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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now for the rest of the story

There are many great reporters out there in the MSM. I like many of them on a personal basis. They are regular people who know the issues, the players and the game well. They are fair and report honestly. There are very few reporters I won't talk with.

There are a few who make it quite difficult to trust them.

I don't mind a reporter taking their own slant on an issue. Even if it is contrary to my own. Actually, some of my favorite interviews were done by people who probably see things completely opposite of the way I do. For some reasons those situations seem to happen most on liberal radio talk shows.

I am not sure why but that does not always hold true with liberal print media.
While I have had a few print reporters go so far as to say "I am going to do a report on this and let me say up front I don't agree with you." I respected the reporter being open and honest with their point of view. I went ahead with the interview and was fine with what was printed even though the piece pretty much hammered me.

Everyone is entitled to their own erroneous opinion. Even Reporters.

Sometimes though I do not feel like what I said or the issue reported on was not given an honest shake or what was printed was twisted in a way to give the complete opposite meaning of what I clearly intended. That is a quick way to burn a bridge with me.

This Jeff Woods article
borders on twisting the intent of what I said to the point it looking the opposite of its intention.

The quote in question is talking about Susan Lynns idea of opting out of the federal health care spending bill...

But even two of Lynn’s most conservative House colleagues told The City Paper they were skeptical about whether states can choose which federal laws to follow and which to ignore.

“I don’t think we can do it, honestly,” said Rep. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville.

The quote makes it look like I don't support the idea. I do. It is even funnier because I have been talking with legal for the last few months to find a way to do the same thing she is trying to do. While those words might have come out of my mouth at some point in the interview I think they were couched with something like....

"I am sure you know I am a big believer in the 10th amendment. I think the states have always had a lot of power in opting in and out of things the federal government does. Usually it is all tied to money. We opt out and don't take the money or stay in and take the money. That is how it usually goes.

I think I saw a comment on one of the blogs talking about one state suing to opt out of speed limits. I think it was Montana. It was just a comment so I don't know if it was fact or not. I will have to do more research on the issue but I don't think a law would be the best way to do it. I don't think one general assembly can bind another so it would only be in effect a year or two. I do think her idea of a constitutional change would have the same effect she is looking for and would last longer. It would probably work better that way."

I kidded Jeff Woods when he called about getting a quote to do another puff piece on me. We all know Jeff is a lefty who does lefty pieces but it is getting to where some legislators don't trust him when they talk with him. He is playing with matches on the kindling bridge.

Hundreds of felon voters in Knoxville

Goins and crew clean them out. This is why Republican control is so important. These felon voters have been there for years. No one did the work to clean the files.

From the KNS article....

"Part of our job is to instill confidence in the electoral process. ... We're excited to have this new tool."

Mackay said he plans to turn over the list of felons who have registered or voted to the Knox County District Attorney Generals Office. It will then be up to prosecutors to determine if they should be prosecuted criminally, he said.

"We don't know if they committed a crime or not," Mackay said.

It seems the tool has been there for years. It was just never put to work. The team of Hargett/Mark Goins and crew did the research and had the information sent to the locals for them to purge their files.

As for if it is a felony or not, it is.

Giving false information to register to vote or attempting to register
when not qualified is a felony punishable by not less than one (1) year
nor more than six (6) years’ imprisonment or a fine of $3,000 or both.

We will see if action to prosecute is taken. It seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Aren't over seas tours at least one year?

Why yes, I think they are. So lets do some math. John Mark Windel is leaving for an over seas tour that is expected to begin in February. That would put his return one year later in February.

The speakers election is the second Tuesday in January.......

Monday, December 28, 2009

Not that I am against it, but......

OK. Not that I am against the idea of fixing education. But now The Phil want to make it a special session? Nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour, as he waddles out the door in absolute lame duck status, to actually quack about some real change.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt for the "Race to the top" money. I can see him calling for a special session to try and qualify for that.

But the problems in higher ed have been there for years and years. These issues did not just pop up six months ago. The need is no greater now then it was last year, the year before that, the year before that, the year before that or any of the years before that. Where has he been the last 7 years? Now, suddenly it has jumped into emergency, must do immediately if not sooner, now! Now! NOW! category?

