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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This is HUGE!!!!!

I am not sure if I can continue this is so huge!

I parked on the sidewalk!

I know, this will probably destroy the state so I thought I would let you know all the gory details before the final collapse.

I was flying home from seeing my family in NY over Easter vacation. My plane was running late. I knew I was going to be late leaving the last airport so I called in and was excused for the day. Calling a fellow legislator I was informed we had one big bill for the day and it was coming up late in the calendar. When I landed I figured I could still make a large chunk of session so I hustled to the capitol. I pulled up outside the doors of the capitol entrance. Just inside the door is the capitol police (A State trooper). I told him the situation and asked if it was OK to park there for a few minutes while I went in and voted. He was fine with it. I had my flashers on, was off the road and it is a large sidewalk.

We voted and I literally ran back down and moved my car.

Somehow that is big news. I don't know if it is, but if it is, we are going to see a lot more stories about it. I often see legislators parked there when they are running late. Buses and vans also park there or just stop and park in the street in front of the capitol blocking traffic.

I will await the other news stories.

UPDATE: Just walked by the doorway. Two cars and a Van are parked in the road there now.

Release the hounds!!!

Alert the media!!!!!!

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