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Thursday, January 28, 2010

She loves me, She loves me not, She loves me....

Local Democrats aren't sure of what to do . They want people think they can win against me. But they don't want to face me because I might win. They are not sure how to handle it. Support me in the primary because they really think they could win against me or oppose me in the primary because they know there is no hope in the general and thus throw their candidate under the bus.

Here is the Metro pulse article where the local liberal mouth piece (Courtney Piper) hits the mix up....

And this brings up an interesting scenario down the road. “You’ve got a lot of very moderate Republicans who do not care for [Campfield’s] leadership,” Piper explains, “and so I think that if he were to emerge from the Republican primary as the nominee, you could get a lot of those moderate Republicans who might take a look at a Randy Walker or whoever the Democrat nominee is.”

So should Democrats, likely strongly opposed to Campfield’s substance and style, root for him to win the primary?

“No,” Piper says, laughing, “and I’ll tell you why: He’s a very, very tough campaigner. I don’t think his campaigning abilities can be underestimated.”

In other words, don’t play with fire.

So Cortney, could I just say that you think I am the candidate most likely to beat the Democrat who ever it is?

Can I use that in a mail piece?


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