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Thursday, February 18, 2010


As many departments of government are being forced to cut their funding, staff, cut back on space and other niceties of life, one group I have found out is getting funding to expand. UT Knoxville is starting up an office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgendered outreach.

They are getting a permanent "Meet up" room/office as well as state funding through the university. I wonder if Christian outreach would get an office and funding or possibly conservative outreach or Republican outreach is on the list...No? I wonder then who is next on the list? Is it the heterosexual "Players" outreach? Chubby chasers? Swingers outreach? B.D.S&M outreach? Or will the furries be the next to get an office, money and a room?

Why do some people feel entitled to other peoples money based on their sexual orientation?

I am sure this is what UT's big donors want to hear that their tax dollars are being used for.

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  1. Rep. I have a new rock group I'm forming and naming it Affirmative Action, and we are serious about diversity.

    Can you put in for a recurring budget item to help with our research? About $120/K annual ought to do it.

    BTW, we're playing this weekend -w- opening acts, Free Beer and Live Nude Dancing.


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