nothing federal or local unless it directly relates to Tennessee.

If you need some help thinking up questions I use a tactic I learned from Jack Nicholson.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Into the lions den

After throwing down the gauntlet in my last post, one top Democrat candidate picked it up in less then an hour. Invites have been issued to all the other top Democrat candidates.

I will let you know who the fearless few are in a few days after all have been given a chance to respond.

Democrat interviews?

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my interviews of the Republican gubernatorial candidates. Even the lefties think it was a good fair interview. One question keeps coming up from the people I talk to. "Why don't you do that with the Democrats running for governor?"

The answer is complicated. Could I do it? Definitely. Steve Hall is a good friend who would allow me the time. Would I do it. Yea, Why not. I sure I could think of some tough but fair lefty/state questions. But the probable top reason is I doubt it will happen is I don't think any of the top Dems would want to do it.

I am sure, especially after seeing these interviews, they know I would ask similar hard questions and no one would get a pass. They would have to respond to questions they cant, or I doubt, they would want to respond to.

Most of them hope to ride into office on some blind emotional tidal wave by the populace. Not based on policy. When people think about their policy, or lack of, it all falls apart and they know it. So don't hold your breath.

On the off chance I am wrong I throw the offer out to the "serious" Democrat candidates. If interested I offer you a similar opportunity as your Republican counterparts all took. Contact me in the next week or so and we will set it up. I will give you all a similar format. I will be tough but fair. If one says yes then all will be contacted and invited.

The gauntlet is thrown down. Will any dare to pick it up?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The show

As I said a few posts ago I have just completed interviewing the big 4 Republican candidates for governor. I have always been frustrated in the past watching interviews of political candidates. At least one of a few things usually happens. The questions are too easy. (Why do you want to be whatever? How much do you love kids and puppies? What is your favorite pass time outside of politics?). Many times the questions allow the candidate to wonder, they aren't specific enough or on key issues.

Every person has a story and that is all well and good but I want to know their political philosophy. I seldom hear the tough questions or if I do they are so sprinkled in I don't get a complete view of the candidate.

Also the forum system is not always the best. Long responses also allow twisting the question into something else and cut short the number of hard questions asked. If a candidate doesn't really respond, the moderator can't nail them down to a response because they don't have time and have to move on.

The candidate who gets to respond last also has time to formulate a good response and can many times steal from the other candidates. I want to know how well a candidate thinks on their feet. At some forums I have seen one question go to one candidate and the others got a pass. I want to know where they all stand.

I wanted to do something a little different. I tried to be as fair as possible. No one got advanced viewing of the questions or previewing of the other candidates video. They all got the same questions and a similar format (brief intro about themselves or their campaign, the hard 25 state questions, close on why people should vote for them/their vision for Tennessee). They were all asked to cut to the chase and keep their answers to about a minute or less. It has all been in the works for months and I had a great time doing it. I would like to think I challenged them all. Some of the candidates responded well. Others, I don't think had a great time.

Either way, I Would like to take some time and space to thank the candidates for agreeing to come on and respond to my grilling. Thank you to Steve Hall's "Politics Knoxville". Steve was kind enough to allow me to host the show and give me permission to post it here. Thanks to the staff at "Community Television of Knoxville" they were kind enough to work around the candidate varied schedule while in the middle of a difficult move of their own. Thanks to Greg Lambert for the hours of post production work he did to get this on utube.

As far as I know this is the first formal in dept video interview with all four of the Republican candidates for governor.

Who knows, If they agree to it I may try for a part 2 to the series. I have a neat idea for another show and I still had some good questions I didn't get to ask...........

Any way, Here is part one. The candidates.

Bill Gibbons

Ron Ramsey

Bill Haslam

Zach Wamp

One year

Of the "Stupid" people being correct. Now, even the governors own people are saying the negative economic trend will continue until at least 2011. What? don't they believe in the presidents economic stimulus package?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wamp wagon

I taped an interview with Zach Wamp this morning for politics Knoxville. He was the final of the 4 Republican candidates I had to interview. You will begin to see the results soon.

