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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A moment of weakness

When the call went out that Kent went down I was one of the people who ran up to help. Being Red Cross trained in CPR I feared the worst and went to help. When I got to the podium Dr. Joey Hensley was there and it appeared to be a sugar issue. I got some chocolate from one of the clerks and gave it to Joey who was fed it to Kent.

About the same time to the right of the speakers podium is the media box. Eric Schelzig was standing on a chair trying to get over the wall to take pictures with a digital camera of the fallen speaker while he was down.

I must say that while the speaker and I have had our differences I found it quite distasteful that someone would try and get a picture of someone while they are down in a weakened state like that.

Yes, I tried to block the pictures from being taken.

A few seconds later the capitol security showed up and ordered Eric Schelzig to stop taking pictures and leave the chamber. He tried to fight about it but they were ready to carry him out if he did not go, so he walked out, escorted by the security.

I did not hear any cussing or threats. I heard a lot of No,no, no!, Stop that! Sort of thing but that was about it. There was no real physical contact other then possibly capitol security had him by the arm.

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