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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Med mal reform could save 200 Billion

Limits on punitive damages could save 200 billion dollars in health care costs nationally.

All those in favor of bringing down health care costs speak up now. All others, vote Democrat says this WSJ article.

Knox county allows guns in parks

Knox county allows guns in parks and greenways after a party line vote on county commission. All democrats were for banning legal gun owners. All republicans were for legal gun owners and their constitutional rights.

Word is Zack Wamp was in the audience. An interesting political move highlighting the difference between him and City Mayor Bill Haslam who is also running for governor of Tennessee.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Key words "For now"

Tom Humphrey digs deeper on some comments made about Kent Williams PAC. Seems the waffling has already started.

From the Humphrey article....

Thirty Republican state representatives and two state senators have signed up to help House Speaker Kent Williams launch a new political action committee with a Knoxville fundraiser.

Williams, who is officially regarded as a non-Republican by the state GOP party organization, said he decided to establish a PAC because "I want to help some colleagues get re-elected" by donating to their campaigns.

All Republicans? Yes, he said, "certainly for now."

Seems some people got a different story then others. Many were told it was absolutely going to Republicans. Now it is not a lock down thing at all. It is only "For now".

When I started hearing about this PAC I had a fear that might happen. Now it is materializing. Being trustworthy is something some people never learn.

I am at the house Republican caucus retreat now and a few members are complaining that there name was put on the list with without final approval. Some were approached at a chairman's meeting as well as elsewhere and asked to be on a host committee for the PAC. A few are now saying their response was along the lines of "Let me think about it. Call me back before you do anything."

The next thing they heard, the list was out and their name was on it. They are not real pleased.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Phil needs the jacket

Separated at birth?
Well at least on this issue they seem the same

The YouTube Governors election?

Although not yet viewed on public TV, the video interviews I did with the candidates seems to be generating some interest among the campaigns. While I am not sure if they rise to the "Macaca moment" that some videos have They are coming up in major news stories as a bone of contention and are used as an example of the differing point of view on style on issues.

Here are some excerpt from the article....

Haslam critics also said the mayor has been less than clear in taking strong positions.

"From his comments at the City Council meeting, to his recent interview with Rep. Stacey Campfield, to his remarks before the Capitol Hill press corps, Mayor Haslam seems to have some trouble taking a strong stand on the tough issues," said John Crisp, spokesman for Wamp's campaign.

"That will be a big issue for the voters because they know a governor has to make tough decisions."

Campfield, R-Knoxville, conducted interviews with all the Republican candidates earlier this year. Excerpts from his interview with Haslam have been edited into a video - posted on YouTube and circulated around the state - that makes the mayor appear indecisive and waffling on questions.

"Obviously, it was edited, but I do think it reflects that he does have trouble making decision in a lot of cases," said Gibbons.

Tom Ingram, consultant to the Haslam campaign, said the anonymously produced and distributed video is "just a trashy piece of political demagoguery" and that the mayor has a history of making tough decisions both in business and in city affairs.

Here is a link to the video Tom Ingram is upset about I want to note, I had nothing to do with the production of this video other then producing the original pre cut version it was taken from and no. I don't know who did it.

Here are the links to the original uncut videos I did if you are so inclined...

Haslam Interview

Ramsey Interview

Gibbons Interview

Wamp Interview

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oatney catches "the ghost"

David Oatney drops the photo proof on Ty "The Ghost" Cobb. Seems Cobb can't show at any debate or forum because he is so busy working at 6:30 at night but he has plenty of time to cruise around town in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. What story is it going to be next?

Support for Kent?

A little talk has been generated by this Frank Cagle article about Kent Williams fundraiser for his PAC. In the article I think it is inferred that support for the fundraiser is equivalent to support for Kent as speaker.

I decided to go straight to the horses mouth so to speak on that assumption. I called Glen Casada one of the Republican member mentioned in the article. I asked Glen what was up. Was he now supporting Kent for speaker? It seemed like an odd move. His response was an unequivocal NO! Glen said he would only support a Republican for speaker. Kent is not and, barring any unforeseen sudden change by the state executive committee, would not be a Republican after the election. He can only run as an independent and if elected he would be an independent. No way was Kent going to get his vote for speaker.

The promise is Kent would use all the money to help incumbent Republicans and open seat Republicans. He also promised to max out to Pat Marsh over Democrat Ty "The Ghost" Cobb and the money could not be used for his own re election campaign.