Anyway, Zach showed up at the studio in a Giant "Zach Wamp" Winnebago type vehicle I am sure you have seen the buses with a billboard painted on it. Same type thing. I am planning on going to a YR meeting tonight that he is speaking at. I will try and get a photo.

Jailed for over a year

Jailed for over a year for not paying child support on a child found not to be his. In Georgia they relieved him of the debt. In Tennessee he would probably still be in jail and would definitely owe the money. I will work again next year to fix this injustice.

Because there is no politics in judicial selection

And other fine jokes

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm in.

The Presser

Rep. Stacey Campfield to seek 7th State Senatorial District

(Knoxville , TN , August 7,2009) -- State Representative Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) announced today that he will seek the 7th senatorial district being vacated by retiring State Senator Tim Burchett. "Tim has been a vocal leader in the state for Knox county as the delegation chairman. I think I can make a smooth transition into that role having served for years as the delegations vice chairman." Campfield said. The 7th senatorial district covers most of North East and West Knox county.

"It has been a privilege to serve the people in District 18 and I have been able to make some great friends,” "I look forward to meeting and hearing the concerns of folks all across the 7th District."said Rep. Campfield.

Campfield added, “My priority continues to be devoting much time to getting input from our citizens by personally visiting with them at their doorstep, sending out questionnaires, hosting listening tours and forums, guest hosting on talk radio and TV call in shows and other means of communication like my blog."

"Listening to people now, most people are concerned with the explosive growth in government taking place, I'm hearing concerns from many citizens that massive spending and government control programs threaten the way of life and freedoms they have loved and hope to pass on. "

"Heightened fear over possible new taxation, increased regulation or economic possibilities such as hyper-inflation is causing more Tennesseans to demand more engagement from their State Representatives and more action from their state. Now is a time when we must have bold leadership from proven conservatives,"
"Someone who will not just talk conservative at election time but someone who has a proven record of fighting for those values in Nashville." said Rep. Campfield.

Efforts by Campfield have been in support of property rights, 2nd amendment rights, pro-life legislation, low taxes, fiscal restraint, government accountability, and free market solutions.

Campfield consistently receives the highest conservative ratings from the Tennessee Conservative Union, Tennessee Right to Life, the NRA and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Campfield was first elected to the Tennessee General Assembly in 2004.

He was appointed as Chairman of the State and Local Subcommittee of the Government Operations Committee as well as a member of Consumer and Employee Affairs and the Children and Family Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives.

For more information Stacey can be reached at
Cell: (865) 455-2627
Website: www.votestacey.com
email: staceycampfield4staterep@yahoo.com
Blog: www.lastcar.blogspot.com

When the fed has concerns on your spending...

When the "Throw money over your shoulder" federal government has concerns about the way you are spending money, that should be the first red flag. A BIG RED FLAG!
The state wants to build a nonprofit solar farm in Memphis run by a for profit branch of a non profit run out of Knoxville administered in Oak Ridge with funding from Nashville and Washington DC (Really the funding came from you). None of it will produce any positive revenue.

Sound like a confusing boondoggle? Don't worry you can go to the 30 million dollar visitor center and possibly they can explain it to you. If nothing else you can see (With the probable 2 other paying visitors a week) what a solar panel that has never produced profitable results looks like.

Sounds like fun for the entire family!

Reagan Farr's Weekend

From the KNS

Friday, August 07, 2009

Bearden abortion clinic canceled!

The Knox county branch of Tennessee Right to Life kicked it into high gear and stopped the planned Bearden Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Good work!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

As foretold

As foretold Phil is going to release thousands of prisoners out onto the streets.

Welcome back to the street Willie Horton.

Save your dough this weekend

This weekend you will get a break from state and local sales taxes on purchases of clothing, school supplies and computers beginning Friday and ending at 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

You will pay no sales tax on clothing priced at $100 or less per item, school supplies priced at $100 or less and computers that cost $1,500 or less.