The only sudden change I see (over all the years in the past) is the number of Republicans in office. Is Bredesen trying to jump out in front and trying to act like he is leading the parade of where Republicans are walking anyway or has he always wanted to go our way, only now he can pull it off?

I am not sure.

Johnny come lately or not. I will take the allies where ever and when ever they come.

A few ideas for higher ed (Some that I have brought up in the past) are.

1. Cheaper tuition/ More scholarship money/ lower GPA scholarship requirements for needed majors. Nursing, Teaching, math, science.

2. Standardize classes for similar majors for instant transferability between state funded universities. This will speed graduation and encourage transfer to 4 year schools.

3. No maximum hour limit of transferable common courses, between state funded universities. This will also speed graduation.

4. No cost, or making all non credit remedial courses non mandatory. These courses slows graduation and increases cost for students. If there is a problem, it needs to be fixed before kids graduate high school.

5. Standardize grading between schools (at least k-12). Some schools do and some don't use a +,- system and in some systems the grades are skewed one way or the other. This hurts some students GPA (a big need to get into most colleges). Some students who may actually have better grades then people in different school systems end up with lower GPAs. Go to a state wide system set something like A(100-97),A-(96-91),B+(90-87),B(86-82),B-(81-77), C+(76-73), C(72-70) D+(70-67) D(66-65) F<65.

6. Put the lottery scholarship money where it was intended to go. In scholarships. When there is extra money then talk about other programs. The money isn't there this year.

7. Combine or remove large, redundant functions of UT, TBR and THEC and get the costs in line. UT is top heavy in a lot of other areas as well.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will all five fingers be up?

Tom Humphrey reports on the gift I should be expecting any day now.

.....From staffers of Democratic state House members to state Rep. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville - a group photo of everyone giving a friendly wave of the hand, accompanied by a note declaring "We'll Miss You" and further stating that they had passed the hat - or rather, a Luchador mask -- and collected a modest amount of money to donate to his state Senate campaign.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Obama holiday card picture

The Obama's send their card to America in the hope that Obamacare soon will be there.

OK everyone. Take a deep breath and relax. Possibly smile. I am not saying I got this as a Christmas card from the Obama's.

We all know where Barack Hussein Obama stands on Christmas....

As always, If you would like to help the cause in fighting against such people being in power, then click the yellow button on the left side of this blog and let your heart be your guide.

Quote of the day

"I did not have holiday relations with that Christmas card. I never told anybody to send it."

From the ever affable David Oatney in a great blog post.

Friday, December 18, 2009

What "New" Democrats think of the birth of Christ

While we celebrate the birth of Christ and the brotherhood of mankind by wishing all Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah/holidays. This is what I received in the mail (I suspect) as a response to the video merry Christmas card I sent out to everyone.

The person in the card is Lonnie "Skippy" Cauthorn Jr. The Democrat majority leaders (Gary Odem's) chief of staff. Gary is the Tennessee version of Nancy Pelosi. Surrounding himself with like minded people I see.


Well, I guess this makes it perfectly clear who has the liberal wing of the Democrat party's attention and who they fear the most. If you would like to help the cause in fighting against such people being in power, then click the yellow button on the left side of this blog and let your heart be your guide.

Government competition

Ben Cunningham highlights this short, simple video on the "Public option". While it is made for the Obamacare issue, it also holds true for almost all the places where government competes with the private sector.

"Global warming" + low taxes = Happy

Who would ever think the KNS would report that story?

Black on the attack

Tennessee State Senator Diane Black is getting in the vacated Gordon congressional race. This could be interesting.

AC has the presser.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Christmas with Campfield"

I am having a "Christmas with Campfield" fundraiser/reception this Friday at the I-75 Expo Center on the corner of Merchants and Clinton Highway in Knoxville from 5 till 7 PM. Everyone is invited. You can get directions here: http://www.knoxvilleexpocenter.com/default.asp?lnopt=4&sn1opt=1&sn2opt=1&month=8&year=2009&newsID=0

Vittles will be provided by Texas Roadhouse

If anyone would like to help the campaign by sending a donation, they can send it here.

