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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Found it!

The response to my question on where do the candidates stand on allowing legal carry permit holders (such as retired military, current military, retired police officers or any other legal carry permit holder for that matter) being able to have their constitutional rights on a college campus was covered in the Tennessean.

From the Tennessean article....

Haslam also said he opposes a "blanket prohibition" on gun-permit holders' carrying guns on college campuses, saying it should be up to each college to set its own gun rules.

Ramsey and Wamp favor allowing guns on campus, while Gibbons and all three the Democrats said it's a bad idea.

Some are a straight no to the second amendment rights being allowed (Gibbons and the Democrats) Haslam is a no unless the school administrators reverse their position and say those second amendment rights should be allowed on campuses (Don't hold your breath)

Ramsey and Wamp support full second amendments rights on that issue.

Good to know.


  1. Interesting that he's for guns on college campuses if the administrators are okay with it, but not okay with guns in his own city's parks. I can't believe you let him take a pass on that!

  2. Looks like my choices have been narrowed. :) And one of 'em wasn't even in the running. Thanks!

  3. Well, see Frank...as long as the "right" people are deciding to ignore the Constitution, it's okay.

    Can conservative voters expect Ramsey and Wamp to honor the Constitution from this point forward, or should we let their votes on "select" TN judges and a $700 billion banker bailout do the talking?


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