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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New abortion mill in East Knoxville

After the stopping of the abortion mill in Bearden was successful. The pro abortion community did not give up.

It is now coming out that Planned Parenthood has purchased property in East Knoxville. They are expected to open a new abortion clinic. As usual they are looking to prey on the predominantly minority community. There is a press conference planned by the Pro-Life Coalition of East Tennessee for Tuesday at 11:00 at True Vine Baptist Church (corner of Cherry and Washington) with several black pastors and community leaders to attend.

Possibly they heard the audio where a person called Planned parenthood and said they wanted to make a donation to kill black babies. Planned Parenthood said they were happy to help and thought it was a great idea.

I was going to post it here again (I had it up when it first came out) but youtube has banned it. Why? No reason was given. even though it broke no rules for use. I guess it was too honest.


  1. For a stunning look into the eugenics and racist roots of Planned Parenthood - get the new 2.5 hour documentary which exposes Planned Parenthood like nothing I have ever seen before called: Maafa21 - http://www.maafa21com

  2. http://liveaction.org/index.php/projects/racism

    You can hear the banned videos here.

  3. http://liveaction.org/index.php/projects/racism

    hear the banned audio here


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