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Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I blame you for being tardy it is because I was late.

Lets get one thing clear. While there was a lot of postponement and indecision on some issues in the legislature, it was not really the legislatures fault. Republican or Democrat.


Everyone knew the the governor was holding out on presenting the supplemental budget. We could have, and would have been done a month sooner (and a lot fewer things would have gone through) if we had a budget working through the system when it was originally promised. Instead many legislators were left twiddling their thumbs waiting on the governor.

Idol hands, devils workshop, all that.

Bredesen is getting credit for finally helping end session and saying at the end if legislators didn't compromise he would campaign against some people who were unwilling to compromise to close out the budget (Assumed to be Kent Williams and the Democrats).

While what he said helped, it could have been said a month sooner.

Make no mistake. With the exception of the final days, the final budget negotiations and legislators working on superfluous issues was not the big hold up to ending session. It was the governors failure to present his final budget plan until the end. Legislators just found ways to fill their time while waiting.

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