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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pig killing

Nobody seems to want to be the first to step forward and offer cuts to the budget. I know it many times is not the wisest thing politically to do.

But I like to cut government. So in the interest of the state I have brought some of my favorite ideas forward that could probably cover most of our current revenue shortfalls. Without a tax increase, without dipping into rainy day funds and without dramatic education cuts.

I will be bringing an amendment to this bill to expand the scope of cuts to be as described, as well as to make the dedication of savings/revenue from the cuts go into the general budget (to try and get us closer to balanced).

Some of the ideas I have the fiscal impact on. Some I have a partial fiscal impact on. Some I have no fiscal impact prediction as of yet, but they are being worked on as part of my presentation for next week.

I give you

The pig killer bill.

-End the blue book production until further notice. ($.5 mill)

-Stop mail notification of all direct deposit checks for state employees.

-Stop use of, and sell, all non education airplanes except 2 (9.16 million from sale +1.582 million reoccurring costs=$10.7 million)

-De fund the arts and PBS as not funded by the license plate money. (2.77 million+ 3.036 million=$5.8 million)

-Limit per diem to 50% (or up to current rate with receipt) for legislators who live within 50 miles .

-End state purchase of bottled water except for emergency services or where water is not potable ($28K)

-Stop state funding of earthquake studies. ($1.9 Million)

-Reverse all raises made in the last 3 years over 5% (Per year) for people making over 60K per year.

-De fund all land purchases over $1 million for land conservancy. ($10 million)

-De fund all studies of alternative energy sources. ($5.3 million reoccurring + @ $30 million of additional investment in one corn cob plant)

-Put a limit on mail frank accounts that if not used in two years then it reverts to the original amount. No stockpiling.

-All cost associated with resolutions (after 4 per year) are billed to the legislator making the resolutions mail frank account.

-Limit per diem expense and expenses for travel of legislators who are not the governor, speaker of the house or the Lt. governor to one out of state trip per year.

-Sell off all golf courses that have not made a profit in 3 consecutive years (@$1.635 million reoccurring savings + revenue from sales)

-Close all out of state offices or at least move them to non prime price territory (I hear there are also offices out of the country).

History HERE


Roughly $66 Million for 7 and 1/2 of my 15 ideas. I expect the total savings/revenue to be in the $80 to $90 million range.

I have some other ideas but these are just to prime the pump.

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