In this case, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Combining UT and TBR

6 in 10 faculty senate support combining the UT system with the Tennessee board of Regents. This has been an ongoing battle in education where redundancy of duties combined with high pay is often sighted as a major waste of tuition and state dollars.

Its not the gun, its the bullet

The nationwide shortage of bullets continues. I have always said there will not be a outright collection of guns by the government. I expect more of a shortage of bullets, regulation, licencing and limiting the use and access of guns into their non significance.

"The Dean" gives a lesson

Tom "The Dean" Humphrey is voted the top state political newspaper reporter in Tennessee by wide margins.

I would like to see how it goes for TV reporters as well. It could be very interesting. The talk radio venue could get hot as well.

And so it begins

The political war of words on the gun issue after Mayor Haslam supported the ban on carry permit holders admission in to Knoxville city parks and greenways.

From the article....

Ramsey was an original sponsor of Tennessee's handgun carry law, and Todd said his consistent stance on guns is what will appeal to voters.

"He doesn't try to tell one audience on thing and tell another audience another," Todd said. "He supports Second Amendment rights, period."

Wamp has made gun rights a staple of his campaign speeches, including a statement that if President Barack Obama were to issue an order to confiscate guns, "We will meet him at the state line."

"Limiting the rights of citizens who have gone through the training and permitting process required to legally carry a gun in order to protect themselves and their families - while letting the criminals run free - makes little sense to me," Wamp said

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tennessee Democrats

The party of no!

Haslam supports gun ban

How long before his opponents put out a piece on this development.

From the KNS article....

Council members voted Tuesday night to continue the city's long-standing ban on guns in city parks. Councilman Steve Hall's proposal to lift the ban failed, with six of the nine members voting against.

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, who's seeking the Republican nomination for governor, didn't vote but gave the vote his support, saying the intersection of greenways and gun-free zones such as schools would make repealing the ban impractical.

"I think the best course of action would be to keep the ordinance we have," he said.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your candidates for dist 62

Times-gazette photo

The ghost (Ty Cobb) didn't show up. I hear a lot of excuses for not debating or showing up at forums. Not like you have to show up at everything but if you really don't have time for any forums or debates do you really have time to serve?

Speaking from experience I can say serving in office takes a lot of time. If you aren't ready to make the commitment you shouldn't run. I don't care what party you represent. If you have to run away and hide your views I think the voters should be concerned.

Changing the gas tax

Tom Humphrey's gives a more detailed look at changing the gas tax from a set price per gallon to a variable price as is supported by transportation chairman Bill Harmon.

Gun rights vs. Property rights

A great argument is going on now over a bill that would allow legal licenced permit holders to have a licenced gun locked in their car in a parking lot that may not want that gun present on their property.

Who's rights are superior? The property owner or the gun owner?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When the film crew from caddyshack starts filming news

Hat tip: Steve Gill

Mega site, Mega questions.

A proposed megasite is raising some mega questions in regards to who may be profiting from the 40 million dollar spending project. I still have some questions on the return on investment but it looks like I am not alone in questioning the secrecy of the administration. It seems it has gotten so bad that people key to the projects approval have had to file freedom of information requests just to get basic information.

Another theory is....

The Kelsey resignation / unresignation has many counting days and putting up theories as to why he should or shouldn't do it sooner rater then later. I might as well throw another theory in the mix.

If he resigns immediately he will not be able to sit in on the Judiciary summer study committee on Monday and Tuesday. It also sort of kills his thunder a little when he drops a big proposal on Tuesday morning. Being a former Rep running for office doesn't quite sound as good as current rep running for the senate. The voice of incumbency is a little louder.

Just theories.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why moderate Dems must go

The question often comes up "Why do Republicans always work to defeat moderate Democrats?". Their are multiple reasons.

First, The "moderate" Democrats are about all in the areas that a Republican is most likely to win. If you are trying to win one more seat to get to 50 votes and majority what seat do you think you have the best hope of winning? A seat that went 60% for McCain over Obama and is currently held by a moderate Democrat? or a seat that went 72% for Obama and is held by the lefty of all lefties. Time and again it is proven the seat that is close or Republican leaning is the one most likely to be won by a Republican. There are less people you have to motivate or win over to your way of thinking.

