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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Copeland cap correction killed

A bill by Sen Mae Beavers to improve the Copeland cap died in the senate today. The bill would have made it harder to override the cap. The cap currently limits the growth of government to similar to the growth of a Tennesseans income. To over ride the Copeland cap and spend as much as they can currently only requires a vote of 50% plus one of legislators. The Beavers bill would have made it 2/3 of legislators to over ride the cap.

I hear it was party line vote with Doug Overby crossing over to side with the Dems against the new cap protection.


  1. Doug Overbey voting with the Democrats.
    How's that for predictable?

  2. Doug Overbey is a RINO. Sevier County voters should be ashamed for electing this RINO.


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