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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some rough concepts

These are some rough concepts being put forward by the Gov. for the special session. Word is the pre K-12 portion will be put together in one all or nothing bill. There is good and bad in that. It is a little tougher to pass and some bad ideas may get blended in before passage. If it fails a lot of good ideas could die with it as well.

Some members are curious as to if there will be future strings tied to state spending if we pass this or get a part of the race to the top money.

The delay of the workers comp bill may also come up in the special session. It keeps going back and forth. Some days it is yes and some days it is no. Depends on who you talk to.

Race to the Top Information
as Provided by Administration Staff or Consultants

Grant Request will approximate $400 million but could be more.
Need legislative action to be completed on or before Jan. 18th. Education reform policies to be included in grant proposal
Not all states will be awarded a grant
If successful in gaining award, the dollars will be split 50% for state wide efforts while 50% will be awarded to LEAs id they have agreed to participate.

Provisions Necessary for Inclusion on Grant Proposal:
(Priorities in Evaluation)

How effective is Tennessee in preparing High School Seniors for work/career or post secondary training?
How effective is Tennessee in tracking our education performance data from Pre-K through post secondary education?
Has Tennessee provided effective education staff for all students? (Equitable distribution throughout Tennessee)
Will Tennessee be prepared for intensive support and intervention in low performing schools?
Within these four priorities, how are the following ideas included in the plan?

a. STEM Education – This is the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Is this a state wide effort?

b. How effective do we use longitudinal education data from Pre-K through post-secondary?
c. Do we have effective coordination of effort from Pre-K through the post secondary program?
d. How effective is the school level reform and/or intervention?
e. Do we have an effective early childhood education plan? (Have we established a good educational base?)

Governor wants us to consider the following Issues:

Establishment of a new method of evaluation.
Effective use of current educational programs.
Develop effective AYP or growth in all grades.
School turnaround needs effective and timely state Department of Education intervention.
Develop reform partners as to school turnaround programs.
When state takeover and intervention is necessary, we need to be strong and effective. Return schools to the LEAs once successful in turnaround program.
Assessment program should impact compensation, tenure, etc.

Higher Education Issues:

Funding more connected to performance standards.
Create transfer agreements for all public post-secondary institutions. (Could possibly result in core courses transfer plan.)
Remedial classes will not be offered at 4 year institutions.
Establish a dual admissions and dual enrollment policy.

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  1. take the 400 million grant money and grant it to the state budget and pay some bills with it


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