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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not that it matters but...

Harold Ford Jr. is cracking me up.

He is what is killing Democrats and at the same time he is what Democrats needed more then any thing.

Nationally, Democrats needed an outspoken somewhat less liberal face to try and pull their party back up from the bottom of the cliff. Someone to be out front and say "Hey, look. We aren't all a bunch of baby killing, illegal alien, gay marriage crazies." If he had stuck with the song he sang while running for senate in Tennessee he could have been that candidate. Republicans outside of NYC (There are a bunch) and moderate Democrats might have been pulled in to vote for him. He almost pulled it off in Tennessee.

A win and he is the new face of the "Reasonable Democrat party"

Instead, he is digging a new hole at the bottom of the cliff to get to the left of his opponent. He is on every TV show screaming how he is the bestest baby killing gay alien ever! In the process he is making all Democrats look like two faced liars who will say anything to get elected.

What a lost opportunity.

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  1. Watching Ford's antics in New York should be a reminder that he was a political opportunist all along, with no core values or principles. He'd be whatever he needed to be to win. That's the worst sort of politician.


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