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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yes, But not really

The talk on the "race to the trough money" is that new standards and evaluations will be used to determine tenure and compensation for teachers.

Yes and no. The standards and scoring(Or those incredibly similar) have been available for years. Possibly decades. They have just never been used by the entire state. Will they be used now to determine tenure? Maybe. Maybe not. The results will be given to the school systems and can be up to 50% of an evaluation for tenure. The issue is even if a teacher gets a 0 out of 50 it still could mean absolutely nothing. A teacher can still get tenure. It will all be up to the local school system.

Schools in the failing category will get federal money. word is we are talking about 15 or so systems. All the state money will probably be pulled from the school. Where does that state money go? you may ask. word is back to the general fund. It does not necessarily stay in education. Even if it did nothing says the gov has to keep the education budget the same.

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