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Friday, February 19, 2010


As many departments of government are being forced to cut their funding, staff, cut back on space and other niceties of life, one group I have found out is getting funding to expand. UT Knoxville is starting up an office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgendered outreach.

They are getting a permanent "Meet up" room/office as well as state funding through the university. I wonder if Christian outreach would get an office and funding or possibly conservative outreach or Republican outreach is on the list...No? I wonder then who is next on the list? Is it the heterosexual "Players" outreach? Chubby chasers? Swingers outreach? B.D.S&M outreach? Or will the furries be the next to get an office, money and a room?

Why do some people feel entitled to other peoples money based on their sexual orientation or fetish?

I am sure this is what UT's big donors want to hear that their tax dollars are being used for.


  1. Perhaps if LGBT enjoyed the same basic rights as my husband and myself and felt no discrimination from lawmakers such as yourself, there would be no need for funding in such matters.Explain to me why it is so important for you to focus your lawmaking efforts in denying individuals basic rights that has nothing to do with you? Do LGBT students not pay the same University fees as the close-minded religious? Perhaps UTK is choosing to show you that they support individuals who have been the subject of ignorant hatred these many years. My guess is that you lean towards the theory that their sexual orientation as a "choice", but, with representatives like you out there, why would anyone choose to be gay? 50 years ago we look back and cannot believe that the African American community was forced to drink from separate water fountains. I only hope we are able to look back and wonder how politicians like you were ever taken seriously.

  2. I'd like to thoroughly second everything that Ashley said, and add that, as a high school senior who is seriously considering attending the University of Tennessee and a resident of Tennessee who will soon be eligible to vote, I'm disgusted that an elected official would choose to express themselves this way. I'm glad that you don't speak for UT's moral values, and I hope that you realize how you're making yourself look. These are the kind of out-dated bigoted comments that you may want to consider keeping to yourself and not publishing for everyone to see if you're seeking to be re-elected, though perhaps it's nice that your showing yourself for who you truly are, no matter how distasteful that person appears to be.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the good news.

  4. I find it singularly remarkable when the left lectures about tolerance when they write some of the most intolerant, hateful screeds as Ashley Sisto just did.

    Ask a lot of Blacks how they feel about their Civil Rights being compared to the militant gay rights lobby, and you'll get a very biting and angry response. If you cannot grasp the difference between the two, it shows such a serious disconnect from reality.

    The difference is race vs. sexuality. You cannot hide the former, but you can keep your business your business on the latter. Nobody has to know. To go from the love that dare not speak its name to the love that won't shut up has really fed up the public. The agenda is such that it isn't about equality, it's about shoving it down people's throats, and to criminalize even the thoughts of people that believe it to be both immoral and unhealthy.

    Ultimately, the gay rights lobby's goals are more akin to fascism than to tolerance or freedom. That's why people of conscience rightfully oppose their agenda.

  5. Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

  6. Ms. Sisto: LGBT do enjoy the same basic rights as you and your husband. The discrimination you allege is about special rights. Rights which once enacted change the fabric of common law and a social order formed by statute.
    Not everyone, and they are the majority, is prepared to summarily agree to make those changes nor are they convinced it is in their children's best interest to be inculcated with them.
    To compare this issue to the Jim Crow laws is insulting to the African American legacy.
    No one seems to know why people love the way they do. Is it a choice or is it genetic? That is not the issue before lawmakers to decide until it is fact.
    The bigotry is very unfortunate but that is something lawmakers have in fact addressed.
    The issue Campfield is raising is if the State should make additional funds available to LGBT agendas any differently than for heterosexuals?
    While it might appear harsh of me, as someone who generally supports gay rights, I don't be they should.

  7. When was the last time you were discriminated against in Tennessee for being Christian or republican? Has anyone every threatened your life because you were a heterosexual? Do "chubby chasers" or other fetishists face any societal danger for their sexual preferences?

    You're comparisons don't make a shred of sense. LGBT are getting outreach support to protect them from discrimination, just like other minority programs help them overcome discrimination too. This isn't a social club, it's what they advertise, an outreach group.

    If you want to argue against public funding for LGBT support groups, please do us the favor of understanding what it is you're arguing first.
    As you have noticed, UT has not given offices or funding except for minority support groups. This is intended to promote a prejudice free environment on campus, a cause I hope you can support. If you disagree with the fact that LGBT face undue discrimination, what with all the beatings and arson and job discrimination and such, than you really don't know much about the state you represent.

  8. Yes, I have gotten threatening letters and e mails for being a republican.

    Yes, I have had people say did not want me to have a job because I was a Republican.

    Where is my state funding?


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