Second, The moderate Democrat is not usually as moderate as you might think. It is easy to talk conservative when you know you wont be seeing any hard votes coming up any time soon. The Democrat leadership protects their members. Anyone who could be in a losable district does not get put on committees where they will have to vote on tough issues. Most of the moderates get put on something like agriculture committee where the votes aren't likely to get them beat in an election. When the election rolls around they can say "Well I would have voted the conservative way if only I had a chance, But of course I was on transportation committee and that pro life bill never made it out of health sub committee."

That leads to the third point. It all comes down to leadership. The moderates don't run the Democrat party. The liberals do. As I have said in the past, Give me 10 or 15 people who support my goals and leadership and I will pass or kill about any bill you want. You can have the 85 or so other legislators. It won't matter if they are all about to the right of Attila the Hun or to the left of Joseph Stalin. The leadership is what it all comes down to. After that first vote and the liberal leadership is in place what the less liberal wing of the Democrat party wants is out the window. They will protect them (Need their vote again in 2 years) but as far as letting them pass conservative legislation you can about forget it.

In fact, many times it works better for them if they do run conservative legislation that gets killed. Then at election time the stand up and say "I bucked my own party and ran that conservative bill". Of course the bill never went anywhere. The safe liberal Democrats who run everything killed it quietly without much fuss or fight in the subcommittee or they waited until it was already dead in the senate to run it in the house.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The ACORN, Planned Parenthood connection

Greg Johnson has the connection and raises some questions on one of the gubernatorial candidates.

Their own worst enemy

The left just cant seem to get out of their own way. Their vial hatred for any conservative points of view is killing them. I sometimes wonder if they really know what they are doing to themselves.

If they were smart they would report facts straight cheer their side and just let it go.

Every time they use the crude derogatory sexual reference "Teabaggers" in reference to people who started/support the tea parties or the freedom they represent they just enrage more regular people. Don't they realize they are insulting the forefathers of this country who held the first Boston tea party?

Would they call them "teabaggers" as well? Do they see how crude and classless they look when they do that? Every time a person who knows history hears that crude comment it pushes another person to our side. The movement grows.

Every time they under report the number of people who show up at a tea party protest, people know. You can't show a huge mall of people or jam packed streets in Nashville or DC and then say its only a few hundred, thousand or even a few tens of thousands of people. People can see from the pictures with their own eyes. Most credible reports or studies done say 1.4 to 1.8 million in DC. When the facts come out they loose even more credibility. The movement grows.

Every time they show the one or two kooks in a crowd over the thousands or millions in the rest of the crowd the people present say "Where were they? I never saw them. All the people around me looked like my neighbors." They start to talk. "Did you see any of that? I sure didn't!" The movement grows.

Every time they attack a protest leader and say "He or she was late on their taxes" or "He is just a plumber" or he is this or that. People just shut them out. Their attacks fall on deaf ears. People say "We don't care. We like his or her issues or passion for the issue. Besides, there is nothing wrong with someone who is willing to work. At least they have a job and don't want to raise my taxes." The movement grows.

Every time they pull the race card. Now, people are no longer running away. They know there is no racism in their heart. They are now saying "I am over it." When the card was pulled once in a while it used to work. At times it might have been true. But its getting to be like the card dealer who's poker hand always has five ace's. Every time any one brings up any issue they don't want to debate they are called a racist. Joe Wilson and his comment may have been inappropriate at the time but how is calling someone a "liar" racist? We can't talk about anything anymore. We can't talk about the budget, health care, immigration, taxes, education, anything without being called a racist. That accusation has officially jumper the shark. Every time the bogus card gets pulled on a real issue, the conservative movement grows.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Call the plumber

Joe the plumber is coming to Nashville for a little tea. Here is the presser.

American Liberty Rally
Friday, September 18th
6pm - 8pm (doors open at 5)
Municipal Auditorium in Nashville

The American Liberty Alliance and Tennessee Tea Party have joined together to provide an outstanding event - the American Liberty Rally - at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville from 6pm to 8pm. The event is free and the doors open at 5pm.

Our local Sumner County Tea Party Group, SURG, will have a booth. Stop by and say hi!

Speakers at the event will include some true stars of the liberty movement, including:

Danny Tarkanian - the guy currently beating Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race
Erick Erickson - the editor of RedState.com
Ken Marrero - Nashville-based blogger of Blue Collar Muse and Tea Party coordinator
Bernadette Ash - genuine, impassioned citizen. She's amazing!
Joe the Plumber - no kidding!
Thomas Paine - you know, the guy you've seen in the YouTube videos. Yes, that guy!
Ralph Bristol - outstanding conservative radio host.
Many others!
Visit www.TNTeaParty.org or http://americanlibertytour.com for full details.