Vote Stacey
2011 Flagler Rd.
Knoxville TN

or click the yellow "Make a Donation" button to the left side of my blog.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quote of the day

On Obama giving himself a B+

"The really scary thing is that he’s suggesting there is very little room for improvement. In other words, this year was nearly a best-case scenario."

Via Say Uncle

In like Jim

I was talking with Jim Tracy tonight on the phone. I asked him what he was hearing. So far all good. Rumor was some big money people from the Murfreesboro area were thinking about getting in the race. Jim said he had talked to them and it looked like they were not going to get in after all. Getting in a race is a big investment of time and money. Especially at that level. It is not something to be jumped into lightly.

All the while we were talking calls were coming in non stop. It is looking good for a Congressman Jim Tracy.

What the FARK is that?

I am not sure what FARK is but A.C.s story about me and the baby daddy bill is in it and it is getting a lot of comments.

One little problem with that...

While many are excited by the probable pickup of two new Republican seats in the US house of reps from Tennessee, there is one little problem with Tanner and Gordon deciding not to face the voters again.......

They don't have to face the voters again.

This could allow them to vote in ways that they might never have otherwise if they knew they that it might come up at election time. They can vote for every liberal piece of garbage that comes down the pike, without fear, until the day they walk out the door. Why wouldn't they? They don't have to face the voters again.

What is holding them back? The only thing that might hold them back a little is their final image as they walk away. How strong is that of a deterrent?

Monday, December 14, 2009

A little love from the Blogfather

The instapundit gives a little love for the baby daddy bill. Cool!

Van out

I spoke with former US Rep and Republican gubernatorial nominee Van Hillary and he said he will not interested in seeking the US seat held by Bart Gordon at this time. Van has moved into the district a few years ago and has been getting calls since early this morning but is currently more interested in the birth of his fourth child due any day now.

Dems to drop another STATE house seat

It is just a rumor but word on the hill is Rep. John Mark Windle is being called up for active duty overseas. Most of the time when military people are called up it is for at least one year. If he does not go in for a few weeks that will put Democrats down another seat when it comes time to elect a new speaker next year.

Quote of the day

"Of course they are all quiting. They can fight and maybe remain for two more years and then get redistricted out or they can leave gracefully now."

Quote by Sen. Dwayne Bunch

Dominos fall

Democrat US Rep. Bart Gordon is quiting. Expect Jim Tracy to definitely run for congress. It is a no lose for him. If he looses he is still in the state senate. Who knows what Lou Ann Zelnic will do. She may stay in or jump out in the hope of going after Tracy's senate seat. That would be the same seat Conservative Donna Rowland could go after. Will Diane Black make a move? No word yet. We are talking 15 counties. This could be huge. I am in the capitol. The place is a buzz.

Could Mae Beavers jump out of her mayoral race and go for congress. People here think she might but she lives in Coopers district.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bad news, Good news

The conservative radio talk show "Lets talk Frank" abruptly ended yesterday after a multi year run. It came as a big surprise to all including the hosts of the show, Lee and Terry Frank.

The station that aired the show (AM 850 on the Horne radio network) was in the process of being sold and closing date is planned for today. Friday when the hosts of the show walked into the studio they were greeted with a note that informed them that their rate for air time was doubling starting Monday.

The show had long been a mostly self funded labor of love for hosts Lee and Terry Frank. Being full time business owners of Natures Marketplace in Oak Ridge their time to go out and sell advertising was limited. Ironically, just the day before, they had been cutting new advertising spots for multiple advertisers who had contacted them.

They did it just to give a voice to conservatives in East Tennessee. Their results were immediate and large. They were one of the original bell ringers for the Tea Party movement in Knoxville (a huge success), They gave a voice of descent to opposition movements large and small as well as championing conservative issues, causes and leaders throughout the state and the nation. Their guests were everyone from national economists, writers, presidential candidates and even some lowly state reps were welcome on the show. Their callers were some of the best on the air.

So the page is turned.

