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Monday, September 27, 2010

Suddenly they got religion

I am just cracking up at all the sudden reports on how everything is great and there are no need to raise taxes. While I welcome the sudden support of some people and groups to the conservative movement, it is funny that the Tennessean is just now coming out with a report on the evils of the "Technical corrections" bill as Republicans are poised to take control of the legislature and the governors mansion.

Republicans were able to stop the tax increase machine this last year when we finally got the numbers, but where was the media help in years past? Where were they for 7 years as Bredesen lit up the TC bill like a Christmas tree with all the tax increases he hung on it?

Silent for the most part.

Do they suddenly fear their own sales tax exempt status might be in danger in a future TC bill? It's not so funny when it's your ox that could get gored is it?

And Phil, Come on now. You saying there should be no reason for the next governor to raise taxes? You were increasing taxes when we had a surplus! Now, as you are leaving and the state economy is about to jump off a billion dollar plus cliff (Barring stimulus part two) you suddenly got religion?

How convenient.

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