For Liberty!

Sumner United for Responsible Government

The beat down starts at 2

Terry Frank is taking on liberal blogger aunt B in a debate on the constitution. I expect a beat down. Terry frank knows the material. The debate is at Roane State CC.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rep. Mike Turner says....

Governor Bredesen is following the Don Sundquist plan in the lead up to the income tax fights.

You can see it in the comments here.


Here is an article about a stump speech I made in Farragut if you are so inclined.

Fuel efficiency prompts tax increase

Road builders want more taxes for roads.

No bias there

Supreme court justice says he is glad the constitutional requirement to make judges run in contested elections is not followed.

“Campaigns are difficult"....

....Lawmakers opted to allow the Senate and House speakers to have eight commission picks apiece...

...In the new system, the governor still retains the responsibility of appointing one of three nominees recommended by the commission under certain conditions....

...Wade told the downtown lunch gathering at the Bus Pit that the new judge selection method maintains “a system not based on partisan politics.”

Because lord knows the two speakers and the governor are not political in the least.

Its legal now right?

I can see it now.

"OK men, it's been a hard day at work on the construction site. Now go hit the ladies showers"

Wouldn't want to discriminate.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The biggest issue on the presidents plate?

Kanye West. While part of me is happy he is not thinking of more things that will destroy America it worries me if the presidents biggest issue is what some stupid (Probably drunk or high) hip hop artist did. Really? The leader of the free world? He has so much time he is watching the MTV video music awards?

Questions shine on solar plant

The governors 40 million dollar solar plant is starting to get some closer scrutiny. Our state constitutional officers are starting to ask some hard questions on the meggasite going in the heart of Jimmy Naifeh and John Wilders District. This is the same 40 million dollar plant that sent up red flags from the federal government.

And guess what? The Tennessee solar producers are finally admitting solar is not viable without government subsidies (Your money) and they want more from you.

Sound like a good investment of your tax dollars or the definition of a diminishing return? I hope one of the key questions this new majority Republican group asks is "Are you economically viable without governments continued assistance?" If no, then "Why should the taxpayers of the state invest in you instead of something that can be viable or at least pay down state debt?" If they say "Jobs!" a good follow up would be "Is this the most job production we can get for the money or would some other project/program/plant be more beneficial and produce more jobs to the taxpayers of Tennessee?"

I know saying "Green Jobs" is the really cool catch phrase of the moment with the kids but when taxpayer dollars come into play someone has to be the adult and step up to the plate with the hard questions before we tie on to another expensive proven looser like we have in the past.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Its that time of the year

I enjoy football. A lot of great sayings, analogies for life and winning.

*/#1. 'Football is only a game. Spiritual things are eternal.
Nevertheless, Beat Texas ' /**/Seen on a church sign in Arkansas, prior
to the 1969 game./*

*/#2. 'After you retire, there's only one big event left... and I ain't
ready for that.' /**/Bobby Bowden / Florida State/*

*/#3. 'The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely
to be the one who dropped it.' /**/Lou Holtz / Arkansas/*

*/#4. 'When you win, nothing hurts.' /**/Joe Namath / Alabama/*

*/#5.'Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not
motivated.' /**/Lou Holtz / Arkansas/*

*/#6. 'If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gold, you gotta know
the password, 'Roll, tide, roll!' /**/Bear Bryant / Alabama/*

*/#7. 'A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a
medieval study hall.' /**/Frank Leahy / Notre Dame/*

*/#8. 'There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell
kicked out of you.' /**/Woody Hayes / Ohio State/*

*/#9. 'I don't expect to win enough games to be put on NCAA probation.
I just want to win enough to warrant an investigation.' /**/Bob Devaney
/ Nebraska/*

*/#10. 'In Alabama , an atheist is someone who doesn't believe in Bear
Bryant.' /**/Wally Butts / Georgia/*

*/#11. 'You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere
else in life.' /**/Paul Dietzel / LSU/*

*/#12. 'It's kind of hard to rally around a math class.' /**/Bear
Bryant / Alabama/*

*/#13. When asked if Fayetteville was the end of the world. 'No, but
you can see it from here.' /**/Lou Holtz / Arkansas ..../*

*/#14. 'I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter,
I want him to quit in practice, not in a game.' /**/Bear Bryant / Alabama/*