When God closes a door he opens a window. I am sure this will allow Terry to do more blogging than she has of late and multiple callers on the final show were pleading for one of them to run for office.

Could it happen?

Stay tuned.......

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wamp: It wasn't me!

I just got this E mail regaurding my morning post concerning the Oak Ridge mall.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Core Properties, owner of the Oak Ridge mall, did not request congressional help on its competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Congressman Zach Wamp did not play any role in this grant. He did not know about the request until the White House announced that it would receive stimulus funding in October. In addition, he voted against the $789 billion stimulus package in February 2009.

The Oak Ridge anchor

It seems US senators John "the maverick" Mc Cain and Tom Colburn are on the hunt for pure pork. The biggest pig in the nation is found in Knoxville's back yard at the nearly empty Oak Ridge Mall. Yes, your taxpayer dollars are going to install geothermal heating and cooling in what residents call the Oak Ridge "HALL".

Having been to the mall let me say if guns were allowed in malls you could probably shoot one off in there without much fear of hitting anyone (except possibly an occasional mall walker). The place is about empty. There have been persistent rumors for years that the mall is close to being torn down.

Now it is going to get a free heat and air system. What it really needs are more stores and customers. Things the fancy new HVAC system won't bring in.

The big question is how the spending program got in the federal budget in the first place. Could this become the Oak Ridge anchor around one of the Tennessee gubernatorial candidates neck? Zach Wamp represents the area and has always been known as a go getter for ORNL projects. I am sure the history on this project is being currently vetted.

If Zach is clear on this one he may want to put out a presser.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The one person keeping Kent out of the party

Well the SEC meeting didn't work out for Kent at all. So what is next? He has a few options. One is realistic.

Since the next regularly scheduled SEC meeting isn't until after the filing deadline for state house races there is only one viable way for Kent to get back in the party and on the ballot as a Republican. That is to have a special call meeting. To do that he has to have 10 SEC members send a letter asking for one. At that meeting they could move to reinstate.

Seeing as Kent didn't even have one SEC member speak up for him at the last SEC meeting (Not even one of the two from Carter County) he will have to do something dramatic to impel them to act. It seems the more Kent keeps bringing it up without doing anything to warrant it, the madder the SEC members get at him.

From what I am hearing what the SECs are looking for is for Kent to step down as speaker and support the Republican caucus nominee before session starts in 2010. If he were to step up and do that then the doors could easily open up. Kent can continue to blame this person or that person for saying, thinking or doing what ever, but the only person who is really keeping Kent out of the party is Kent.

Failing that, there are a few other non viable things he may probably do. But I will save those for a later post loyal readers:-)

Boogide, boogide, boogide!

NASCAR superstar Darrell Waltrip was at the Tennessee Republican fundraiser dinner last night. He is a Tennessee resident and wanted to come. We were able to speak together a couple times for a while as we had mutual friends from the times when my family owned a NASCAR racetrack.

In case it crossed your mind (as it did mine). Yes, he is quite conservative. He spoke to the crowd for about 10 to 15 minutes and he sounded like he was quite up on the issues, names and problems with the liberal mindset. He was quite emphatic that now is the time for Republicans to act like Republicans. To be conservative and be proud of our conservative beliefs and foundations. When Republicans stick to those beliefs we win.

In case it crossed your mind (as it did mine). No, he is not currently interested in running for office. I figured he would be a natural. Conservative, Name ID through the roof, financial capability and if he can handle the rough and tumble world of NASCAR politics he would fit right in in DC.

He said he was about over all of that scene and was happy doing what he was doing. Too bad.

It wasn't the hot air. It was the cold air

The capitol Christmas tree was broken in half after high winds outside the capitol hit it. I promise it wasn't all the hot air from speeches escaping as someone opened one of the capitol doors.

Cagle on payday loan and lotto

He opines they hurt the poor folk.

Payday loans were an iffy industry and the Tennessee Legislature decided they needed to be “regulated.” Once the bill was passed it didn’t “regulate” payday loans. It made them legal and turned them into thriving enterprises that hook the poor on a treadmill and extort up to 400 percent interest on their loans. If you need money badly and you borrow your next paycheck, what is the likelihood you will be able to pay off the loan and interest when your next paycheck comes? So you “flip” the loan and do it again, forever. Paying ridiculous charges each time.

