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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now we are getting somewhere! Follow through!

This is a great compare and contrast piece on an important issue. I am glad to see hard questions being asked of all of our Gubernatorial candidates. I hope this part made it to actual print.

Not a lot of spin. Just how do you feel on issue X, Y and Z? For or against? Keep this up. This is what great papers can offer that a pressers can miss, a spin mistier can disguise or I might not have had time to cover in my interviews.

There is only one part I had a problem with.

Dodging the bullet?

Oddly one of my bills gets mentioned in the lead in article but is not covered in the actual response.

Where do the candidates stand on allowing legal carry permit holders (such as retired military, current military, retired police officers or any other legal carry permit holder for that matter) being able to have their constitutional rights on a college campus?

The lead in says 8 questions were covered yet only four responses are linked. If you are going to ask the question on where candidates stand with the second amendment at least put up the responses for that topic with that topic. Don't kill me with suspense!

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  1. "Where do the candidates stand on allowing legal carry permit holders ...being able to have their constitutional rights on a college campus?"

    Unless by "permit" you mean a copy of the Bill of Rights, they don't have a constitutional right. It has already been infringed. They are paying a tax in order to be allowed to exercise a right.

    Or to put a first amendment slant on it, you can have your constitutionally guaranteed freedom from government-established religion as long as you pay your tax to keep the government from instituting one for you. Then, after you pay your religion permit tax (to secure your rights from the government, of course - the government did give them to you, right?), you go to the government college and are forced to go to chapel and worship the government god (This, followed by a sermon from Chief Minister of Truth, R. Serpas, who pontificates that those who won't just agree to worship the government god really can't be trusted - even though they paid their religion tax - in order to exercise their right to free exercise of religion, allegedly guaranteed by the constitution).


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