*/#15. 'There's one sure way to stop us from scoring-give us the ball
near the goal line.' /**/Matty Bell / SMU/*

*/#16. 'Lads, you're not to miss practice unless your parents died or
you died.' /**/Frank Leahy / Notre Dame/*

*/#17. 'I never graduated from Iowa , but I was only there for two
terms - Truman's and Eisenhower's.' /**/Alex Karras / Iowa/*

/*#18. 'My advice to defensive players: Take the shortest route to the
ball and arrive in a bad humor.' *//*Bowden Wyatt / Tennessee*/

*/#19. 'I could have been a Rhodes Scholar, except for
my grades.' /**/Duffy Daugherty / Michigan State/*

*/#20. 'Always remember... Goliath was a 40 point favorite over
David.' /**/Shug Jordan / Auburn/*

*/#21. 'They cut us up like boarding house pie. And that's real small
pieces.' /**/Darrell Royal / Texas/*

*/#22. 'Show me a good and gracious loser, and I'll show you a
failure.' /**/Knute Rockne / Notre Dame/*

*/#23. 'They whipped us like a tied up goat..' /**/Spike Dykes / Texas

*/#24. 'I asked Darrell Royal, the coach of the Texas Longhorns, why he
didn't recruit me and he said: 'Well, Walt, we took a look at you and
you weren't any good.' /**/Walt Garrison / Oklahoma State/*

*/#25. 'Son, you've got a good engine, but your hands aren't on the
steering wheel.' /**/Bobby Bowden / Florida State/*

*/#26. 'Football is not a contact sport - it is a collision sport.
Dancing is a contact sport.' /**/Duffy Daugherty / Michigan State/*

*/#27. After USC lost 51-0 to Notre Dame, his postgame message to his
team: 'All those who need showers, take them.' /**/John McKay / USC/*

*/#28. 'If lessons are learned in defeat, our team is getting a great
education.'/**/Murray Warmath / Minnesota/*

*/#29. 'The only qualifications for a lineman are to be big and dumb.
To be a back, you only have to be dumb..' /**/Knute Rockne / Notre Dame/*

*/#30. 'Oh, we played about like three tons of buzzard puke this
afternoon.' /**/Spike Dykes / Texas Tech/*

*/#31. 'It isn't necessary to see a good tackle. You can hear
it.' /**/Knute Rockne / Notre Dame/*

*/#32. 'We live one day at a time and scratch where it
itches.' /**/Darrell Royal / Texas/*

*/#33. 'We didn't tackle well today but we made up for it by not
blocking.' /**/Wilson Matthews / Little Rock Central High School/*

*/#34. 'Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of
them are bad. /**/Darrell Royal / University of Texas/*

*/#35. 'I've found that prayers work best when you have big
players.' /**/Knute Rockne / Notre Dame/*

*/#36. 'Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble
this football.' /**/John Heisman/**/ /** *

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The bidding war is beginning

Tom Humphrey's reports on some ideas being thrown around in the rules committee. Some are calling it the first salvo in a bidding war to be the next speaker of the house. In the last election Republicans were ready to stick together, take control, push all of our agenda. It didn't happen. One person (Kent Williams) was the first and only member to break his word to his fellow members and cut a deal with the Dems to become speaker. He knew up front that would get him kicked out of the party. He went ahead and did it anyway.

Actually next year could be more of the same, but worse. Especially if Kent Williams gets let back in the party as some hope. The caucus has little to no "hand" to keep the members in line (As proven by Kent being allowed to stay in the caucus). The only thing that kept 49 together last time was the threat of being thrown out of the party if they didn't vote for the nominee. If Kent gets allowed back in it will be a free for all. The caucus will have a hand full of members in an all out bidding war for the Democrat votes looking to become the next speaker of the house or make one of their small group speaker. They will know there are no repercussion as long as they win.

Lincoln was right. A house divided against itself can not stand. The only hope for true Republican leadership in 2010 is for the caucus to be unified going into the speakers election. That could be tough if the numbers stay close and the same people stay in office.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Do you remember?

A rose by any other name is still a rose. A liar by any other name is still...

A lot is being made out of the presidents speech on his socialized medicine plan. At one point Rep Willson said "You are a liar" as the president said his bill would not cover illegal aliens for free healthcare.

Who is right? Both sort of.

While the bill may not state "Illegals will be covered" they are covered in that there is no enforcement to keep them from receiving the services at taxpayer expence. Even if the bill said "No illegals will be covered by this bill" without enforcement it will happen.