In Georgia, payday loans are a felony and you can be charged with racketeering. In Tennessee, they name college buildings after you.

The worst scam on the poor is the Powerball lottery in which the poorest of the poor are sold hope at $1 a shot. The proceeds are used to pay the college tuition for the children of the middle class. Not only will we continue the Powerball program, we are in the process of adding “Megamillions,” another multi-state huge-payoff, low-probability game.

In the end he wants payday loans outlawed. An interesting point of view from the traditionally libertarian leaning Cagle.

No mention on if he feels the same way about the lottery. Possibly this could be an option for him.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Working backwards

UT is thinking about making it tougher to get some degrees that actually pay when kids graduate so that they can stay profitable in 2011. The crunch has UT wanting to charge higher tuition for academic majors such as nursing, pre-law, pre-medicine and accounting.

From the Joan Garrett/ Times Free Press article UT president Jan Simek says....

A student invests in their future when they come to college, and therefore, if the return is higher, I think it is not unfair to ask that (their) investment be a little bit bigger," he said. "That is what differential tuition is about."

I thought the goal of the university was to educate students so they could get a good paying job. Not so they can keep other degree programs that don't produce jobs or income afloat.

It seems most of the kids I talk to are all getting degrees in dance, music, art history, ancient English literature, philosophy....You know, your basic pre unemployment degrees. Trust me when I say we don't have a shortage and desperate need of students graduating with those job skills.

I will be the first to say UT has plenty of redundancies, un needed positions and is in desperate need of a house cleaning. But instead of punishing, restricting and cutting where there is potential for growth and success (Punishing people for making good life choices) how about expanding admission and access in those areas and cutting elsewhere?

Monday, December 07, 2009

More felons voting

I love having at least some of the election commissioners being Republicans. Then we can see clearly how bad it has been. Thirty plus more indictments for felons being allowed to vote are being brought in three counties.

More to come, Many more are possible from what I hear.....

Sunday, December 06, 2009


I went to a political memorabilia show yesterday. I love looking at that stuff. I have a few small pieces that I have collected over the years. It is starting to turn into a collection (The last thing I need). Yesterday I got a blue background with neon orange lettering "Goldwater for president" yard sign. I am still searching for any Cas Walker political memorabilia. I hear it is out there but I have yet to see any.

No Williams supporters left?

If he had any left in the SEC meeting, not even one decided to speak up on his behalf.

Was it the meeting Kent had with some of them? The fear of bedlam next year? The photo? The fear of an amendment being added? or just no desire by any of them to see him back in the party as Republican numbers continue to grow? No one may ever know.

A good read

Ed Marcum of the KNS does an excellent, fair piece on the green jobs push that our state is investing in.

I must admit, when I saw the cover photo I was thinking "Here we go again, another puff piece on solar and how we are all going to be rich making solar panels" but I was pleasantly surprised. It is quite good and well balanced. The research is excellent.

While it doesn't get into the potential profitability of solar (other then to say it has potential) it does get into the what and where the "green jobs" supposedly are, versus what they really are, and how much they actually pay in Tennessee and elsewhere. It talks about the problems and some of the solutions being used in other states and it is all pretty well documented.

I may be a little wonky but I must say again how I am pleasantly surprised by this report. I wanted to cut and paste a section of it but it was all so good I couldn't decide what to put in or take out so I just suggest you all head on over and read the entire thing.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

"Let Kent in!"

Today is the SEC meeting where it may come up to allow Kent Williams back in the Republican party. For months he and his few supporters have yelled and screamed about how mean and unfair the evil Republican SEC committee has been to poor little innocent Kent.

"He needs to be back in the party", "He really wants to be a Republican", "He still considers himself a Republican", "He is willing to do anything for or to help the party", "How can you just keep him out of the party when he wants to be in so badly?"

Heard it all.

Well, I have been thinking. I agree Kent should be given an opportunity. If a motion comes up to let Ken back in the party, I think it should be considered. Of course the motion should come with one amendment.

