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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am not tellin'

"A pig in a poke"

That is how one legislator described the education bill thus far.

When asked how the hundreds of millions of dollars that the state could receive from the federal government (if we qualify for the "Race to the top") was going to be spent, The response was along the lines of "We aren't going to tell you".

That did not go over well. If legislators had half an idea at least a significant percent was going to go for teacher incentives for performance I think that could go a long way.

Many conservatives like the concepts (accountability, reward for performance) even without the federal money. Other members are concerned with the long term strings that usually follow federal money. What will happen when the federal money runs out?

As it is now the governors staff is playing a little tight lipped in hopes it will give them an advantage in the application process over other states.

The tenure issue is a battle as well but is a little more clear. The gov. wants to make the evaluation to receive tenure a year later and make it so a large chunk of that evaluation (50%) be based on if the teacher was able to help improve students from their previous performance (NOT on the students performance compared to other students in better schools or parts of the state) The TEA wants that standard to be lower so more teachers get tenure faster. They want it to be about 35% of the evaluation. They also want all significant evaluation to continue to end after 4 years as a teacher.

I guess they figure nothing could change for the next 30 or so years of that teachers employ.


  1. Quit prostituting our great state to the Federal Beast.

  2. Rep.,
    Please look at making those tests count for the students too. As it now stands, students have no incentive to try on the tests. Teachers also cannot tell a student to get to work or quit just marking answers because that would deviate from what the test booklet says. Make it to where students have to improve or meet a bar to pass to the next grade. Otherwise it is the same as making the MLB All-Star game mean something for home field advanatage in the World Series. It is only going to mean something to a few teams.

  3. "I think the whole scheme is patently unconstitutional, but it's too much money in it not to go with it," said Sen. Douglas Henry, D-Nashville.


    Well, ok, as long as it's too much money. I guess we can forget all about that oath you took.

    Where are the johnny-come-lately 10th amendment supporters (calling Sen. Ramsey...)?

    They don't want Obamacare shoved down their throats, but Arne Duncan education and NCLB-II is just fine?

    Is there anyone elected to state office that doesn't become a crack-head in withdrawal when you wave a few dollars under their nose?

    Are they totally incapable of keeping their word?

    Fellow citizens, these representatives are about to prove themselves to you.


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