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Monday, October 11, 2010

I am calling B.S.

This is sick. As many people know Jerome Cochran is running against Kent Williams for the state house. In a recent campaign piece Jerome Cochran used the well known "30 pieces of silver" photo.

You may remember how I spoke of the photo here a few months ago.

At the time there was no conflict on what the photo was from, what was being said and who was being prayed for. We were praying for Jason to become a great speaker. As you can see Jasons head is up as he is the one being prayed for. (I believe it was Deb Maggart who was offering the prayer but I could be wrong on that.) Now, with the election drawing near the same photo and issue is coming back up in a mail piece.

Fair game.

The only difference this time is Kent's people are now claiming it was a prayer for Kent's father who was dieing of cancer.

I was there. The Cochran piece and what I said is 100% accurate as to what was going on in the photo. The room was full of people from both sides of the political spectrum. No one has ever come forward and disputed what I said about what was being done in that photo. Until now.

This latest claim is just trashy gutter politics. Lying about a dead parent, and reciting his and his dead child's war record in an attempt to get a sympathy vote is just despicable. I don't care who you are. The lowest thing I have seen in local or state politics. Ever.

Whoever originated this lie is despicable and should be ashamed of themselves.

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