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Friday, January 15, 2010

Where my rats at? Notes from last night

Odd notes from the forum last night. I did not see a single Democrat legislator in the audience. Not one. About half the Republican legislators were in the audience. Where was the Democrat love?

From what I am hearing from my Friends across the isle (Yes, I have a few) the big Democrat fundraiser dinner, the night before session started, tanked. Word was that some Democrat big wigs were even going so far as to tell some potential candidates not to run.

A bipartisan problem.

One note of agreement from candidates on both sides of the isle.

Everyone commented how Tennessee has had the statistical information we are supposedly getting from the "Race to the trough". We have had it for 20 years. All agreed we need to start doing something with it and have some accountability.

This bill does not have any real accountability at this time.

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