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Friday, January 08, 2010

Bredesens plan to spend more money.

The Phil is dropping his plan to spend more state money.

No. I am not kidding.

From the KNS article....

KNOXVILLE — Gov. Phil Bredesen this morning announced an initiative to establish a “world class energy sciences” graduate program at the University of Tennessee that would create 200 UT faculty positions among researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory......

.....The governor said he will commit $6 million in seed money in the state budget to jump start the program....

I am about over all the taxpayer subsidised research facilities. The jobs end when the taxpayer subsidies end. I want profitable production facilities. Can we get some of those?


  1. Is it his personal money? :/

  2. What are the proposed dates for the state legislator to meet this month/year?

  3. We start Monday we are there till.....?

  4. I keep waiting for all these wealthy politicians to spend their own money on all their schemes.

    Yes, I do live in a conservative fantasy land. LOL


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