Kent should be required to step down from the speakers post and vote for the Republican party caucus nominee before session starts next year. If he does that, Boom. Kent is back in the party.

That way it is all up to Kent. It will no longer be the Republican party who is keeping Kent from being a Republican. It will be all Kent's decision. As it has always been.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Does Naifeh have the stones?

Jimmy Naifeh may be considering a run for congress. That could be interesting. He would obviously be the Democrat front runner if he does. I question if he has the desire to actually try for it though.

I don't know why he would want to return to the state house. The odds of him returning to the speakers chair are looking minuscule as Republican numbers and positive sentiment for our ideas is continueing to grow. Rumor is people in his home house district are out looking for a candidate to run against him if he tries to stay in the state house. In the smaller district he has worn out his welcome. A run for congress might be a great opportunity to hit a new high. The chance to change positions with a bang instead of going out on a dieing whimper. A bigger seat might actually be easier for him to win as well. He has all of the Democrat money connections he would need. He must know about every liberal power player in the congressional district there is to know by now. He has the name I.D. through the roof especially in that area. It could be interesting. IF he has the courage to try for it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Democrats giving it the old in, out, in, out.

Ward Cammack was out, then he was in, now he is out. Who knows if what came in will go back out.

Herron was in, but out, then he got in but would be in even if he was out, then he got out while staying in, then he got in and is giving what came in out so he can get it back in because you can not get it in unless you give it out and it comes back in. Of course if he is out he will still be in but what came in will have to go out before it can come back in again.

Confused? Lets break it down a little.

Ward Cammack was out of politics until he decided to run for Governor. He got in the race but now he has decided to get out. No word on if the money that came in will go back out to those who gave it to him.

Herron is in office, but not in the governors race. Then he decided to get in the governors race but not get out of his old state senate seat. Then he got out of the governors race to get in a congressional race because Tanner is getting out. When he got in, he had to give back his gubernatorial donations. "What a kind and honest soul" you may say. Not really. Campaign donations for legislative and gubernatorial races can not be transferred or used in congressional races and visa versa. His goal is to hopefully give out the donations to those same people who sent it in to him for his goober race, in the hopes they will get it in and send it back out to him to use in his congressional race. Of course if he lost his congressional bid he will still be in the state senate where he wont be able to use any remaining donated congressional money to run for the state senate in two years unless he does the same process all over again.

What is so confusing about that?

Worth a thousand words

What can I say. This image brings back some hard memories. I did not realize there were any pictures of this moment in time. This was minutes before the speaker vote. We were all praying to God to give Jason strength to be a great leader. I should say I thought we were all praying to God. I had not thought about the Judas at the last supper/Gethsemane analogy, but I guess the prayer for strength and betrayal similarity is there.

That is Jason on the right fourth from the front holding hands in prayer with Kent on the right fifth from the front.

This photo was sent to SEC members by fellow SEC member Tim Rudd, from the 13th District. He sent this PDF around to his fellow members of the committee to further discourage any members who plan to make a motion to reinstate Williams as a member of the party. His email contained the following note:

“I thought you needed to see this photo prior to the SEC meeting. If any one asks you why Kent Williams was thrown out of the Republican Party and why he should stay out of our Party, this “prayer” photo says it all.”

The committee next meets this Saturday, December 5th.

Hat tip: AC

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Any questions?

Some people have inferred that what I reported on Kent Williams and the West Tennessee SEC meeting might be colored with a personal bias I may have against Kent Williams.

Nope. Sorry.

The SEC member who told me what happened had complete overview of the post previous to posting. I said I did not want to post anything that was not 100% accurate. I was given approval for what you see. There were about a dozen (possibly more) people at the meeting. I had heard most of what was reported from other sources previously. As I said in the post, some SEC members came into the meeting as Kent supporters. If anyone of them wants to refute what is printed I will be happy to post it.

Tennessee could be top buggy whip maker as well

WPLN Reports on how many solar companies are now going broke.....But its a good thing. The ones that remain will be the stronger ones. Not to worry, Tennessee is investing heavy in solar. Don't get out too soon. Might miss the rebound that is sure to come when all the government subsidies run out.

