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Thursday, December 02, 2010

I will not just stand over there!

From what I am hearing from other legislators, some big things could be coming down the pike for next year. I don't think many legislators are of the "Sit tight and wait" philosophy. We were given a mandate for a reason and many people expect big things. From what I am hearing some bold initiatives are still coming forward. Good to hear there has not been a lot of support for fear monger theories.

Who is the party of fear? Well to hear Dems and the media say it, it is the Republicans but the funny thing is the Republicans have not even taken control of one body of the US legislature and the left is already pushing a national campaign of fear saying there is going to be a huge backlash because Republicans may follow their political promises and work on the lefts sacred cow social issues.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs and only jobs". That is all Republicans can ever talk about or else it could be a problem in the next election the left claims.

It is not getting traction.

Why we would ever listen to our enemies on what we should or shouldn't do politically is just crazy to me to start with.

Yes, there will a handful of what the left call "Jobs bills" but those bills will be carried by a few senior Republican members who Democrats can't or don't want to beat. If the left has their way the rest of the legislature will sit on their thumbs, stay silent and do nothing.

There is a ton of truth in what was said by defeated "fiscally conservative" Democrat Lincoln Davis. "When you champion moral issues that are repulsive to Southern Baptists or to devout Catholics, it's hard to convince them they ought to vote for you." Notice he didn't mention the budget, the economy or jobs.

Legislators like Lincoln were exposed to their voters when the Democrats pushed social issues that exposed how he/his party really feel.....And the voters did not like it. Lincoln got beat.

By his own logic, when a person champions moral issues that are supported by Southern Baptists or devout Catholics, It will be hard to vote against them. The thought of having a record voting on social issues terrifies many Democrats.
The more Democrats are exposed for how they really are on those issues, the more Democrats will get beat.

Incumbent Democrats are hoping that the wind will be blowing in another direction in two years. They hope there will be limited change in the economy. They will say Republicans had control of the legislature and the economy didn't miraculously turn around, or if it does, it could be better with a Democrat who will offer more goodies or aren't so mean or made such evil cuts.

They want to limit the issues.

In that race, what issues will the Democrat run on? Well, traditionally it has been "I am a conservative, pro life, pro gun Democrat with a big heart who will find a better way to do whatever." "My opponent is a do nothing legislator (or challenger) who will cut granny off of whatever, or did nothing to stop it from happening. Vote for me."

What will the Republican run on? What will be the difference? If the Dems have there way the only visible difference in that race will be one candidate hates granny. The other seems just as good but doesn't seem to hate granny. The issues that moved people in the last election will not be touched.

What will the left say if we run on "third rail" issues? "That evil Republican voted to save the unborn, stop illegal immigration, supports second amendment and property rights!"

I don't think thats a winning campaign mail piece for Democrats.

Republicans have nothing to fear pushing conservative or social issues. Democrats do, and they know it.

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