If you are going to crack open the wallet this is the weekend to do it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not so stupid after all

When looking at the state buget this last year, Tennessee Republicans said we need to start cutting sooner. Projections are too high. If we do it now we won't have to do as drastic of cuts later.

We were called "stupid".

Now revenue numbers are coming in. Guess what? The projections were to high. We should have cut sooner. Now, more drastic cuts are needed.

Lou Holtz to run as a Republican

The press is not pleased.

I have always had a warm pace in my heart for Lou. Even when he faced Tennessee I could not hate him. He was just to nice, too classy to really dislike. I always liked to see and hear him speak. He always spoke well of others (even his competition) and tried to build up kids. A tough but loving parent. Tons still look at him as a father figure.

But now it is coming out he may run against a sitting Democrat as a Republican. How does the press depict him?

Ruthless, pathological, Senile, child molesting, angry, ornery, crazy, old, devil. A "natural opposition Republican"


From the article....

Beneath his recently lovable exterior, Holtz is at heart a ruthless, pathologically competitive man who will stop at nothing to crush his opponents.

This is easy to forget given his reinvention as an ESPN talking head. With his lisp, nine-year-old-boy haircut, unhinged guffaw and all around cootishness, Holtz comes across these days more like your crazy but harmless uncle, or the beloved town "doctor” you pray your mom finally allows you to stop visiting before your first "turn and cough" hernia check. Even Lou’s famous fake pep talks in 2007 were exercises in easygoing senility given an unusually wide berth, and don’t remind viewers at all of the real Coach Lou, who was know for ceaseless rants, pulling players by their facemasks for eye-to-eye beratings, putting referees in headlocks and quickly leaving teams for the first decent gig that opened up (before his glorious decade in South Bend, Holtz spent three years or less at William & Mary, N.C. State and Minnesota and didn't make it all the way through his only season at the helm of the New York Jets, where he resigned with a 3-10 record with one game left in 1976). He was repeatedly accused of ignoring injured players, once publicly branded a player a "quitter" in a best-selling book, oversaw a highly publicized steroid scandal at Notre Dame, and left South Carolina saddled with three years probation. Before he was Dr. Lou or Uncle Lou, Holtz was an angry, ornery old devil.

Which makes him a natural opposition Republican. ":

If Lou thought people were ruthless and cruel on football coaches, just wait. The big time is coming.

Work harder, get paid more.

Simple concept? Not if you are a teacher. Metro Nashville is trying to push a privately funded plan that would give teachers a bonus if students improved over a certain amount.

Years of battling back and forth with the teachers union so far have not amounted to much but a study is coming out that could help shed some light on the issue. While a teachers financial motivation may not be the only factor for a child's success or failure, I am sure most parents would prefer a teacher who had some form of extra motivation to make sure a child was learning what they need to learn.

While we are at it why not allow parents to at least see teacher performance reviews? How did students from one teacher at a school compare to students from another teacher? Currently those records are not available to parents.

Most parents want their children to have the best opportunity to succeed. Given a chance to review what teacher offer their children that best hope seems only reasonable. Teachers unions have fought this as well for years. If parents are educated that little Jimmy or little Jane are about to be in a class with the consistently worst performing teacher in the state they might actually want a change.

Accountability. It is a scary word for some.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quote of the day (Joker Joke edition)

Fred Thompson comes up with the quote of the day for his comments on the poster below.

Jeri: Posters of Obama depicted as the Joker have been popping up all over L.A. Is Obama actually like the Joker?

Fred: No. The Joker had crazy people and bombers as henchmen. Obama has them … more as mentors.

Hat Tip A.C.

As expected

The struck down "Crack tax" has now sparked a class action lawsuit. Expected payout 10.4 MILLION, minimum. Reagan Farr must be so proud.

Bearden Abortion mill still moving

The proposed abortion mill planned for the Knoxville (Bearden area) is still moving forward. Retaliatory action is starting to gear up. You can go here for more information.

Just remember, Half the people who go into an abortion mill don't come out alive.