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Monday, February 01, 2010

$30K for bottled water

I just got the fiscal note back. It said the state alone spends $30,000.00 for bottled water a year. I don't think locals were added into that number.

I have gotten more negative comments and threats (tward the bill) about that one idea from fellow legislators then I have any other bill I have offered in all my years.

The way I look at it 30K is one more social worker to investigate a child abuse case that is currently not being investigated. The state currently does not investigate a large number of child abuse complaints. They don't have the staff. Possibly I should amend the bill to direct the money there.

It is all about choices.

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  1. Ban any use of state funds to purchase bottled water. This should unite fiscal conservatives and the environmentalist. I work in the non-profit sector and see bottle water everywhere at meetings. Use the water fountain! Also, this sets a poor example for low-income people who do not need to purchase bottled water. It sends the message that something is wrong with tap water.


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