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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gubers on guns

The full survey can be found here.

Here is the full Republican rundown of carry on campus points of view.



Allowing firearms on college campuses is not a good idea. Whether we like it or not, social activities on many college campuses end up involving alcohol. Allowing firearms on campuses would increase the probability of an unfortunate mix of guns and alcohol. I cannot imagine passing a law that would, in effect, sanction the carrying of firearms at on-campus keg parties. We need to preserve and secure a proper learning environment by making sure campus security personnel are provided with the training and tools to keep campuses safe.


First of all, I oppose a blanket prohibition. While I support making college campuses as safe as possible, I believe that each individual school has that responsibility. College administrators face a complex security situation and need flexibility to set appropriate rules for students, adult employees, and visitors.

Ramsey: I support legislation allowing permit holders to carry guns onto college campuses. First, employees of universities have the same rights to self-protection on their commute as every other employee of every other employer. Second, the list of tragedies that could have been prevented by allowing responsible, licensed, permit holders on college campuses is growing. The carnage at Virginia Tech serves as the most recent example of why we must empower conscientious citizens to aid public safety efforts.


Right-to-carry permits for law-abiding citizens who have gone through the training and permitting required to legally carry handguns for personal protection should not be exempted from college campuses. Pinpointing a location where law-abiding citizens with a right-to-carry permit cannot be armed could make that location a magnet for more criminal activity. The shootings at Virginia Tech a few years ago were a good example of how law abiding citizens with right-to-carry permits might have prevented or stopped the crazed criminal before he continued to kill.


  1. Private property rights require each person/business to make their own rules.
    Do I have right to deny someone to Not bring a gun into my house? Then why would a business be any different?
    I support a bill to allow all adults (that are not medically or criminally prohibited) to carry on ALL Government and Public property. No permit or name list needed.

  2. Gibbons: Don't you know there are laws in place to prevent sale and consumption of alcohol to/by underage citizens? What make you think the ones that break these laws obey the ones regarding firearms, or haven't you seen the news on UT's basketball team?

    Haslam: If the school decides to completely disarm its populace and they are "responsible", why shouldn't they be liable to injury/loss of disarmed citizens when they cannot prevent future crimes?

    Ramsey/Wamp: Right out of the Virginia Tech logical fallacy playbook. You don't need an appeal to fear. The right to keep and bear arms is ultimately there to allow citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government (among other "bad guys"). Who determines whom is "conscientious" or "responsible"?

  3. Not even sure who that Gibbons idiot is, but I'm glad to see that the others all have some measure of sense.


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