It would be as if I passed a bill saying the speed limit on the highway will now be 45 miles per hour. Of course no one will receive tickets, no police will enforce the laws on the highway or even be allowed on the highway to check speeds.

Look! I just removed all speeders from the highway and everyone is doing 45! Isn't that great! I am sure the highway is now much safer!

I saw the same thing as I tried to make it so illegal aliens did not receive in state tuition at state schools. The schools did not want any enforcement even if it was free. They thought self enforcement by the illegal aliens would work on its own.

I expect the next law Obama will pass will say all illegals should go back to their home country. If he did that he could then say he solved the illegal alien problem.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talkin bout a revolution

yea ya know, we all want to change the world.

Vicious dogs in bars hits Knoxville

Oh, the pandemonium.

Next thing you know people will want to be able to bring their dogs into parks and walking trails. Don't they know those things can go off and kill someone? I bet more people have been killed or injured by dog attacks then have been killed or injured by legal carry permit holders acting outside of the law.

More on this critical issue as it rolls on.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Road warrior

Some people are offended by what Fletcher Armstrong of The Center for Bio Ethical Reform has put on the side of some large trucks traveling around Knoxville. They want him stopped.

I just wonder what is more offensive, the photos or the procedure that produced the result. Fletcher has threatened to park the trucks at the locations that supply abortion providers. You can check the press release or get information here.

Stopping socialized medicine

Want to see the Obama socialized medicine plan fail?

Make all legislators voting in the affirmative give up their government plan and become members of the new Obama plan, Make them pay the tax they purpose to pay for it as if they were on a regular private plan and make any cost overruns be paid for out of the budget for their pay and retirement fund.

We would suddenly have a bunch more red ink warriors.

And who shall lead us???

As I talk to people doing door to door I am seeing and hearing anger like I never have before. People are mad and they are not taking it any more. Some question I hear often is "Who is the next Ronald Reagan?" or "Who is going to lead the Republicans back into power?" and How are we going to stop this, that or the other vote.

While they are interesting question and the party has some great potential leaders, I don't think it will be any one person who will lead us to the promised land. It will be hundreds of people. Thousands of people. Millions of people with a message that I think will lead us to victory this election.

One person didn't put us in this situation. While Obama may be the head of the monster he did not do it all on his own. It is not like he took power single handedly on one day in some bloody coup. It is not like he can pass what ever he wants on his own with no votes in the house or the senate. It is not like the liberal movement just started when Obama came onto the scene. It has been with us for a long time and is only now exposing itself.

In that I find hope. Real hope.

Many people are now seeing the goals and effects of liberalism and they don't like it. It is not one vote on health care, cap and trade, the second amendment or immigration that people don't like. It is an overall push toward their ideology that people don't like. But just as no one person or vote put us in this situation, no one person or vote will lead us out. We all have to take personal responsibility for the situation we are in and we have to all take action to get us to where we want to be.

We all want the next "American Idol" but it helps if we know and like the words to the song they sing first. If the song isn't very good I don't care what show they are on. I am not buying the CD. One person singing acapella may be nice but a full orchestra and quire can make a thunderously good sound as well.

Right now I am hearing an orchestra and quire getting ready to put on one heck of a show. Conductor to be filled in later.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Swine flu the latest push

When reading the news it seems like every week there is a new story about some super killer that is about to erupt onto the scene and kill half the state. I recall just in the last few years Ebola virus, Streptococcal virus, avian bird flu now the latest H1N1 swine flu. It is all the latest rage. I bet there are 15 news stories from across the state today about it.

Now, not to diminish the loss of the one person who passed because of the swine flu but don't multiple people die from the regular flu every year? How crazy are people going to go about this one death and let tons more from other more common illnesses go unreported?

I am starting to think this is practically all contrived to keep people in a state of perpetual fear. With the hope that people will look to the government as the great savior.

Healthcare, It is not a federal thing

With all the yelling and screaming about the socialized medicine plan Obama is pushing one argument I seldom hear is, where is it in the US Constitution that the federal government is to provide you with insurance?

I can't find it.

If anything I think it should be a state decision under the tenth amendment.

Talk is good, but will he step up?

The rage at the the podium for Republican gubernatorial candidates seems to be the 10th amendment. I have heard both Wamp and Ramsey push the issue. Great! Getting the talk right is the first step. When we all sing from the same hymnal our voices go farther. The issue comes in when the voices have to turn into actions. What to do after the talk is done is the next question.

