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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Free and reduced lunch means nothing"

Wow! Bruce Opie says that Doctor Sanders (The education researcher for the governor) is saying that the economic situation of the students who are in state schools has absolutely nothing to do with how well the student does on value added achievement testing.

He says that some poor students do well, some do poorly. It is more dependant on the teacher then the economy of the student.

Previously, tons of funding was pushed to schools with a high number of free and reduced lunch students. I would hear often of how schools wold recruit students to the free and reduced lunch programs so they could get more money.

I guess that principle does not hold water. Will things change? or will they admit that possibly it was just a way to push more money to schools who wanted to remain in the status Que.

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  1. I just don't believe that came out of his mouth. I'll have to see the tape first. However, I'm not surprised that the state will "say whatever it takes" to get to the trough.

    Claiming all those Title I gymnastics the counties go through really is for naught is amount to heresy.

    Does the governor plan to eliminate those paid positions that exist solely to maintain Title I? I'm sure as Sen. Henry says, it's "too much money". The federal junkies just can't give up their fix.


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