Yes, Tennessee is going to be an economic leader. Next thing we can do is invest in buggy whip manufacturing. I bet we could corner the market! Just look at the potential! All the less profitable buggy whip manufacturers have already gone out of business so only the strong ones are left! Where can they sign up for the subsidies?

William GOP return not likely for a vote

I was talking to an SEC member last night. While they wished to remain anonymous they said they did not expect a vote to allow Kent Williams back into the party to even come up for a vote at the next SEC meeting.

I asked why.

The response was Williams disastrous meeting with the Shelby county and surrounding county SEC committee members. I had heard rumor of the meeting a few weeks back but asked for details from someone who was actually there.

What happened? I asked.

What I heard after that confirmed what I had heard previously and was almost a comedy of errors or a lesson on how to alienate Republicans of all stripes. While I could go on and on as to what was said I will only pass on some of the highlights.

One question posed to Kent was why he didn't appoint more Republicans to committee chairs. His response was that we didn't have 13 out of 49 Republican members who were even qualified to be chairs of the committees. He then went on to even name specific Republican members (While I was not personally on the short list I know the members named and most would consider those named way more then qualified).

The person who relayed the story to me said they thought personally if the members mentioned were not qualified to be chairmen of committees then how could Kent think he was qualified to be speaker of the house after only one term in office.

Kent then went on to name off more Republican members (Again, I was not on the list) and say they were "Bad" or "problem" members. The people present wondered if Kent was just pulling names out of thin air because those mentioned were, and are, well thought of members.

He went on to attack Jason Mumpower for being "Childish" for having over 100 flags flown over the capitol on the first day of session. Little did Kent know the flags were going to be given to the SEC members for their hard work and support for Republicans through the years.

One person asked about Kent's personal Republican philosophy. Kent said the "Reagan revolution" was a disaster. When Republicans were elected into the majority in Washington D.C. they were terrible. He blamed Newt Gingrich and the early Republicans for being being liberal big spenders and that was why Republicans deserved to loose leadership. But he then went on to say how he thought it was a legislators job to try and bring back as many "goodies" to their home district as possible. The SEC members shook their head at the disconnect between the two points of view and question his historical knowledge. Most knew it was the later Republicans who were the problem spenders and that Newt was a great idea man for the party.

Kent said how if the Democrats won 6 seats in the next election he would probably switch parties to be a Democrat. He said it not as a threat, more of a statement of fact. Even thinking that is a big no no if you are asking to become a Republican again. He went ahead and openly said it to the members present as if it was no big deal. That steamed a bunch of members.

One complained about Kent's often, repeated, expletive filled commentary. Some of the members were older and thought it was inappropriate and uncalled for. The crowd was not hostile. In fact, many came in support of Kent. They thought it was quite crude.

There are many more stories and I could continue but lets just say the person said Kent rambled on, non stop, for about an hour and forty five minutes of the two hour meeting and was all over the place. The person I spoke with said when he spoke with all the other members present after the meeting that Kent had found multiple ways, without their prompting, to turn off almost every single person in the room.

Of those present almost half were former Kent supporters who had voted originally to keep him in the party. When it was all said and done at best only one was still undecided or in support of Kent. Kent had actually lost support while talking. The consensus was he was bitter and just came off as not trustworthy. Most (even the former Kent supporters) felt they were being lied to throughout the meeting.

After that one meeting, the other planned meetings with SEC members in and around Nashville and across the state were cancelled. It was a disaster and the word spread quickly of what was said. Even one moderate SEC member said "We may not agree on all issues, but if we can not even agree that Republicans should lead committees then why would you even want to be a Republican?"

The member I talked with said it would look bad for Kent and his few remaining supporters if a vote was actually taken and he LOST votes from the original expulsion vote, as is now expected, so they did not expect a vote motion to even come up.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kelsey Wins!

It was a close race.....Not!

75%-25% Any more people think Dems are on the upswing and Conservative bomb throwers cant win support from both sides?

Think again.


Tis' the season

How do you know when it's Christmas time at the Ted Nugent household? He puts up the seasonal lights!