To really support or push the tenth amendment to the next level government will have to take one of at least two steps (while there may be others I think these are the most viable)

One is to sue the federal government to repeal some of the past court decisions that striped away states rights. The wheat case would be a great start. They could also go the opposite direction and let the fed sue the state because they did not send money to the fed or regulate on something they believe should not be taxed or regulated based on the tenth.

The other is to refuse some of the money the fed offers as a treat to pass federal regulations onto states.

In some areas the state gets more money then they put in (getting states or legislators to refuse these is nearly impossible) but in other areas it is the opposite. My understanding is transportation was one of those area where we get less then we put in. If we opted out of the feral gas tax but kept the rate the same the state would actually have a net positive income because the fed only returns a portion on the money they take in from us. If we opted out then we would also not be bound by federal highway regulations.

When you start to take the hands out of the pockets and the regulations from around the necks then you get closer to freedom.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cleaning house

The new election commission is cleaning house where they have control. Already over 60,000 ineligible voters have been removed. More are expected as that number does not include the dead or felons. They are also turning up more criminal voting irregularities. How long this has been going on and how deep this goes is still yet to be seen.

Cammack gets kudos for courage.

Ward Cammack gets some ink in the KNS for coming on Steve Halls "Politics Knoxville" and being interviewed by me. So far he is the only Democrat to have the courage to step up to the plate and respond to the tough 30 questions.

From the Georgina Vines article...

Cammack said he accepted Campfield's invitation because he finds that Republicans and Democrats often find common ground if they have a chance to talk.

"It is easy to get in a room with people who agree with you. I thought it was such a great proposition he put out there - I was the first Democrat to accept - to talk with people who don't agree with you. He's a Republican, I'm a Democrat. But whether you're a liberal or conservative, the economy doesn't care," Cammack said.

Man kills baby of pregnant mother

Am I talking about this story where the man did it with a shotgun or this one where they did it with scissors?

Same end result.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Democrat interviews start tomorrow

Tomorrow I will start interviewing Democrat Gubernatorial candidates. So far only one has dared step up to the plate. Any final questions you may have for them (Or him)can be put confidentially into the comments of this post.

Workshop on guns in parks (Knoxville edition)

Today, September 3 at 5:00 p.m., the Knoxville City Council will consider Steve Halls ordinance that, if passed would remove a long-time ban on the possession of firearms within city parks.

The meeting will be held at the City County Building located at 400 Main St. in Knoxville. You can also contact your city leaders Mayor Bill Haslam at (865) 215-2040 and the City Council Members at (865) 215-2075 and voice your thoughts of this resolution and effort to allow you your right to self-defense in local parks.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Its tough to break old habits

As the Dems take in over $600K at their big dinner it is coming out that a chunk of the money was illegal.

Old habits die hard.

Where is all the money they said they would return that they got from the widow and orphan swindlers Norman Shue or Barry Stokes?

Opting out of the opt out

As the press is more then happy to tell, some cities and counties have opted out of allowing gun owners their constitutional rights in parks. As you can imagine, this has created a stir in some communities among the gun owners who want to be allowed their rights. Some activists are pushing the legislature to remove the opt out provision next year when the legislature reconvenes.

I would suggest they not hold their breath.

Many factors come into play. The original bill passed by strong numbers because their was an opt out provision. Some legislators from liberal districts knew their area would just opt out so they voted to allow others to do as they please knowing the law would not effect them.

The Tennessean has a quote from the bills original sponsor Rep. Frank Nicley on that

"I don't like the federal government telling states what to do, and I don't like the states telling the counties what to do," Niceley said. "Let the city councils vote not to have guns in parks, and at the next election, see where they are."

That is the sentiment of many legislators who voted for the bill. Government closer to the people is usually more responsive and better. While the people may not always agree, they have the greatest ability to contact that local leader. If they do not like the way they vote then they are the easiest to run against in the next election.

While I too question the constitutionality of a ban (see the Heller decision) I am hearing little to no talk by legislators of remove the local option at this time. The votes are not there to get it out of the committees. That may change in time. Not just with elections but also when more people see that allowing legal gun owners their rights does not make every bike path greeting turn into the OK corral.

I am also surprised we have not seen more action in the local courts from gun owners who get banned. I am sure the courts await for Heller 2.0 at the local level.