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Friday, February 05, 2010

KNS Lobbies for lobbiest

The Knox News Sentinel is all about doing a puff piece on a "State group" working for cap and trade legislation to end "Global warming".
They love to push the fact that it is being lead by former state Republican party chair woman Susan Richardson Williams as if all Republicans should fall in line and support the man made global warming myth.

From the article...

Susan Richardson Williams realizes it might strike some as a little odd that she is leading a campaign to urge Congress to pass comprehensive energy and climate change legislation.

The very subject of climate change is anathema to many Republicans, and Williams is not just any Republican. The Knoxvillian is a former chairwoman of the Tennessee Republican Party.

But to those who might be perplexed about why someone with her pedigree is taking up the climate change cause, she gently offers this reminder: "Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican and a strong conservationist."

"I do feel strongly about this," Williams said....

They seem to be covering up the fact that it is not really some independent "State group" of concerned citizen activists but is actually a paid group of professional lobbyists. These paid lobbyists are pushing the man made global warming myth to implement taxes and regulations that would be beneficial to the income of their personal industry at the expense of others.

Susan Richardson Williams is being paid to lobby for the group. Would she do what she is doing for free? I highly, highly doubt it. Is she making a statement for the party as a former party chair? No. She is making a buck.

I have no problem with environmental activist petitioning their government. I have no problem with lobbyists plying their trade. But a newspaper should not try and cover up and bill one as the other or try and frame it as some political ideological shift.

A week or so ago the KNS was railing against how corporations could now legally buy advertising in political campaigns to present the public with their point of view.

Funny how when the corporations and paid lobbyists support their point of view they get free advertising passed off as news about community activists in an ideological shift.


  1. "Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican and a strong conservationist."

    I give a 9.5 for the "Appeal to Authority" logical fallacy. Well done.

  2. If "news reporters" still plyed their trade this would have been surprising. True news reporting died long ago.


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