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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not so fast my friend

Tom Humphrey's takes note of a "Tax/fee/voluntary assessment" on hospitals that passed the senate and house this last week. He noted that all who were opposed the "Tax/fee/voluntary assessment" (except Rep. Bill Dunn) were in political races this summer and fall.

While many, myself included, are in political races, my reason for voting against the "T/F/V" were not political but more theoretical.

If I had voted as a purely political move I would have voted for the tax increase. The tax increase side of it has been covered up to the point of not even noticeable by the average taxpayer and the "no" vote will probably give one of my political opponents (Former hospital lobbyist Steve Hill) an avenue of traction to use against me to raise money.

If you look back at my vote history over 6 years I think someone would have a difficult, if not impossible, time finding a place where I had voted to increase government taking of taxpayer dollars.

I think government has enough taxpayer money. Probably too much. Some of the cuts that are hopefully coming this year and next have been needed for a good long time and are welcomed by me.

Money at the state and federal level does not just fall from the sky, as was the talking point of this tax increase. At the state level it comes from Tennessee taxpayers. At the federal level it is coming from China.......to be paid back later by us and our children as taxpayers.

Tax and borrow is no more effective then tax and spend. Sooner or later it all comes home.

Another way to look at it might be "Those who are conservative and consistently vote against taxes and fee increases draw well funded political opponents who are supported by people who want other peoples tax dollars."

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