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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

May I suggest

You may have heard there is going to be an interim state senator for the 7th senatorial district.

With Tim Burchett being sworn in as county mayor Sep. 1 he will be forced to give up his senate seat 2 months before a new senator is elected.

While I have no vote in the matter (It will be appointed by the county commission) and I am not putting my name forward for the interim position, I do have a suggestion. Many people may find this odd but I think my former Republican primary opponent Steve Hill would be a great person to fill the seat.

While I admit I did not know Steve previous to the election I grew to respect and like him as the race went on.

Early on, Steve said "Stacey, when this race is over, one way or the other I hope we will be friends". Now I admit I have heard that sentence (or one like it) several times before while running and helping other people run for office. I have heard it so often I almost laugh now when I hear it because it is laughable how seldom it actually happens. Not that I don't want it to, but as races heat up, people get desperate or angry and let their emotions get in the way of running the clean race they originally intended. Once it gets dirty peoples feelings get hurt and friendships go away.

Usually, people crack the final month of a race. Steve never did. He was first class the entire election. From start until after the finish.

From the start I always felt Steve was running for the right reason. Not as some personal vendetta or for self aggrandizement but to help our state. He was open, honest and when we spoke on issues it was as friends. Even where we were on different sides of an issue (Not often) it was not to the point of anger and it was never personal. When my campaign advisers and I spoke, we all agreed if I were not running Steve would be a great alternative. After the race Steve called, conceded the race graciously and asked how he could help keep the seat Republican. He knew the importance of inter party support and why it is important that Republicans keep the seat.

Now that there appears to be an opening for an interim appointment my mind goes to my thoughts earlier in the race. Steve is a class guy and would be a great senator.

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