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Friday, January 15, 2010

Governors show

The Republicans

Not a bad showing in the education forum. The big three Republican candidates seemed to do well. I didn't see any Knock out blows. The feedback I got from asking around was mixed. Most thought you could throw a blanket over them and pick any of them out and make a case for how they won the debate.

The line of the night came from Zac Wamp with his Lane Kiffen remark. It was a hit with the audience.

The swipe of the night came from Ron Ramsey Who took an off handed swipe at Wamp saying how the state could not print money like the federal government is doing.

Haslam played it safe with no gaffs or bold stances.

Bill Gibbons did OK but most people seemed to think he needed a big play to jump up in the polls and get some attention. It did not happen.

The Democrats (The race for second)

I have to personally give it to Kim McMillin. A Bold look, Being the only female up there made her stand out. I think she really helped her stock. The only negative I heard on her performance was that she reminded some of a school marm. I had to laugh and agree when I heard that one.

Of the people I spoke with, many thought Mc Worter won, but not by much. His only big goof came when he started to talk about how he was completely opposite of what everyone else was saying and was clearly not for elected school superintendents. The only problem was no one had even mentioned elected school superintendents.


I don't know what was going on with Jimmy Kyle. He looked fried. That or he just was not prepared. I am not sure but either way he didn't do himself any favors.

Overall the forum was a nice bit but most thought more topics needed to be hit. With jobs the topic of the day many thought the NFIB should put on a similar show to allow people to see the candidates plans to help jobs grow in Tennessee.


  1. Hi,

    Did You make any new years resolutions?


  2. I was uncommitted going in but thought Ramsey was good. He impressed me. He was the only one who mentioned the basic concepts that need to be a part of any reform.... competition and choice. Also, he gave a shout out to homeschoolers. A strong performance I thought.

  3. Ramsey just plain rocks. From his stance on taxes to businesses to homeschooling to gun rights, he knows what will actually help our state. But then again what would I know? I'm only a gun carrying, former homeschooler, college grad, small business owner!

  4. Of Course Bill Haslam played it safe with no bold stances- he doesn't have any bold stances.


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